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Anxiety meds for dogs

Urban dwellers and residents of small towns suffer from various mental disorders more often these days. The reason is chronic fatigue, stress and poor conditions for work and rest.

However, not only people, but also dogs suffer from diseases, called – anxiety and panic disorder. Anxiety meds for dogs can help dogs with phobia or other disease, but humans must know which one of them works best.

Symptoms of anxiety in dogs

Pets cannot tell you about their health problems and more so cannot buy anxiety meds for dogs. Therefore, the whole responsibility of identifying the first signs and symptoms of disease lies on dogs owners.

Attentive people quickly notice any changes in behavior of their pets, especially when it comes to appetite. Sad pets usually refuse even from their favorite foods.

Most often people start thinking of using behavior-altering drugs after they see their pets give up playing, walking and communicating with other family members.

The sooner you determine the symptoms, the faster you can start the treatment. Best anxiety meds for dogs allow your pet to regain the joy of life without negative consequences for its health.

Causes of anxiety in dogs

Stressful situations are the main causes of anxiety. Most dogs experience great stress when moving to a new home, parting with the owner, when a new baby is born or new pets appear in the house.

Another common cause of anxiety in pets is diseases. Pain, nausea, poor vision and changed metabolism – all that can change the mental state of your pet. Older pets are more vulnerable psychologically. Anti-anxiety meds for older dogs should be used carefully.

Prescription anxiety meds for dogs

Before you start using anxiety meds for dogs, please consult a veterinarian first. If you choose a proper drug and dose regimen, it will help you to cure your pet from mental disorders without side effects.

Vetame meds are used to relieve the anxiety in cats, dogs and horses. Vetame injections help to control the psychomotor overactivity and increase the pain and itching tolerance.

Clomicalm is another popular anxiety meds for dogs. Dogs of any size can easily swallow small tablets of Clomicalm, dosed 5mg, 20mg, 40mg or 80mg. The daily dose of Clomicalm is 2mg to 4mg per 1 lbs of body weight.

If your pets are very nervous during injections or tablet intake, you can order some chewable anxiety meds for dogs, including Reconcile. The chewable tablets have nice flavor, which most dogs love.

If listed drugs cause side effects (like seizures), it can be recommended to use OTC anxiety meds for dogs. Unlike the prescription pet meds that may cause serious side effects, natural anxiety meds for dogs are completely safe and can be prescribed for puppies and dogs of any age.

Allergy meds for dogs


Many infectious and noninfectious diseases in dogs are accompanied with allergic reactions that cause anxiety and discomfort in your pets. Most often, dogs suffer from allergic skin reactions that require immediate medical treatment.

Some people use drugs developed for humans as over the counter allergy meds for dogs. However, few dog owners think about the fact that human medicines create serious risks to the dog’s health and can be ineffective when treating allergic states in dogs.

For example, people who use anti-allergic human drugs – Zyrtec (Cetirizine) or Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) as allergy meds for dogs do not even think about the fact that drugs containing anti-allergic agents Cetirizine and Diphenhydramine are not used in veterinary. Thus, it is inappropriate and unsafe to use them as OTC allergy meds for dogs.

Best allergy meds for dogs are sold at urban pharmacies by prescription only. The visitors of online pharmacies have the possibility to buy highly effective allergy meds for dogs without a prescription. Therefore, it is not required to pay for veterinarian services before buying meds for allergy treatment in dogs online.

If allergy in a dog is caused by dermatologic disorders complicated by neomycin-susceptible or Candida infection, combined allergy meds should be prescribed.

Such allergy meds for dogs may include up to four different active ingredients, such as:

  • Anesthetic agents (Tetracaine)
  • Antifungal agents (Nystatin)
  • Antimicrobial agents (Neomycin, Thiostrepton, Oxytetracycline)
  • Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory agents from the group of steroid hormones (Triamcinolone, Hydrocortisone, Isoflupredone, Acetonide, Myristyl gamma-picolinium chloride).

Combined allergy meds for dogs are produced in the form of oil, ointment or spray for external use.

Pet meds for the allergy treatment complicated by fungal or bacterial infection are sold in the USA under the trade names Animax, Derma 4, Derma-Vet, Derm-Otic, Neo-Predef, Panolog and Terra-Cortril.

Besides combined pet meds, you can buy allergy meds for dogs containing only one active ingredient, such as:

  • Oclacitinib (Apoquel oral tablets)
  • 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (Sulfodene topical solution)
  • Triamcinolone (Genesis topical spray or Medalone topical spray)

It should be noted that pet meds containing only Triamcinolone steroid hormone reduce allergy symptoms as effectively as relieve arthritis symptoms.

Therefore, Triamcinolone-containing allergy meds for dogs can be used for arthritis treatment. In the USA, Triamcinolone-containing medication for the treatment of arthritis and allergy in dogs is sold under the brand Vetalog.

To rapidly and safely reduce itching and to eliminate discomfort, it is necessary to observe the recommended dose of allergy meds for dogs.

  • When exceeding the recommended dose of meds, the dog may experience unwanted side effects.
  • Very low doses of allergy meds for dogs may fail to provide a significant antiallergic, anti-inflammatory effect.

One should remember that various types of allergy meds for dogs might contain different doses of the same active substances.

