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Vegetative state

Vegetative state is one of the variants of emerging from coma, when patients have no signs of consciousness and understanding what is going on around them. The causes of coma or vegetative state can be damages of various parts of the human brain.

Unfortunately, there are no clear prognoses on time of waking up from vegetative state and recovery of consciousness. Identification of new mechanisms of diagnosis should contribute to improvement of methods of vegetative state treatment.

According to statistical data, a certain part of patients does emerges from vegetative state. Some additional methods of examination are needed to increase the number of such patients.

It is very important to study the vegetative state, to understand the fundamental problems, associated with integrative and cognitive function of the brain, providing the recovery of consciousness after a severe brain injury.

There are many social-economic and legal aspects, associated with treatment of patients in a vegetative state. The solution to many of them can be quite difficult even for countries with developed rehabilitation infrastructure and social welfare.

Therefore, the development of methods to forecast the emergence from the vegetative state is still a very important task these days. Based on these methods, it is easy to detect patients for targeted treatment and patients to for common treatment.

Vegetative state definition

There is more than one definition of vegetative state, which can differ more or less in various countries of the world. In addition, legal consequences may vary and there is no legal clarity in some countries.

Vegetative state is different from coma and is characterized as both a severe dysfunction of the brain cortex and the lack of mental and cognitive activity.

Many people compare the vegetative state vs coma. But there are fundamental differences between them. In case of vegetative state, the sleep-wake cycles, function of the gastrointestinal tract, the heart rate and the blood pressure remain normal.

Persistent vegetative state – is a diagnosis, made in patients after 4 weeks of traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury. This term is also used to determine a state resulting the unsuccessful surgery.

Permanent vegetative state means that a person has been unconscious for several months since the moment of non-traumatic and about a year since traumatic brain injury.

There are some other definitions of the vegetative state in different countries of the world. The criteria for testing the diagnosis of the persistent and permanent vegetative state may differ significantly (for instance in the USA and UK).

The Australian specialists in the field of neurology offered to replace the term “persistent” and “permanent” vegetative state to the synonym – post-coma unresponsiveness. They believe that the new term describes these uncontrolled conditions better than the old ones.


Vegetative state may occur after a traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. It is believed that car accidents (developed countries) are the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

There are other common causes of the vegetative state of non-traumatic genesis, such as: cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, cerebrovascular damage, heart attack, tumors, hemorrhage and bacterial infections in the brain. Clinical studies demonstrate that the vegetative state arises approximately in 5 minutes after a global cerebral ischemia.

Sometimes, the vegetative state occurs in degenerative and metabolic diseases, including the inherited ones. In fact, the vegetative state can be caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. In this case, the brain damage can develop for months or even years.


There are several systems allowing doctors to diagnose the symptoms of vegetative state more or less effectively. Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is one of the most effective and frequently used system. GCS is an objective and reliable way to estimate the state of the central nervous system.

GCS takes into account together or separately the motor response, the reaction of eyes and the ability to make sounds or to communicate. The interpretation of combination of these elements allows to assess the function of the cerebrovascular nerves and to determine which ones were damaged.

Other criteria of diagnosis of the vegetative state are:

  • Presence of the chaotic alternation of sleep and wakefulness
  • Absence of reaction to pain stimuli
  • Swallowing or respiratory disorder

The vegetative state is to be diagnosed after a few comprehensive neurological examinations. The doctor, who supposed to diagnose this state, must be skilled enough and competent in assessment of the brain function.


There are different methods of treatment, used in patients with the vegetative state. Unfortunately, the vegetative state treatment does not provide full recovery in each individual case, although it does provides a positive effect on the CNS.

First of all, it is necessary to stabilize a patient after the traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury. The rehabilitation therapy helps to restore or maintain the main functions of the body.

In case of severe trauma of the brain, a patient might need some extra surgery. The brain should get enough blood and oxygen.

Today, about 15 to 35 thousands of patients are diagnosed the vegetative state in the USA. Hospitals specialized on this kind of disease, are using stimulating, surgical, physiotherapeutic and pharmacological methods. There is hope that the new methods of treatment will reduce the number of people with vegetative state.

Sleep insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep, poor quality of nighttime sleep, frequent awakenings, getting back to sleep after waking during the night are the most prevalent sleep disorders that are symptoms of insomnia.

