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Testosterone replacement therapy

Men with diagnosed Testosterone deficiency are prescribed with Testosterone replacement therapy. To increase Testosterone levels, drugs containing Testosterone or drugs containing Testosterone derivatives can be used.

In prolonged use of drugs increasing Testosterone levels, severe side effects may occur. Therefore, Testosterone replacement therapy should be a short.

The price of Testosterone replacement therapy depends on a type of used drugs and duration of their use. Drugs with powerful anabolic effect are more expensive than drugs with middle and low anabolic effect.

When using powerful anabolic drugs, Testosterone levels in the body are increased very quickly. However, a rapid increase of Testosterone level may contribute to severe side effects.

Therefore, drugs with moderate anabolic, androgenic and anti-catabolic effects are most often used for Testosterone replacement therapy.

For Testosterone replacement therapy, a doctor can write out a prescription for injectable, oral, transdermal or topical anabolic steroid.

Before receiving the prescription for anabolic steroid, medical examination is required to make sure that benefits of Testosterone replacement therapy exceed potential health risks.

  • What drugs can be used for Testosterone replacement therapy?

One of the FDA-approved synthetic derivatives of Testosterone is Oxandrolone. At the U.S. pharmacies, you can find oral tablets containing 2.5 and 10mg of anabolic agent – Oxandrolone. When Oxandrolone tablets used regularly within several months, Testosterone level in the body is normalized.

Simultaneously with the restoration of normal Testosterone level, Oxandrolone inhibits secretory functions of the hypothalamus, thereby suppressing the production of natural Testosterone.

After Oxandrolone cancellation, Testosterone level in the body will begin to decline. Therefore, just a few months after Oxandrolone use, repeated Testosterone replacement therapy can be required.

Oxandrolone can be prescribed for Testosterone replacement therapy in adolescents over 13 years old, adults and elderly. The daily dose and frequency of using Oxandrolone depend on the patient’s age and severity of androgen deficiency symptoms. If Oxandrolone was prescribed to a child, the duration of a course of Testosterone replacement therapy should not exceed 6 months.

Besides Oxandrolone-containing drugs, drugs containing Testosterone, Testosterone ester, or Testosterone esters blend can be prescribed for Testosterone replacement therapy.

These drugs are commercial available as buccal tablet, oral capsules, transdermal patch, solution for intramuscular injections.

Indications of most Testosterone-containing drugs are identical. Thus, the choice of Testosterone dosage form depends on general health, features of the disease and preferences of the patient.

In addition, individual reaction of the body and mode of Testosterone administration affect the choice of drug for Testosterone replacement therapy.

  • If oral capsules or buccal tablets are used for Testosterone replacement therapy, gastrointestinal side effects may occur. Therefore, it is better to prescribe transdermal patch or injectable anabolic steroid containing Testosterone in patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • In repeated administration of Testosterone intramuscular injections, inflammation of soft tissues, pain and discomfort may appear at the place of solution administration. In this case, discuss with your doctor the possibility to replace the injectable solution by oral or transdermal forms of Testosterone.
  • When transdermal patch regularly used, irritation, redness and itching may occur on the skin. If Testosterone patch causes severe skin side effects, it should be replaced by alternative drugs approved for Testosterone replacement therapy.

If you want to buy a drug for Testosterone replacement therapy at low price, you can find cheap Testosterone-containing drugs on online pharmacies. Before you purchase drugs for Testosterone replacement therapy online no RX, make sure that you have no contraindications to them.

Testosterone pills

Oral pills containing Testosterone are produced by dozens of pharmaceutical companies all over the world. To buy Testosterone pills, you need a prescription. However, some pharmacies propose to buy Testosterone pills without prescription.

Prior to buy Testosterone pills at pharmacy, make sure they can be delivered to your country. In some countries, the import of Testosterone-containing drugs is restricted. Therefore, you cannot buy Testosterone pills online in these countries.

At pharmacy chains and online pharmacies, Testosterone pills are available under the original brand names or a generic name – Testosterone. You will find a brief information about Testosterone pills in this review.