For example, Triamcinolone concentration in Genesis topical spray is 0.015%, while Medalone cream contains 0.1% of Triamcinolone antiallergic agent.

Given that fact that Medalone and Genesis spray contain different concentrations of Triamcinolone, these allergy meds for dogs have different dosing regimen.

  • Genesis (Triamcinolone 0.015%) spray should be applied to the affected areas of the skin no more than 28 days in a row.
  • The maximum recommended duration of using Medalone (Triamcinolone 0.01%) cream is 10 days.

Particular attention should be paid to the age at which some or other allergy meds for dogs can be used. For instance, Apoquel (Oclacitinib) tablets are approved as a treatment of allergic states in dogs from 12 months of age and older. Thus, dogs under 12 months should be prescribed with other FDA-approved allergy meds for dogs.

When buying allergy meds for dogs online, information about their optimal dosing regimen can be found out from a pharmacist of online pharmacy. Besides information on the dosage and indications for use, the pharmacist may provide the information about the suppliers of the cheapest allergy meds for dogs.

In 2015, the US suppliers of allergy meds for dogs are about 10 pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Fougera, Kraig Biocraft Labs, Med-Pharmex, Strategic Veterinary Pharma, Virbac USA, and Zoetis.

For information how to buy allergy meds for dogs online at the lowest price, please, ask all your questions by phone or email at any time convenient for you.

Pet meds for less

Not all the pet owners are aware that they can buy pet meds for less than they actually cost at vet pharmacies.

To buy pet meds for less money, you need to find online pet store, which collaborates with producers or official distributors of pet meds.

To pay for cheap pet meds, you may use international payment systems or online payment services, like Visa and MasterCard.

Buying pet meds online, you need to pay attention to both their price and dosage of active ingredients, indicated in their components list.

To cure severe diseases in adult pets, you need pet meds containing large doses of active ingredients. For less severe disorders in young animals, you need pet meds containing low doses of active ingredients respectively.

For instance, to speed awakening after anesthesia, adult cats need up to 5mg of Doxapram respiratory stimulant, while newborn kittens need just 2mg (maximum) of this pet medication.

In addition, to adult cats Doxapram is injected intravenously, while to kittens under the age of 1 month, Doxapram can be injected subcutaneously or sublingually. Pet meds containing Doxapram respiratory stimulant are sold under Dopram and Respiram trade names in the USA.

You can buy bioequivalent generic pet meds on online pet pharmacies and online stores for less than at the U.S. veterinary pharmacies. For instance, the cheapest Doxapram-containing respiratory stimulants are available online under nonproprietary name – Doxapram Hydrochloride.

It should be noted that some pet meds are available only in the form of oral tablets or capsules, other pet meds are produced in the form of solution for injections only and many pet meds can be used for injections and for less intense oral therapy.

For drug therapy of serious diseases, vet clinics often use injectable pet meds. For less serious disorders, veterinarians mostly use some oral forms of pet meds, like suspensions, drops, tablets, capsules and spansules.

Unlike injectable pet meds that can be injected correctly by a veterinarian only, oral pet meds can be used in treatment of cats, dogs and other pets at home.

If your pet was prescribed a drug therapy at home, you can order pet meds online for less than in the nearest vet pharmacy.

Ordering pet meds online, you will be able to reduce costs on the treatment of your pet by several times. Actually, many online pet stores offer to buy pet meds for dogs and cats with a discount.

For less popular pet meds, discounts are not always provided. However, even if dogs and cats owners buy pet meds online without discount, they spend much less money than when they buy pet meds at ordinary veterinary pharmacies.

Buying pet meds online, you should take into account that their price can affect the postal services cost. Wholesale stocks of pet meds can be delivered free of charge. For smaller orders, different delivery options are usually provided.

If you choose an expensive express delivery, your pet meds will be delivered very fast, within 24 hours. For less expensive delivery of pet meds, you should use services of regular post, which usually fulfills orders within 1-2 weeks.

It is noteworthy that some online pet pharmacies propose a free express delivery of pet meds. Before choosing such online pet pharmacy, you need to make sure it allows to buy pet meds at low price.

It is possible that online pet pharmacies, offering a free express delivery of vet products, sell pet meds at higher prices than other online pet pharmacies do.

Therefore, before you use special offers and discounts, make sure that you cannot buy the same pet meds for less money on other online pet pharmacies.

OTC pain meds for cats

Just as medications for humans, meds for cats are available by prescription and over the counter. Over the counter pet meds are used for treatment of diseases in cats at vet clinics and at home.

When pain is one of the symptoms or complication of cat disease, veterinarian can prescribe over the counter pain meds. Analgesic and anesthetic drugs can be prescribed if you need to prepare cat to a therapeutic procedure or a surgery.

For instance, to prepare a cat for endotracheal intubation, local anaesthesia of the laryngeal mucosa is used. For this purpose, doctors may use various over the counter pain meds for cats, including Lidocaine oromucosal spray. In the UK, such anesthetic spray is sold under the brand name Intubeaze.

To relieve moderate pain before or after surgical procedures, veterinarian can use over the counter pain meds containing Buprenorphine as analgesic agent. You can buy such over the counter pain meds for cats under different trade names, such as Buprecare, Buprenodale, Vetergesic, Buprevet, and Simbadol.