Sleep-wake cycle is formed for many years and it depends on different internal and external risk factors. Under the influence of risk factors:

  • The quality and duration of nighttime sleep may decrease;
  • The number of nighttime awakenings may increase.

Universal definition of «a good sleep» and «insomnia» does not exist. Some people feel discomfort if the duration of their night sleep is less than 8 hours. Other people sleep more than 8 hours, but experience excessive daytime sleepiness because of frequent nighttime awakenings.

To diagnose sleep problems, special tests that help to identify insomnia symptoms, the causes of poor sleep quality and severity of the sleep disorder, were developed.

It is noteworthy that in some cases, the test results (quiz) demonstrate the presence of sleep problems in men and women, who state they do not need help to deal with insomnia.

In irregular sleep restriction, the human body is able to adapt to the insufficient duration of nighttime sleep. However, chronic sleep restriction may cause a change in mental status, severe insomnia and serious diseases of physiological systems and internal organs.

Therefore, loss of sleep should be regarded as a problem in which insomnia is not the serious risk to the overall health like others.

The alternation of healthy sleep and insomnia significantly reduces the potential health risks. Therefore, even if a person fails to quickly cure insomnia, he should continue to restore a normal sleep-wake cycle.

To combat the lack of sleep, insomnia, frequent awakenings at night, prescription or non-prescription sleeping pills can be used. It is very difficult to quickly cure insomnia without medications.

It is not surprising that in the deterioration of the quality of sleep, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or repeated nighttime awakenings, the vast majority of people are looking for an effective and safe sleeping medication at pharmacies.

Some people try to cure insomnia without sleeping pills, only by means of home remedies. To improve the quality and to increase the duration of sleep, different home remedies for insomnia prevention can be used:

  • Quitting smoking, consumption of coffee and (or) excessive amounts of alcohol before going to bed.
  • Restricting the use of multimedia devices in the evening and just before bedtime.
  • Creation of appropriate conditions for normal, healthy sleep (comfortable bedding, quietness, darkness, good temperature control).

If the reduction in quality of sleep (insomnia) is a side effect of any medications, discuss with your doctor the opportunity to change the dosing regimen of these meds.

Home remedies for the insomnia treatment actually help to improve sleep quality and to reduce the frequency of insomnia episodes. However, in severe and moderate insomnia, home remedies are ineffective.

Therefore, the use of drugs is the only reliable way to combat insomnia, ensuring a rapid recovery of normal sleep-wake cycle.

If a person does not try to improve his sleep in case of sleep disorder, insomnia will progress. In timely prevention of insomnia, a normal sleep can be maintained, thereby reducing potential health risks.

For insomnia treatment, doctors can write prescriptions for different types of sedative-hypnotic drug products. Most slimming drugs available at the US market were developed several decades ago (for example, Doral, Ambien, Restoril).

Moreover, new sleeping pills first approved by the FDA in 2014 (Belsomra included) can be found at the US pharmacies.

Natural sleep aids

It is common knowledge that a good sleep restores the body and psychoemotional state of people. Natural sleep aids allow people to fight insomnia or other sleep disorders effectively.

Unfortunately, not many people have a good and deep sleep at night. Modern lifestyle and constant nerve stresses lead to disorders in psychophysical state of a person, chronic fatigue and insomnia.

There are several types of natural sleep aids that work more or less effectively. The natural sleep aids review allows you to choose remedies that work best for you.

You do not have to take natural sleep aids every time you have sleep problems. Instead, you can use the following measures:

  • Well-balanced diet
  • Physical activity
  • Massage and meditation
  • Listening to calm music

If the listed measures help you falling asleep only few times of many, doctor may recommend using some natural sleep aids. Please note that some natural sleep aids are intended for adults only. If you want to buy natural sleep aids for toddlers, consult a pharmacist please.

Insomnia can be the symptom of various diseases. Therefore, before you start using natural sleep aids, it is better to consult a doctor or a pharmacist. Please keep in mind that in rare cases, natural sleep aids can cause the psychological dependence.

Natural sleep aids, containing valerian root are the best-selling ones in the USA, Canada and UK. Such natural sleep aids provide a mild calming effect and thus they can be used to treat difficulties with falling asleep, as well as to relieve the stress symptoms.