  • Buy Testosterone pills in the United Kingdom (UK)

There are two suppliers of Testosterone pills on the UK market; these are OPD Laboratories Ltd and Urology Company Ltd. The OPD Laboratories Ltd supplies Testosterone pills, produced by N.V Organon Oss Holland to the UK. These Testosterone pills are sold under the trade name Restandol in the UK.

Each Restandol (Testosterone) pill contains 40mg of Testosterone undecanoate. Undecanoate is an ester, which improves the bioavailability of Testosterone and which anabolic and anti-catabolic effects last for long time.

Urology Company Ltd supplies to the UK market pills, containing 30mg of Testosterone. At retail, these tablets are available under the trade name Striant SR. Just as Restandol, Striant SR pills are prescribed for therapy of diseases, caused by Testosterone shortage in the body.

  • Buy Testosterone pills in the United States of America (USA)

You can buy Striant (Testosterone) pills not only in NZ, but also in the USA. The supplier of Striant pills on the U.S. market is Auxilium Pharmaceuticals. In the USA, Striant pills have been used to increase Testosterone levels since 2003.

Striant pills by Auxilium are the only Testosterone pills, available at the U.S. pharmacies in 2015. As alternative to Testosterone pills, the U.S. doctors use transdermal systems, solutions for injections and gels, containing Testosterone. Each of the listed Testosterone forms has advantages and disadvantages over Testosterone pills.

  • Buy Testosterone pills in New Zealand (NZ)

Merck Sharp & Dohme is one of the distributors of Testosterone pills in New Zealand. This company commercializes Testosterone pills under the trade name Andriol. Each Andriol pill contains Testosterone undecylate 40mg. Undecylate is an ester that increases the bioavailability of Testosterone as well as undecanoate does.

The following companies are indicated as co-manufacturers of Andriol (Testosterone) pills: NV Organon, Pharbil Waltrop GmbH, Aspen Oss B.V, Catalent France Beinheim SA. The marketing authorization for Andriol pills in NZ was issued in November 2011.

In addition to Merck Sharp & Dohme, the NZ distributor of Testosterone pills is Actavis New Zealand Limited. This company supplies to NZ market the pills, containing Testosterone undecylate 40mg. You can buy these pills under the trade name Testosterone Actavis.

The following companies are indicated as co-manufacturers of Testosterone Actavis pills: Pharmascience Inc, Steroid S.P.A., Procaps S.A., Douglas Manufacturing Ltd. and Pendopharm Inc. The product license for Testosterone Actavis pills was issued in September 2009.

It must be noted that Testosterone Actavis pills are not the only Testosterone pills that are delivered by Merck Sharp & Dohme to New Zealand market. The same company commercializes Testosterone pills under the trade name Panteston).

Buy Testosterone pills in Australia (AU)

Merck Sharp & Dohme is the only Australian distributor of Testosterone pills in 2015. Testosterone pills by Merck Sharp & Dohme are sold under the trade name Andriol not only in NZ, but also in Australia.

The lack of competition on Australian pharmaceutical market of peroral Testosterone-based drugs is caused by the fact that the duration of anabolic effect of injectable and transdermal Testosterone forms is higher than of oral pills. Therefore, the efficiency of Testosterone pills is lower than the efficiency of injectable, transdermal and topical anabolic steroids.

If you decide to buy Testosterone pills without prescription, but you have never taken them before, you may ask your questions on Testosterone-containing drugs over phone or by email. If Testosterone pills are contraindicated to you, discuss with the doctor or a pharmacist the possibility to change Testosterone pills to their over-the-counter analogues.

If the doctor prescribed you the anabolic therapy and you want to find cheap Testosterone pills on online pharmacy, learn the delivery and payment terms before buying Testosterone pills online. When you buy Testosterone pills for the entire anabolic treatment course, you may compensate your costs for postal services.

Testosterone levels

To increase Testosterone levels, topical creams and gels, solutions for injections, oral tablets and capsules can be used. The rate of increasing Testosterone level depends on the mode of administration and dosage of Testosterone-containing drug.