The benefit of Buprenorphine over other analgesic agents is that it can be used in combination with other analgesic drugs for cats, also for sedation and (or) anaesthesia.

The drawback of Buprenorphine is that it provides a moderate analgesic and sedative effects that is why it is not suitable for general anaesthesia.

Isoflurane is one of the most effective over the counter pain meds for cats with strong analgesic effect. This medication for cats provides a powerful and long-lasting analgesic and anesthetic effects. Therefore, it can be used to relieve severe pain or as pet meds for general anesthesia.

The advantage of Isoflurane comparing to other over the counter pain meds for cats is its easy application. A strong analgesic is produced in the form of liquid for inhalation. Therefore, when using Isoflurane to do local anesthesia and to prepare cat for general anaesthesia, subcutaneous, intravenous or intramuscular injections are not required.

Today, over the counter pain meds for cats, containing a strong analgesic agent Isoflurane are available on international market of veterinary products. These medications are sold under dozens of trade names, such as Aerrane, Attane, Iso-Vet, Isocare, Isofane, IsoFlo, Isoflurane-Vet, Isorrane, Isoxetol and Vetflurane.

All the listed over the counter pain meds for cats provide a moderate or strong analgesic effect, yet can cause severe adverse reactions. Most often, the powerful analgesic drugs cause cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects in cats.

Because of the high risk of severe side effects, most pain meds for cats listed in this review, must be used under the supervision of a professional veterinarian only.

To ease pain in cats at home, it is recommended to use some safe herbal medications, containing one or several natural active ingredients.

Natural over the counter meds for cats are sold under different trade names at vet pharmacies. Before purchasing herbal OTC pain meds for cats, you need to pay attention to the clinical cases in which they provide a significant analgesic effect.

For instance, Garlic and Fenugreek tablets for cats give analgesic effect only inflammatory diseases. Garlic and Fenugreek tablets for cats contain two natural ingredients: powdered fenugreek and essential oil of garlic.

Garlic and Fenugreek tabs for cats help to reduce inflammation of the joints and soft tissues in rheumatism and arthritis, thereby preventing the arthritic pain.

Besides the fact that these over the counter tabs for cats reduce the inflammation and pain in arthritis, they stimulate the immune system and increase the resistance of a cat’s body to infections.

Garlic and Fenugreek tablets help reducing pain, caused by inflammation of the joints and soft tissues, but they are ineffective against pain caused by cystitis.

If your cat is in pain while urinating, veterinarian can prescribe some over the counter meds containing natural active ingredients, such as Colophony, Capsicum, Cascara, Juniper Oil, as well as dry plant extracts of Buchu, Uvi Ursi and Parsley Piert.

The listed herbal ingredients improve the kidney function, removing kidney stones, and providing diuretic and antiseptic effects.

Denes Natural Pet Care is one of the manufacturers of over the counter pain meds for a symptomatic treatment of cystitis. This pharmacological company supplies pain meds for cats to the UK market of over-the-counter veterinary products.

There are hundreds of effective and safe RX and OTC pain meds for cats on international pharmaceutical market. If you want to buy over the counter pain meds for cats online, but you don’t know which one to choose, ask a vet physician for a professional online advice. You can purchase OTC pain meds for cats online and get a free advice of a veterinarian anytime and in any country of the world.

Meds for cats

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of meds for cats and kittens prescribed to prevent and to cure various pathologies and diseases. This review on meds for cats allows choosing the most effective and the safest method to cure your pet.

Cats get sick just as people do. Of course, serious situations require an immediate visit to veterinarian. First of all, veterinarian should examine your cat and then prescribe meds for cats if needed.

The reason for visiting the veterinarian or using meds for cats can be an unusual behavior or some symptoms you noticed in your pet. Attentive person can himself define the most common disorders and pathologies in his cat.

Meds for cats with parasites

Blood-sucking parasites are the most common health problem of cats and other pets. The symptoms may vary – itching, irritation of the skin, weight loss, anxious behavior and hair loss in pets.

If your pet suffered from parasites (for example fleas) in the past, then you can diagnose the flea infection quickly and easily. Modern diagnostics and rapidly initiated flea therapy by means of meds for cats help to prevent the spread of parasites in your house.

You can find many flea-control medicines at veterinarian pharmacies today. Most of these meds for cats come in liquid form, tablets or capsules. Depending on your goals and your cat’s age, you can choose the most effective and safe medication.

Some meds for cats can kill several kinds of parasites at once. You can buy meds for cats called Advantage Multi (solution) at pharmacies in the USA. You can use Advantage Multi to fight and prevent infection with fleas, dirofilaria immitis and intestinal roundworms.

Revolution meds for cats for blood-sucking parasites kills adult fleas and prevents hatching of flea eggs within 30 days. American cat owners can buy Revolution meds for cats by Zoetis.

Kitten owners, who want to buy medications for cats with parasites, should pay their attention to the information on age limits. For instance, one of meds for cats, called Revolution is contraindicated for kittens aged under 8 weeks.

Meds for cats with colds

Cats, as well as their owners, suffer from colds pretty often. Signs and symptoms of colds in cats remind of human colds symptoms, such as: cough, sneezing, fever, dehydration, discharge from the nose and eyes.