Valerian root can be the only component of natural sleep aids or combined with other medicinal herbs. Natural sleep aids may contain not only the valerian root, but also chamomile, lavender, tutsan and other medicinal herbs.

The valerian root rarely causes side effects, therefore such natural sleep aids are not contraindicated to children and elderly people. In rare cases, it can cause dizziness, muscle weakness and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

A large number of studies emphasize that natural sleep aids containing valerian extract are alternative drugs, which do not cause side effects, typical for traditional medicines for sleep disorders treatment.

Other popular natural sleep aids are the pills, containing Melatonin. Such natural sleep aids normalize the biological rhythms, improving the duration and quality of sleep, especially in patients over 55 years old.

Melatonin, also known as sleep hormone, is synthesized in the human body. When people grow older, the synthesis of Melatonin becomes worse, which causes certain problems with falling asleep.

Melatonin-based drugs are produced by dozens of pharmaceutical companies (like Natrol and CVS); hence, the price of such natural sleep aids may vary significantly. Before you buy natural sleep aids of this type, you can ask a pharmacist which producer offers best prices.

Dosage and the number of pills in the pack may affect the price of natural sleep aids (Melatonin). You can find sleeping pills containing 3mg, 5mg or 10mg of Melatonin on pharmacy shelves in different countries of the world.

In fact, Melatonin does not only improve the quality of sleep, but also provides antioxidant and anti-aging effect. Therefore, such natural sleep aids are very popular among women of all ages.

If you check out some online forums dedicated to insomnia, you can find feedbacks from people saying that natural sleep aids containing Melatonin can improve the libido, help burning fat, slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system and relieve some kinds of headache.

Besides natural sleep aids, you can find many types of sleeping pills that are available by prescription only. This kind of medications can work more effectively than natural sleep aids, but they have some restrictions in use.

The prescription hypnotic drugs should be used during a limited time. Unlike natural sleep aids, they cause side effects more often and thus may become the reason of physical dependence.

If natural sleep aids do not provide the desired effect, it is recommended to use sleeping pills of Barbiturates or Benzodiazepine group. Moreover, Z-drugs (for instance Zolpidem) are also extremely popular these days.

Natural sleep aids have distinct advantages over the prescription hypnotic drugs. Natural sleep aids have a wide therapeutic index and low risk of abuse. For instance, people using Benzodiazepine, must never abruptly stop taking these sleeping pills.

People having difficulties with falling asleep or sleep maintenance, can buy natural sleep aids at Walgreens, Amazon and other large online or grid companies.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from insomnia. That is why the development of new natural sleep aids is a priority task for many pharmaceutical pharmacies today. The new natural sleep aids should provide a natural sleep without negative consequences for people’s health.

Over the counter sleep aids


Needless to say that various sleep disorders adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the person. Such disorders are one of the main reasons for seeking medical help.

Many people suffering from sleep disorders do not seek medical help. This may happen due to the reluctance or lack of time. Therefore, people often ask the question – “Where to buy over the counter sleep aids?”

If you are one of those people, you can read this review. There are different types of over the counter sleep aids, therefore more information will help to choose that means, which will work in the particular case.

How to start the treatment of insomnia?

Just as any other disorders, the treatment of sleep disorders is started with the determination of disease causes. According to the diagnosis results, over the counter sleep aids or other treatment methods (e.g., relaxation) can be recommended.

The choice of over the counter sleep aids that actually work can depend on the person’s age and the presence of various pathologies (e.g., high blood pressure). Over the counter sleep aids can work more effectively in combination with various methods of sleep hygiene.

Generally, OTC sleep aids should be taken in the episodic or short-term insomnia. If these measures are insufficient, the use of potent hypnotics can be recommended.

Most potent hypnotics are available at pharmacies by prescription only. This is explained by the presence of a significant number of side effects. These medications can cause physical and psychological dependence.

Unlike prescription medications, over the counter sleep aids rarely cause side effects, therefore they are safe for the health. It should be noted that the most important thing is to properly choose OTC sleep aids for a particular sleep disorder.

For example, if there is difficulty falling asleep, it is sufficient to use over the counter sleep aids of short action. In the case of frequent nighttime awakenings, OTC sleep aids of prolonged action are recommended.