  • Testosterone-containing gels

Dozens of gels containing Testosterone are available at the international market. You can buy these gels under the trade names: Androgel, Androlon, Androtop, Fortesta, Fortigel, Testim, Testogel, Testotop, Tostran, Vogelxo. These gels are used to increase Testosterone levels in men with congenital or acquired hypogonadism.

When using topical forms of Testosterone, circulating testosterone levels can be increased up to 300 – 1000 ng / dL. These are normal levels of Testosterone for healthy man.

Within two hours after applying Testosterone topical gel to the skin, refrain from bathing and showering. If you wash off Testosterone gel earlier than 2 hours after the application, Testosterone levels will not rise to the normal range.

Testosterone gel does not cause an excessive increase in Testosterone level and overdose. Therefore, the severity of side effects does not depend on the frequency of use and the daily dose of Testosterone gel.

  • Testosterone-containing solutions for injections

Despite the fact that Testosterone solution for injections is administered deep in the muscle, Testosterone levels in the body are increased gradually after the injections.

In the production of injectable steroids providing a prolonged anabolic effect, Testosterone ester or a combination of different Testosterone esters are used.

The uniqueness of esters is that they prevent a rapid absorption of Testosterone into the bloodstream, thereby not allowing a sharp increase of Testosterone levels in the blood plasma, tissues and organs. To increase Testosterone levels, different Testosterone esters can be used, such as:

  • Testosterone cipionate
  • Testosterone decanoate
  • Testosterone enantate
  • Testosterone heptylate
  • Testosterone isocaproate
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone undecanoate
  • Testosterone undecylate

It is possible to increase Testosterone levels by means of various solutions for injections. You can buy Testosterone-containing solutions for injections under the trademarks Androtardyl, Aveed, Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone, Nebido, PMS-Testosterone, Primoteston Depot, Reandron, Steri-Vial, Sustanon, Testex, Testosterone Depot, Testoviron Depot, Virormone.

Many of these drugs are used only in veterinary medicine or animal husbandry. Solutions for injections containing Testosterone can be prescribed only to men with Testosterone deficiency. In some countries, Testosterone solution for injections is prescribed to stop the progression of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Often, injectable anabolic drugs are used to increase Testosterone levels not for its intended purpose. High Testosterone levels in the body promote a rapid growth of muscle mass and muscle size. Thus, some athletes use Testosterone-containing solutions as doping.

Testosterone use as doping is prohibited. Therefore, if excessive Testosterone levels are detected in the blood, urine or hair of the athlete after doping test, he can be fined and disqualified.

Testosterone levels can also be increased without using Testosterone-containing drugs. Thus, professional athletes and their coaches should know:

  • What foods increase Testosterone levels
  • What bodybuilding supplements can affect Testosterone levels
  • How Testosterone levels are changed during intensive physical loads
  • How to control Testosterone levels in the body
  • How rapidly to increase Testosterone levels
  • How to avoid a sharp decrease of Testosterone levels
  • How often to check Testosterone levels
  • What symptoms occur in sharp increase or decrease of Testosterone levels

It should be noted that very low Testosterone levels are as dangerous to health as very high Testosterone levels.

  • Testosterone deficiency in a man’s body is a risk factor for infertility, erectile dysfunction and other pathologies requiring anabolic therapy.
  • Abnormally high Testosterone levels in the man’s body can be a risk factor for developing benign prostatic hyperplasia, hypertension, hematological disorders and other side effects, requiring immediate withdrawal of Testosterone-containing drug.

To increase Testosterone levels, in addition to solution for injections and gel, you can use: Striant SR buccal tablets, Testopel subcutaneous implants, Androderm transdermal delivery systems, Intrinsa, Livensa, Testostopatch, Testostopoise, Restandol oral capsules, Andriol, Arrow-Testosterone, Panteston, PMS-Testosterone, Taro- Testosterone, Undestor.

If you want to buy a drug to increase Testosterone levels in the body but have never taken Testosterone-containing drugs, make sure that they are not contraindicated to you.

If you decide to buy a drug to increase Testosterone level online without a prescription, make sure that powerful anabolic steroids can be delivered to your country before making the order.