If you have ever bought meds for cats with colds and you still have them, then you can use these meds.

When cat has colds, it needs love, care and a good rest. Do not give your cat any prescription of over-the-counter medications used for treatment of colds in humans. These drugs may contain aspirin, which is dangerous for your pet’s health.

If colds symptoms are not decreasing, but even progressing, it is better to consult a veterinarian. For infection of upper airways, your veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics, antihistamine drugs, nasal spray and other drugs.

There is no way you can protect your cat from colds or infections. Strengthening of immune system is the best method to prevent and cure colds. Meds for cats with colds is a last resort. Firstly, you need to feed your pet with foods that can quickly restore his immune system.

Good nutrition is a key for keeping the immune system in perfect condition. Make sure you always feed your cat with food of the best quality you can only afford. Protein should be the main component of cat food and the rest of it – a good amount of essential microelements for your cat.

Meds for cats in pain

Analgesics are medications used to relieve pain. Symptoms of pain in cats are abnormal behavior, loss of consciousness and lack of appetite. Cat’s body weight is to be taken into account every time you want to use meds for cats in pain.

There are several classes of meds for cats in pain and all of them should be used with caution. When exceeding the recommended dose of meds for cats in pain, side effects and other unpredictable reactions may occur, for example, fear, excitation, convulsions and salivation.

At the USA vet pharmacies, you can buy meds for cats in pain by different companies. The largest manufacturer of meds for pets – Zoetis supplies Vetame drug (tablets and injections).

Vetame contains active substance, called Triflupromazine Hydrochloride and several inactive ingredients. Vetame meds is to be injected to cats intramuscularly, in the dose of 2-4 mg per 1 kg of bodyweight. The maximum frequency of use is one Vetame injection daily.

You can buy Vetame drug for cats in pain not only to relieve pain but also to reduce the anxiety and to control hyperactivity of your pet. Vetame (Triflupromazine) must not be used in combination with organic phosphates.

Some meds for cats in pain are designed for external use only, for example Heo-Predef. Such drugs are easy to use at home and they will not frighten your beloved pet.

Heo-Predef drug contains a few active ingredients, like Isoflupredone Acetate, Tetracaine Hydrochloride, Neomycin Sulfate and Myristyl-gamma-picolinium Chloride. Heo-Predef analgesic powder is often prescribed for small cuts, wounds and abrasions, after tail amputation, ear cropping, castration and other surgical procedures.

Besides that, you can buy meds for cats with allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, UTI, dermatitis and diarrhea. If you have never used certain type of medications before, then you should better consult a veterinary physician and buy meds for cats at the nearest vet pharmacy.

Price of meds for cats depends on many factors. If you want to cure your pet and not to spend too much money, just order meds for cats online.

Usually, online purchases are done by owners, who have already used meds for cats. So, when a person uses any meds for cats from online pharmacies, he already knows how to apply this drug and knows his pet’s reaction on this drug.

Greenies bad for dogs

Some of the most popular dental chews for tooth brushing and breath freshening in dogs are sold under the brand Greenies. Just as many other products for cavity hygiene, one can buy Greenies dental chews for dogs online in any country of the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Before purchase Greenies dental chews, you can find many positive and negative reviews about this veterinary dental care product. Some dog owners and veterinarians believe that Greenies help to maintain the healthy teeth and gums of the dog. Others believe that Greenies are bad for dogs.

In order to understand whether Greenies are good or bad, the dog must take these dental chews regularly for several months. To evaluate a short-term effect of Greenies chews, the dog owner will be able by himself.

Greenies actually remove plaque and eliminate bad breath. Therefore, the dog owner hardly can reasonably argue that Greenies are bad for dogs. Only veterinary dentist can evaluate a long-term benefits and harms of Greenies dental chew.

Remember that Greenies chews do not treat teeth and gums, but maintain their health. Thus, if the dog has caries and tartar, Greenies dental chews will help to slow down the progression of teeth and gums diseases, but are not able to treat the diseases of teeth and oral cavity.

Reviews about the fact that Greenies dental chews are bad for dogs can be left by the dog owners who were not convinced that their dog has healthy teeth before to start using them in the dog.

One of the most known negative reviews about Greenies was published by the FDA. Once, The FDA received a letter stating that a dog swallowed too large piece of Greenies, which was stuck in its throat.

Because of the stuck Greenies in the throat, the dog began to choke and its health seriously deteriorated. To clean the upper respiratory tract from the Greenies remnants, an expensive operation was required.

It can be assumed that many people have formed an opinion that Greenies are bad for dogs exactly after the publication of this letter. Herewith, few people claiming that Greenies are bad for dogs muse about the fact that breathing problems in the dog could occur only because the dog owner chose incorrect size of Greenies.

If you want Greenies chews not to pose risks to the dog’s health, their size should be the optimal. In retail sale, five different sizes of Greenies are available (Jumbo, Teenie, Petite, Regular, and Large). Thus, the optimal size of Greenies chews can be chosen for any dogs, including very small, medium, large and very large dogs.

When buying Greenies dental chews for dogs, it is necessary to pay attention not only to their size, but also to the components they include. If the dog is overweight or it is not very active, you should choose Greenies chews low in fat and protein.