Over the counter sleep aids approved by the FDA

In the USA, before medications are launched on sale, costly clinical trials to prove the effectiveness and safety of drugs, are conducted. Therefore, a list of over the counter sleep aids approved by the FDA is not as big as the list of OTC sleep aids offered on online pharmacies.

Over the counter sleep aids approved in the United States include medications containing the combination of active substances Diphenhydramine and Ibuprofen or Diphenhydramine and Naproxen. The combination of these substances does not only improve sleep, but also relieves the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

You can buy such over the counter sleep aids under the brand name Advil PM and Aleve PM. The suppliers of these drugs are the largest pharmaceutical companies – Pfizer and Bayer.

Typically, over the counter sleep aids do not cause severe side effects, do not affect psychomotor function, so they can be recommended for different age groups. In some cases, OTC sleep aids are contraindicated in children under 12 years old.

Over the counter sleep aids containing melatonin

Melatonin is an analogue of the hormone that controls sleep-wake cycle in humans. Melatonin exerts a physiological effect on nerve processes and promotes the appearance of sleepiness.

Some people think that over the counter sleep aids containing melatonin may affect the production of sleep hormone in the body. This is not true. Melatonin has the necessary therapeutic effect and then it is rapidly metabolized.

Melatonin does not affect the well-being of people throughout the day that advantageously distinguishes it from other natural sleep aids. Melatonin does not disrupt sleep patterns and has no other negative effects.

People regularly experiencing sleep problems can buy melatonin by a variety of pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Natrol and CVS). These over the counter sleep aids are available for sale and are not controlled by national health authorities.

Herbal sleeping pills

There are several herbs traditionally used to facilitate falling asleep and staying asleep. Therefore, many of the best sleep aids include chamomile extract, valerian root, melissa, St. John’s wort and lavender.

It is believed that over the counter sleep aids containing valerian root are the best selling in the world. Valerian can eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and stress not only in humans but also in other mammals (e.g., dogs). However, over the counter sleep aids designed for people should not be used in pets.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people experience insomnia, so the development of new hypnotics is a major public health task. New over the counter sleep aids should be safer and more efficient than the existing ones.

People who want to get rid of difficulty falling asleep can buy over the counter sleep aids on Walmart, Amazon and the majority of online pharmacies. Price of OTC sleep aids can vary, so learn the best offers before making the order.

Sleep insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems. The relevance of this problem is caused not only by a significant prevalence of insomnia among inhabitants of developed countries, but also by high costs of treating insomnia and by its consequences.

Difficulty falling asleep, frequent night awakenings, early awakening, poor sleep, insomnia can cause serious health problems. Therefore, fighting insomnia is necessary not only to improve sleep quality, but also to maintain a normal health.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders occur in about 95% of population in developed countries. Many people pay insufficient attention to the problem of lack of sleep, insomnia and poor sleep quality. Therefore, as insomnia progresses, their physical and psycho-emotional state gradually deteriorates.

To improve sleep and fight insomnia, both medical and non-drug methods can be used. In irregular episodes of insomnia, over-the-counter sleeping pills and sleep aids can be used to normalize sleep.

The advantage of herbal or natural sleep aids over powerful sedative-hypnotic drugs is that they do not cause side effects. Due to high safety, over-the-counter sleeping pills can be used to improve sleep in insomnia during pregnancy.

When severe insomnia follows a normal sleep, such sleep problems can be caused by stress. In insomnia caused by psychologically traumatic experiences, the doctor can prescribe a prescription for sedative, hypnotic or sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Prescription for highly effective medications for sleeping problems can be received only by patients for whom bad sleep (insomnia) creates potential risks for overall health and (or) mental state.

To choose effective prescription or non-prescription sleeping pills, it is necessary to assess the quality of night sleep, type of insomnia and severity of associated symptoms of insomnia.

You can take test or quiz to determine the type of insomnia in just a few minutes without leaving your home. Online tests help to determine the presence or absence the insomnia symptoms, but are not able to answer the question “What cure for insomnia is required in each particular case”?

A lot of useful information about sleep, insomnia and frequent sleep problems you can find on YouTube and many other popular video sharing. In addition, interesting and useful information about sleep (insomnia) can be found on various forums, feedbacks and blogs.

It should be noted that only non-pharmacological treatment methods should be used to normalize sleep in insomnia in children and adolescents. Powerful sedative-hypnotic drugs to treat insomnia are prescribed only to adult men and women over 18 years old.

Over the counter sleep aids


A great number of people face various sleep problems every day. Insomnia can occur due to constant nerve tension and stressful situations. Physical and mental fatigue can also cause insomnia.

Today we may find on the pharmacy shelves a huge selection of various medical slip aids. There are sleep aids among them, that are only available by doctor’s prescription, but there are also over the counter slip aids.

Over the counter sleep aids can be divided into two groups – over the counter sleeping pills and herbal sleep aids. Sometimes, people try to cope with their sleep problems on their own, without medical help. Well, there is nothing wrong with that.

Actually, people can safely use some tinctures and herbal teas as herbal sleep aids. Herbal sleep aids in tablets, based on valerian, motherwort and chamomile provide good sedative effects on the central nervous system of people.

Such natural sleep aids help to cope with irritability, anxiety and insomnia. However, a therapeutic effect of herbal sleep aids depends on the individual sensitivity of every patient.

It should be said that herbal sleep aids are one of the most common over the counter sleep aids. They are almost harmless and cause side effects rarely. In high nervous irritability and periodic sleep disorders, people do not always need to take sleeping pills.

An effective calming effect is provided by over the counter sleeping pills, containing natural plant ingredients. Well, of course, such medications cannot cure a chronic insomnia. However, they will help people to calm the nervous system and fall asleep faster.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills are the medications that contain melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone, helping to regulate the sleep-wake cycles. It is available in a synthetic form and causes a mild sedative effect on the human body.

Melatonin can relax the body and reduce the response reactions to external stimuli, resulting in a smooth falling asleep. Moreover, the clinical trials data show that over the counter sleep aids with melatonin can be used for treatment of insomnia in children with ADHD.

During clinical trials, scientists have found that large doses of melatonin might cause the worsening of memory and mental working capacity, severe headaches and nightmares.

Over the counter sleep pills, containing melatonin are quickly metabolized and excreted from the body. Such over the counter sleep drugs are not accumulated in the body tissues and never provoke adverse reactions.

Due to safety and effectiveness, people can buy this kind of over the counter sleep medications at pharmacies and even at the airport kiosks. A great number of over the counter sleep aids contain antihistamine drugs.

The problem is that sedative effect of this kind of over the counter sleep aids may last much longer than people have expected. Even when a person wakes up, the drug keep working in the body system for a long time.

That is why, over the counter sleep aids that contain antihistamines are used for the treatment of severe sleep disorders and insomnia. It often happens that the falling asleep problem is caused by mild pain.

In this case, analgesic drugs can become exactly the sleep aids, which helps to solve the sleep disorder problem. Analgesic medications, containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen do not cause sleepiness the next day.

Despite the fact that you can buy over the counter sleep aids at virtually all pharmacies and kiosks, before you begin using over the counter sleep aids, you need to consult an insomnia therapist.

Natural sleep aids


Different sleep disorders are common among people of all ages and cultures. Very often, insomnia affects people over 35-40 years old, who always get in stressful situations. In this review, you will learn about natural sleep aids and various methods of insomnia treatment.

To treat insomnia, difficulties of falling asleep and nighttime awakening, the prescription and over-the-counter medications are used. Such medications remove all kinds of insomnia – mild, moderate or severe ones, yet they have some advantages and disadvantages as well.

The main disadvantage of the prescription sleeping drugs is the fact that they can cause different side effects, like sleepiness during the day, increased sweating, addiction and many others. Natural sleep aids are safe and cause no side effects.

Natural sleep aids for adults and children fight the mild or moderate sleep disorders. To buy natural sleep aids, no prescription is required. You can take them for a long time because these remedies are not addictive.

According to the different estimates, this disorder is mild in over 75% people with insomnia. Such people do not necessarily need to take potent medications affecting the psycho-emotional state significantly. Natural sleep aids can provide a sufficient calming effect for a stable and prolonged sleep.