  • Greenies original dental chews for dogs contain at least 5% fat and at least 32% protein.
  • Greenies weight management dental chews for dogs contain about 4% fat and about 22% protein.

Greenies dental chews high in fat and protein are bad for obese dogs, but useful for exhausted or very active dogs.

If except overweight, dogs have problems with joints, it is best to use Greenies Hip & Joint Care canine dental chews high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-mineral complexes, glucosamine, amino acids and chondroitin.

Pain and inflammation of the joints occur not only in older dogs, but also at high loads on musculoskeletal system and joints of young dogs. Therefore, Greenies Hip & Joint Care canine dental chews can be used to maintain the dogs’ joint health at any age.

It should be noted that some dogs may experience allergy to one or several active ingredients and nutrients included in Greenies. The main symptoms of allergy are itchy skin, rash, anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If one or several allergy symptoms occur in the dog after using Greenies, it can be argued that Greenies are bad for this dog. If the dog has allergy to the nutrients contained in Greenies, the symptoms and signs of allergy will appear already after the first use of dental chews.

Therefore, if signs of allergy occur a few weeks or months after the start of Greenies use, allergens should be searched not in the dental chews, but in the food, beverages or pet meds that dog has taken in the last few days.

Greenies dental chews can be bad for dogs as in allergy, so and in their excessive use. Greenies contain a lot of calories, therefore their uncontrolled use may lead to weight gain.

If the dog consumes high-calorie Greenies dental chews, its food portions should be reduced. Information about nutritional facts per serving of Greenies can be found on the package.

It is noteworthy that positive reviews about Greenies are much more than the statements about the fact that Greenies are bad for dogs. Herewith, any opinions that Greenies are bad for dogs can be disproved by the fact that Greenies have been successfully used for over 10 years and the popularity of this veterinary product is not reduced.

Flea medicine

Even if your pet got the best care ever, you may face the flea problem one day. Actually, animals can be infected with fleas anywhere and anytime. Once fleas get on your pet’s body, the start feeding on their blood, laying eggs and multiply very quickly.

This flea medicine review allows you choosing the means that offers you a safe and effective solving of problem with blood-sucking parasites best than any other medicines. To understand at what moment you should use a flea medicine, you need to determine how your animal got infected and the life cycle of these parasites.

The life cycle of fleas depends on few factors, for instance, humidity of the environment, temperature and food. You should know that only adult fleas live on pet’s body, eggs and larvae grow up in cool and dark places, like cracks and folds in soft furniture and under carpets.

Fleas are small, flat, wingless parasites that are hard to see with the naked eye. The reason why you should start using the flea medicine is the occurrence of signs and symptoms of flea infection of your pet, such as:

  • Itching
  • Weight loss
  • Change in behavior
  • Decrease in food intake

If you have doubts, put your pet on a white surface and brush its hair. You will see some fallout of blood remnants and flea feces. If you wet them with water and see some brownish spots, then your pet is definitely infected with fleas and you can start the treatment.

Watch over your pet’s behavior. When fleas bite, your little friend is agitated all the time, scratching the fur and becoming inattentive. The bite marks become wounds that can be infected easily. Timely use of effective flea medicine will reduce the risk of different infectious diseases.

Flea medicine for dogs

Some flea medicines are designed to control fleas, others to kill flea larvae, and the third ones to prevent flea infection. To choose the right medicine to fight against dog fleas, you need to learn carefully the leaflet instruction that comes inside the medicine package.

The most popular flea medicines for dogs are Cythioate-containing drugs. You can buy Cythioate flea medicine in the form of pills or oral liquid. This kind of medicine is contraindicated for pregnant dogs or greyhounds.

Cythioate pills dosage is 30mg. One Cythioate pill is suitable for dogs weighing 20 kg. The recommended dose regimen – every third day, or twice a week. Two milliliters of oral liquid contains 30 mg of Cythioate. The dose regimen is the same as for the pills.

Another well-known flea medicine for dogs is called Fenthion. Pharmaceutical form of Fenthion – liquid (single-dose applicators). The medicine is intended to fight against external parasites in dogs over 10 weeks old.

Take 4 to 8 mg of Fenthion solution per 1 kg of pet’s bodyweight. The frequency use of this flea medicine depends on the severity of flea infection. The maximum frequency use must never exceed 2 times a week.

You can buy Cythioate or Fenthion flea medicine for dogs under such brand names as Proban and Pro-Spot Solution by Bayer HealthCare in the USA. You can also order Proban oral liquid by the largest manufacturer of medicines and vaccines – Zoetis.

In the USA, you can find some more flea medicines, approved by the national health regulating authorities. Such medications usually contain such active ingredients as Spinosad Milbemycin Oxime and (S) – methoprene. You can buy flea-control medicine produced by Wellmark International and Lilly Corporate Center.

Flea medicine for cats

Most cats have lighter body weight than dogs and thus they need much more precise dosing of flea medicine. Many manufacturers produce their medications in the form of solutions, which helps to vary the doses.

Program Suspension flea medicine comes in individual dose pack and is suitable for cats over 6 weeks old. Each individual dose pack contains 135 or 270 milligrams of Lufenuron.

Small sachets of Program Suspension are designed for cats, weighing under 10 lbs. The larger sachets are for oral use by cats weighing 11 to 20 lbs. In case your pet weighs more than 20 pounds, combine the sachets according the above recommendations.

Pharmacies offer to buy Lufenuron flea medicine for cats by Novartis Animal Health. This pharmaceutical company supply Lufenuron in both the liquid (suspension) and chewable tablets. The dosage and recommendations for use of tablets are the same as for the liquid.

Advantage Multi is quite a new flea medicine. This medication for blood-sucking parasites suits cats and ferrets. The benefit of this flea medicine is that it can be used just once a month.

Advantage Multi is supplied in the form of solution. Each milliliter of this solution contains 10mg of Moxidectin and 100mg of Imidacloprid. You can use Advantage Multi not only to kill fleas, but also to prevent the infection with dirofilaria immitis and intestinal roundworms.

Flea medicine for dogs and cats

Most of the popular flea medicines are meant for both cats and dogs. If you own more than one pet all of different kind, then such medicines are best for treatment of infection with blood-sucking parasites.

One of the best flea medicines for dogs and cats is Revolution. This medicine kills adult fleas and prevents the development of flea eggs within 30 days. In addition, Revolution can be used to prevent the infection with other parasites (for example, mites).

You can buy Revolution flea-control products for cats and dogs by Zoetis in the USA. Please pay attention to the fact that only dogs over 6 weeks old and cats over 8 weeks old can take Revolution. The recommended dose of flea medicine is 2.7 mg of Selamectin per 1 pound of bodyweight.

Flea preventive measures must include a regular vacuuming of the entire house. Walk your pet in the clean areas with short cut grass. Please note that some kinds of flea medicines are suitable for dogs only and can be toxic for cats or other pets.

If one of the types of flea medicine does not work, causes side effects or some allergic reactions, try to use other product. Online pharmacies offer to buy many different flea medicines. Price of flea-control products may depend on the pricing strategy of the manufacturer and online pharmacy.

Dog supplies online

If you want your dog to grow up and to develop normally, was healthy and in a good physical shape, you need to take care of him every day. In addition to a balanced diet and regular walks, pet supplies and accessories may be required to care for the dog that will make the dog’s life healthier, more fulfilling and varied.

A list of dog supplies consists of thousands of different products. Herewith, many owners of puppies, young and adult dogs are not even aware that daily pet care products make it easy to care for the dog and help to save a lot of time.

In order to find cheap and quality dog supplies, you do not necessarily spend the whole day looking for them at city veterinary stores, veterinary pharmacies and veterinary clinics.

After all, today, you can buy any dog supplies online, without leaving your home. Dog owners, who do not have time to search for cheap dog supplies in usual pet shops, can compare the cost of dog supplies on different online stores and choose the most advantageous offers.

Dog supplies available on online stores are absolutely identical to dog supplies sold in urban pet shops. A key advantage of online shopping is that they provide an opportunity to buy dog supplies online at a very low price.

Competitive prices of dog supplies on online store are due to the fact that large online-retailers collaborate with manufacturers of dog products and dog medications. Therefore, the retail price for the majority of dog supplies on online stores is formed without the participation of resellers and distributors of dog accessories, dog food and dog meds.

For the convenience of customers, online stores create catalogs in which different types of dog supplies are published in different categories. On such online-catalogs, you can find dog supplies that the vet recommended to use, or choose identical dog supplies that are much cheaper.

  • When choosing cheap dog supplies online, you must pay attention not only to the brands and to trademarks, but also to the properties they possess.

For example, a list of dog products for arthritis treatment includes dozens of different medications. Many of these dog meds contain the same active ingredients.

Knowing what kind of active ingredients effectively reduce inflammation and arthritis pain, you can compare the price of identical dog products for arthritis, and choose the cheapest one.

For example, dog medications containing anti-inflammatory agent – Meloxicam can be sold on online pet stores under the brand names Metacam, OroCAM, Loxicom and Meloxidyl.

By comparing the price of dog supplies on different online stores, pay attention to special offers and discounts. When buying dog supplies online at discount, you will be able to compensate the costs of postal services.

One can get discount on dog supplies in different cases. Typically, visitors of online stores get discounts when buying wholesale dog supplies. In addition, regular customers of dog supplies can get coupon code, which will reduce the cost of the next order.

In addition to discounts and coupons on dog supplies, pet owners can make use of free shipping of dog supplies. Some online stores offer free shipping of dog supplies only in the USA, some – only in Australia, but others – in almost any country of the world, including Canada, the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

To stimulate online sales of dog supplies, online retailers of pet products can use only a coupon code, only free shipping, only discount for regular (wholesale) customers, or all these marketing instruments at once.

A special attention should be paid to the fact that every visitor of online shopping has the opportunity to get advice and recommendations of professional veterinarian before buying dog supplies online.

Support staff of online stores for pets are always ready to answer the questions about dog supplies, as well as to provide the information about the manufacturers of cheap and quality dog supplies.

More information about popular dog supplies available on online stores can be found in customers reviews on pet products. Some online stores provide their visitors with the opportunity to leave their comment about the purchased dog supplies.

In addition, real reviews and answers to FAQ about dog supplies can be found on video blogs, online blogs and online forums. If you have already bought dog supplies online, you can leave a real review about these pet products on online store, and thereby you will help other dog owners to make the right choice.