Natural sleep aids: Dietary supplements

Modern style of life often means a low level of physical activity, nonstandard work shifts, consumption of large amounts of caffeine and imbalanced diets. These factors alone or in combination with others can cause at first some minor sleep problems that can progress later.

If a person cannot change his lifestyle quickly, it does not mean he should use medications right away. In fact, natural sleep aids can terminate insomnia and other sleep disorders. Dietary supplements contain natural biologically active substances, providing a good rest.

Valeriana officinalis provides a mild sedative effect and has been used as a supplement to eliminate insomnia and nervousness since ancient times. Valerian reduces time a person needs to fall asleep. According to the estimates of specialists, Valerian is the most common component found in the natural sleep aids.

Melatonin is a hormone, which is synthesized in the human body. This hormone levels are changed throughout the day. Low level of Melatonin at night negatively affects the different sleep phases. Natural sleep aids containing Melatonin, normalize the circadian rhythm, strengthening the immune system.

The list of natural sleep aids is huge, containing various herbs and other substances. Such dietary supplements are used separately or in combination with others. You can buy various natural sleep remedies if you need and choose the most effective ones later.

Natural sleep aids: CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used for the treatment of neuropsychological disorders, including insomnia. The mechanism of action of CBT is aimed at elimination of psycho-social problems by changing the thinking and behavior model.

The combination of natural sleep aids and CBT improves the sleep gradually. The CBT methods may vary and usually include: relaxation and tension of the separate muscle groups, breathing technique, identification and removal of thoughts that cause insomnia, as well as improve the sleep hygiene.

CBT allows you to get important skills, providing a healthy sleep without using any natural sleep aids. The results of clinical studies are quite promising. Their main benefit is sleep improvement without side effects.

By following some simple tips, you can increase the efficiency of natural sleep aids. All the people with sleep disorders should avoid food intakes 60-90 minutes before sleep, minimize the light and noise levels, and avoid drinking alcohol or coffee. Try to calm your mind, make sure the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable for you and there is plenty of fresh air in it before going to bed.

Natural sleep remedies made a good showing in safety and efficiency. People, suffering from insomnia can buy natural sleep aids at city pharmacies or online. A regular use of natural sleep aids helps to improve the psycho-emotional state and regain a restful sleep.

How to fall asleep

Many people are concerned about the problem how to fall asleep. Falling asleep quickly and waking up all rested is not only the problem of elderly, but also of people who work hard and are constantly on the go.

Stresses, being always in the hurry and noncompliance with the regimen usually deprive you of a good night sleep. Scientists established long time ago that sleep is very important for maintenance of a normal working capacity of a person throughout a day.

The lack of sleep can cause nervous breakdowns and damage the overall health of a person. But how to fall asleep when you can’t fall asleep? How to fall asleep and stay asleep in order to wake up full of energy and strength?

Well, firstly, a person should watch his lifestyle and the way he behaves in general. Possibly, he goes to sleep late, abuses alcohol drinks or his biorhythms are broken.

In this case, the compliance with a day regimen and cessation of the night activity may be the right solution of the problem how to fall asleep for you. Actually, sports and physical activity help to fall asleep faster.

However, you should choose a proper time for physical exercises. Usually, it is recommended to exercise in gym at least 4 hours before sleep. Drinks high in caffeine will not let you to fall asleep quickly.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and slows down the falling asleep process. So, a cup of coffee in the morning helps to wake up, while the same cup of coffee, taken before sleep can cause insomnia.

Many specialists recommend reading something boring before sleep. After a hard working day, the human brain refuses to digest such information. Thoughtless reading helps to fall asleep at night almost everybody, whose brain is full of information.

Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Airing the room before sleep also helps to fall asleep easily and quickly. The optimal temperature for a good night sleep 18°C maximum.

Low temperature helps kids to fall asleep quickly as well. Do not take your laptop, tablet, smartphone or electronic book to the bedroom. The blue backlight and blinking of indicators keep you agitated and prevent you from falling asleep instantly.

How to fall asleep when not tired? A glass of warm milk with a little bit of honey can help you. Or, you can take a hot shower an hour before sleep. Make sure you turned off the light before going to bed, because it will not let you relax and fall asleep at night.

If you like to fall asleep with low light, put on a sleep mask or just dim the light. It has been confirmed that people fall asleep easier in white noise or sounds of nature. The monotonous noise of fan or a clock is perfect for that.

Sounds of nature like tides, singing of birds, a light breeze help to fall asleep fast not only for teens. They can also help kids to fall asleep fast.

If you prefer the silence, just turn off any noise sources. You can use earplugs if you want. It just takes some time to get used to them, but they will protect you from any sound, even when you sleep with your partner.

How to fall asleep when sick? You should change your old pillows or old matrass to new ones; replace your heavy blanket by a lighter one. The more comfortable your bed becomes the sooner you will fall asleep and stay asleep at night.

Medications can be another reason of falling asleep disorder. Often, insomnia is a side effect of psychostimulants. Ask your doctor how to fall asleep when you are sick.

A calming effect of chamomile or mint tea has been known since ancient times. Such tea relaxes your mind and body. Besides, it helps people to fall asleep easier.

Drink this herbal tea about 1.5 hour before sleep. If you use the relaxing tea regularly, drink a cup of this tea in an hour or two before going to bed. Please do not drink too much fluid before sleep not to go to the bathroom at night. You will fall asleep quickly and easily every night.

What do we do if we see a nightmare and wake up at night? How to fall asleep after nightmare? If you saw a nightmare, do not hide under the blanket. Take a deep breath, sit in your bed and drink some water.

Turn on your night light lamp and look around. You need to feel that you are safe and nothing threatens you. Change your pajamas if you want and think of something good, like vacation or a meeting with your girlfriends.

Think of nightmares as of the reflection of your daily experiences. Try to avoid negative emotions and take care of your health. To your child could fall asleep on Christmas eve easily, give him only healthy and light foods.

Avoid spicy, fatty and sweet foods. The amount of meals your child eats must correspond to his age. Make sure your kid eats a couple of hours before sleep; otherwise, his digestive system will continue digesting food when it is time to go to bed. Last but not least: pets can be the reason why your kid wakes up at night.

Anti anxiety medication

Scientists have not found out so far the reason why anxiety is progressing in people. Many specialists believe that anxiety occurs due to violation in the work of certain brain areas. Others are certain that anxiety arises in people, who get in stressful situations and become exhausted quite often.

However, we can surely say that the number of people suffering from anxiety is increasing annually. Therefore, the question «how to get rid of anxiety?» is a relevant one for many these days.

Please note that healthy people can have anxious feeling, as well. Still, when people experience undue fear and anxiety, for no obvious reasons, this may indicate the disease, called anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder. It occurs because of mental overstrain or due to a severe stress. If not to cure an anxiety disorder, the consequences may lead to even more serious violations of psyche.

In addition, irritability and impatience of patients cause conflicts with friends and relatives. To get rid of anxiety, people should see a specialist timely.

To cure anxiety disorder, two methods of treatment are used:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Anti-anxiety medication treatment

Psychotherapists and psychiatrists practice the psychotherapy. However, when psychotherapy does not help, the anxiety disorder treatment is followed by the use of anti-anxiety medication.

Anti-anxiety medications are prescribed when people need to achieve a quick therapeutic effect, but nondrug methods of treatment do not provide a desired result. The choice of anti-anxiety medication depends on the severity and degree of the disease.

For anxiety disorder treatment, various anti-anxiety medications are used. These are Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants and Beta Blockers.

Anti-anxiety medications (Benzodiazepines) provide a soporific, sedative, anticonvulsant and myorelaxant effects. By affecting the central nervous system of a patient, Benzodiazepines provide a powerful healing anti-anxiety effect.

A long-term treatment by means of Benzodiazepines may cause such side effects as sleepiness, dizziness, blurry vision and mental retardation. Therefore, anti-anxiety medication is prescribed for a short treatment course (several days to several weeks).

Other effective anti-anxiety medication belongs to antidepressants group. Despite the fact that these medicines were actually developed for depression therapy, the effectiveness of anxiety disorder treatment using antidepressants has been confirmed long time ago.

One of the conditions of the treatment by means of antidepressants is the therapy duration. To get a desired therapeutic effect, person should use an anti-anxiety medication for 6 and more months.