If you want to buy dog supplies at the lowest price, compare the price of identical supplies on different online stores and only then make your choice. Having found a reliable supplier of cheap dog supplies, you will be able greatly to reduce your costs of long-term care for your dog.

When buying dog supplies online in the same store, you will be able to make use of all bonuses and special offers that are provided only to regular customers.

Even if you order only food, vitamins and supplements for dog on online store, you will be able to save from several hundred to several thousand US dollars within a year.

Besides cheap food and accessories, in catalogs of online stores you can find very cheap, effective dog medications that will help to reduce the costs of treating the dog by several times.

You can buy almost any medication for dogs without a prescription. Therefore, regular visit to the vet is not required before buying prescription or non-prescription products for dog treatment online.

Regardless of the chosen type of dog supplies, they are delivered by post. Free shipping of dog supplies is usually carried out by regular post, but express delivery of dog supplies is expensive enough.

More information about payment and delivery ways of dog supplies, you can get from staff of online pet store. You can ask all your questions about dog supplies by email at any convenient time in anywhere in the world.

Dog medications

Almost all diseases diagnosed in people can develop in pets. One of the most popular pet is a dog. Therefore, it is not surprising that dog medications are among the best-selling pet meds.

Young, mature and old dogs may experience dozens of various diseases, including:

  • Upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Arthritis, arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases of the skin

To treat these diseases, different types of over-the-counter and prescription dog medications can be used. Information about the most popular dog meds you can find in this review.

If your dog has been already prescribed any medication, you can buy it online in any country of the world. If you want to buy dog meds online but have never ordered a delivery of pet meds online, ask all your questions by phone or email.

Dog medications for arthritis, allergy and inflammatory skin diseases.

To treat arthritis in dogs, oral or injectable anti-inflammatory therapy can be used.

  • Injection therapy for arthritis is usually conducted in veterinary clinic.
  • Oral dog medications can be used to reduce inflammation and to control arthritis pain at home.

For intensive arthritis therapy in dogs, injections containing anti-inflammatory agent Triamcinolone can be used. In veterinary pharmacies, Triamcinolone-containing medications for arthritis in dogs are sold under the trade name Vetalog Parenteral.

To increase the efficiency of medical therapy for arthritis, oral Triamcinolone can be prescribed for the dog in addition to Triamcinolone injections. At the US veterinary pharmacies, this oral dog medication for arthritis is sold under the trade name Vetalog.

Triamcinolone provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, as well as has antipruritic and anti-allergic activity. These effects allow using topical Triamcinolone to reduce inflammation and itching in allergy, eczema and other dermatological diseases in dogs.

Triamcinolone-containing creams, ointments, sprays for dogs are sold under the trade names Panolog, Vetalog, Genesis, and Medalone. Some dogs have contraindications to Triamcinolone-containing medications.

Therefore, to decrease inflammation and pain in arthritis, as well as to treat allergy, these dogs are prescribed with medications containing other active ingredients. Dog medications for arthritis pain and inflammation in arthritis may contain active ingredients Flumethasone or Carprofen.

  • The uniqueness of Flumethasone oral dog medication is that it effectively decreases the inflammation of muscles and joints in dogs, as well as helps to control itching and irritation in severe dermatological diseases.
  • The uniqueness of Carprofen-containing medications for dogs is that they provide a powerful analgesic effect in addition to anti-inflammatory. Thus, oral dog medications containing Carprofen can be used to relieve pain in osteoarthritis, including pain after orthopedic surgery.

Besides the listed dog medications, many other anti-inflammatory, analgesic pet meds can be used, including:

  • Zubrin (Tepoxalin)
  • Metacam (Meloxicam)
  • Previcox (Firocoxib)
  • Deramaxx (Deracoxib)
  • Recuvyra (Fentanyl)
  • OroCAM (Meloxicam)
  • Seletoc (Selenium and vitamin E)

Dog medications for infections

Besides arthritis, allergy and skin itching, infectious diseases very often develop in dogs. Some of the effective dog medications for infectious pathologies are Tylosin and Lincomycin.

Both of these dog medications are effective in the treatment of streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, including upper respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, bronchitis). Tylosin is better known under the trade name Tylan, and Lincomycin – under the trade name Lincomix.

Dog medications for fleas

One more common problem for dogs owners are fleas. If you failed to get rid of ectoparasites by means of insecticidal collars, the dog can be prescribed with oral tablets containing one or more active ingredients.

Dog medications for fleas may contain insecticide agent – Cythioate. For prevention and effective control of flea populations, the dog must take Cythioate oral tablets or oral liquid at least twice a week. Cythioate-containing dog medications for fleas are sold at the US veterinary pharmacies under the trade name Proban.

One more effective dog medication for the control of flea is Sentinel. This dog medication for fleas includes two active ingredients: Lufenuron and Milbemycin Oxime.

Due to the fact that Sentinel tablets contain two insecticidal agents, they do not only help to destroy adult fleas, but also inhibit the process of hatching of flea eggs.

Unlike Proban (Cythioate) dog medication that should be taken twice a week, Sentinel (Lufenuron and Milbemycin) tablets for fleas should be taken only once a month in dogs.