The most common anti-anxiety medication side effects while using antidepressants are slackness, sleepiness, dry mouth, sexual disorders, vision disorders, palpitations and malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Mild side effects, such as headache, dry mouth and nausea do not last long as a rule and are not the reason for termination of anti-anxiety medication. However, if side effects cause great concerns for a patient, he might need to consult a specialist.

Beta Blockers are also used as anti-anxiety medications. These medications affect the part of the nervous system that is responsible for stress. Beta Blockers reduce the sympathomimetic activity of the central nervous system and the heart rate. Along with this, it causes a gradual decrease in the blood pressure.

While using Beta Blockers, patients may experience the following side effects: decreased sexual drive, sleepiness, fatigue, swelling, nausea or vomiting. It is important to note that patients must never stop using anti-anxiety medications on their own.

Pausing the use of anti-anxiety medications require the consultation with a doctor.

Over the counter sleeping pills

Insomnia and other sleep disorders may worsen state of health, making you irritable and tired. Because of the lack of time or any other reasons, many people suffering from insomnia, cannot visit a doctor. That is why these people wonder where they can buy over the counter sleeping pills.

If you are one of them, then it will be useful for you to know what sleeping pills are available without prescription, which are the most effective ones and which will suit you most. Another important aspect is to find out the price of over the counter sleeping pills. Thus, you may find many similar products from different manufacturers on pharmaceutical market.

Over the counter sales of the strongest sleeping pills is under control in most countries of the world. It is explained by the fact that their use is associated with high risk of side effects and other unusual reactions. The FDA and medical regulatory authorities of other countries control the distribution and sale of the strongest drugs.

Many of the prescription sleeping pills are cheap, which is their advantage over other drugs. Uncontrolled or excessive use of such pills sometimes provokes memory disorders, inhibits physical activity, providing drug dependence, addiction and other harmful effects for health.

Prescription sleeping pills can work safely and effectively if people undergo a medical examination. Any medical examination helps to determine insomnia causes and prescribe the best treatment. After the examination, it is possible that the doctor will advise a patient to buy OTC sleeping pills.

It should be noted that any OTC soporific drugs must not be the strongest pills, but rather properly chosen pills, suitable for specific sleep disorder. Usually, people are recommended to use:

  • Sleeping pills for quick falling asleep
  • Sleeping pills for night awakening

For falling asleep disorders, people should use medications with short effect, these are enough for a deep sleep. For frequent awakenings in the middle of the night, doctors prescribe over the counter sleeping pills with prolonged effect.

Over the counter sleeping pills do not provoke dangerous side effects and do not cause a significant effect on physical and mental state of a person. Therefore, these pills are recommended for patients of different age groups (including patients under 18 and over 65 years old).

There are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers, offering to buy soporific drugs at low or high prices all over the world. Typically, brand over the counter sleeping pills are more expensive but as effective as less popular drugs.


The most popular and prescribed over the counter sleeping pills contain active substance, called Diphenhydramine (citrate or hydrochloride). You can buy such kind sleeping pills in the USA, under the brand name Advil PM and Aleve PM. In addition to Diphenhydramine, these sleeping aids contain Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium respectively.

It is possible that in your country Diphenhydramine over the counter sleeping pills are available under some other names. For example, in the USA, over 20 pharmaceutical companies gained the FDA license to sell this drug over the years.

The owners of the marketing authorization for Advil PM and Aleve PM are Pfizer and Bayer Healthcare companies. The drugs come in the form of tablets or capsules for oral intake.

Diphenhydramine over the counter soporific drug should be taken 30-60 minutes before sleep. The dosage of sleeping pills should be individually adjusted, according to needs and reactions of a person. The drug can react with alcohol and other CNS stimulants.

Diphenhydramine sleeping pills provide relaxing effect, which makes you feel sleepy. The drug can cause however, undesired sleepiness in the morning. To avoid this sleepy feeling and other side effects of Diphenhydramine, do not increase the recommended dose.

There are several antihistamine sleeping pills that are similar to Diphenhydramine by the effect. If you have slight seeping disorders, the doctor can recommend to use Diphenhydramine over the counter sleeping pills.

If you do not know what sleeping aids are best for you, consult a pharmacist. You can buy over the counter sleeping pills and use consultation of a pharmacist on online pharmacies. Before ordering the drug, make sure you have checked the delivery and payment methods.