One more difference between Sentinel and Proban dog medications is that Sentinel tablets are capable to destroy intestinal parasites that infect the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

It should be noted that the intestinal parasites might promote gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. The most common symptom of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs is diarrhea.

Dog medications for diarrhea should be selected individually for each case. For example, to control bacterial diarrhea (infectious diarrhea), the following dog medications can be used:

  • Spectam (Spectinomycin)
  • Entromycin (Streptomycin; Bacitracin)
  • Jenomycin (Neomycin; Aminopropazine)
  • Amforol (Attapulgite; Bismuth; Kanamycin)

If diarrhea in dogs is caused not by bacterial infection, Centrine (Aminopentamide) dog medication can be used to treat such gastrointestinal disorder.

If your dog requires medication, but you do not know what dog medications are needed, you can get information about safe and effective dog medications from the pharmacist of online vet pharmacy. You have the opportunity to buy dog medications online and to get a free veterinary consultation, around the clock, anywhere in the world.

Allergy meds for cat

Allergy is one of the most common pathological states in cats. Therefore, allergy meds for cat is one of the best-selling veterinary products. To reduce allergy symptoms in cats, various vet meds can be used, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most effective allergy meds for cat are included into therapeutic group of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. Such allergy vet meds are Prednisolone, Methylprednisolone and Hydrocortisone.

For intense anti-allergic therapy, cat might be prescribed some injectable allergy meds. Such pet meds can be used for treatment of allergy in vet clinic or at home.

The duration of drug therapy of allergy in cats depends on type of allergy meds you use, the severity of allergic state and cat’s bodyweight. For some cats, just one injection of anti-allergic medication is enough; other cats need to take allergy meds regularly within a few weeks or even months.

Methylprednisolone allergy med for cat

If your cat needs an intensive allergy therapy, veterinarian can prescribe Methylprednisolone injection. At retails, Methylprednisolone solution for injections is available under different trade names, such as Depo-Medrone.

Depo-Medrone or other Methylprednisolone-containing solutions to treat allergy in cats should be injected intramuscularly, once or 4 times a month. In most cases, anti-allergic effect of one Depo-Medrone injection lasts for 3 weeks.

The optimal single dose of Depo-Medrone for cats ranges from 1 to 2 mg per 1 kg of bodyweight. For maintenance allergy therapy, your cat should take minimal and effective doses of Depo-Medrone.

Methylprednisolone can be used for both injections and oral therapy of allergy in cats. Oral allergy meds for cat containing Methylprednisolone are sold under the trademark Medrone V at most veterinary pharmacies.

Minimum effective Medrone V dose for kittens and cats, weighing under 5 kg is 1mg per day. The dosage of Medrone V for adult cats weighing over 30 kg can be increased up to 8 mg per day.

As alternative to injectable or oral Methylprednisolone (Depo-Medrone, Medrone V) drug, you can use allergy meds for cat containing Prednisolone anti-allergic agent.

Prednisolone allergy med for cat

Prednisolone can be used for oral or injectable allergy therapy, just as Methylprednisolone. Most often, to cure allergy in cat, veterinary physicians use Prednisolone oral tablets.

  • Prednisolone allergy tabs for cats are available under various brand names; Prednidale and Prednicare are two of them.
  • Prednisolone allergy injections for cats are sold under the brand Solu-Delta Cortef.

The maximum recommended dose of oral Prednisolone allergy med for cat is 2mg per kilogram of bodyweight. For effective control of allergy symptoms, oral Prednisolone-containing allergy meds for cat should be used within 1-3 weeks, daily.

The standard intramuscular dose of Prednisolone injection for the therapy of allergy in cats – is 5mg. Injectable Prednisolone, used for the treatment of allergies in cats, should be injected intramuscularly, 1 or 2 times a day for 3-5 days.

Prednisolone and Methylprednisolone are two of the best allergy meds for cat. However, some cats need only a symptomatic allergy therapy, without using oral or injectable medications.

To quickly reduce the symptoms of allergic dermatosis and allergic reactions of the skin caused by insect bites, wounds or burns, a topical spray containing Hydrocortisone can be used.

Allergy meds for cat, containing Hydrocortisone come on sale under various trademarks, like for example, Terra-Cortril and Liqua-Cortril. The unique feature of these allergy meds for cat is that besides Hydrocortisone anti-allergic agent, they contain Oxytetracycline antibiotic.

Using Liqua-Cortril or Terra-Cortril allergy spray for cat, you can reduce the allergy symptoms and prevent bacterial infection, caused by insect bites, surface wounds or scratches.

Allergy meds for cat containing antibiotic agent can supplement the injectable or oral therapy of allergic states. If your cat was diagnosed allergy and any other disease, you and veterinarian should choose a proper allergy meds for cat.

If you want to buy safe and effective allergy meds for cat, you can consult a qualified veterinarian right now. If you already know what allergy meds your cat needs, you can buy them online in any country of the world.

To buy allergy meds for cat online, no prescription is needed. Therefore, you can place your order in a few minutes. Please note that when you buy allergy meds for cat on online pet store, you can get a discount.

Purchasing best allergy meds for cat with discount, you will reduce your costs on a short-term or long-term allergy therapy significantly.