Testosterone booster

Different bodybuilding supplements, including testosterone boosters can be used to enhance athletic performance. Over-the-counter testosterone boosters include non-steroidal active ingredients that stimulate the secretion of Testosterone in the body.

Extracts of plants containing steroidal saponins are used to produce effective and safe testosterone boosters. In regular use of testosterone booster containing steroidal saponins, Testosterone level in the body increases and its anabolic and anti-catabolic effects are intensified.

  • Exerting an anabolic effect, testosterone booster increases muscle size, muscle strength and muscular endurance.
  • Exerting an anti-catabolic effect, testosterone booster prevents the protein destruction in muscle tissue, thereby providing a rapid muscle restoration after intensive physical loads.

The higher concentration of steroidal saponins in testosterone booster, the higher the level of its anabolic activity. To rapidly enhance athletic performance, use a testosterone booster containing at least 35%-45% of steroidal saponins.

Natural testosterone boosters do not cause androgen side effects, so both men and women can use it. It is also important the fact that steroidal saponins contained in testosterone booster are not doping. Therefore, a natural testosterone booster can be used to prepare to serious sport competitions.

It should be noted that testosterone booster might include amino acid complexes, vitamins and minerals as additional active ingredients.

  • The advantage of testosterone booster containing a few active ingredients is that in addition to anabolic effect, it can burn fats, increase muscle energy, strengthen joints and ligaments, as well as exert other effects.
  • The disadvantage of a combined testosterone booster is that it contains fixed doses of additional ingredients. Therefore, choosing a combined testosterone booster, an athlete will not be able to control by himself the dose of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other bodybuilding nutrients.

Sports preparation of an athlete should be conducted on an individual plan. Therefore, the frequency of use and dosage of testosterone booster should correspond to a set goal.

By choosing a testosterone booster with a relatively high level of anabolic activity, the frequency of administration will not exceed two times per day. To make up the optimal dosing regimen of testosterone booster, consult a professional athlete.

Those, who decide to buy a testosterone booster online but have never taken OTC analogs of anabolic steroids, can get a qualified advice from a professional athlete by phone or email.

Potential buyers of bodybuilding supplements have the opportunity not only to buy a testosterone booster online without a prescription, but also to get a bodybuilder’s consultation in any country of the world.

Natural testosterone booster is the only safe alternative to steroid drugs containing minimal, average or high doses of Testosterone synthetic analog.

By using testosterone booster or any other OTC analogs of anabolic steroids, athletes and bodybuilders can significantly increase their muscle energy, strength and endurance without exposing their health to serious risk.

If you want to buy a cheap testosterone booster but do not know what analog of anabolic steroid to give preference, ask all your questions by phone or email.

When choosing a testosterone booster, pay attention not only to its price, but also to its feedbacks. You can find real feedbacks about testosterone booster on different forums, as well as online stores of sports nutrition.

If you are already taking a bodybuilding supplement stimulating Testosterone synthesis in the body, you can leave your comment about the testosterone booster and thereby help other athletes to make the right choice.

If you decide to buy a new bodybuilding supplement but have never bought OTC analogs of steroid hormones, make sure that this testosterone booster can be delivered to your region before making the order.

Pay your attention to the fact that when buying several packages of testosterone booster online, you can get a discount and recoup your costs of postal services

Low testosterone symptoms

Due to occurrence and development of some diseases, the release of Testosterone may decrease in male and female body. In order to determine Testosterone levels in the body, a medical examination is required.

If Testosterone deficiency was diagnosed after a comprehensive medical examination, a doctor may prescribe hormonal replacement therapy. The duration of hormonal replacement therapy depends on the severity of the disease symptoms, caused by low Testosterone in the blood plasma.

In men, low Testosterone symptoms are stronger than in women. Most often, reduced production of Testosterone in the male body occurs in mature or elderly age.

The most common low Testosterone symptoms in men are poor libido and erectile dysfunction. In addition to changed libido and poor erection, low Testosterone in the male body may cause infertility.

A negative impact of Testosterone deficiency on male sexual function is caused by that Testosterone is the main hormone, regulating male reproductive function.

It often happens that low Testosterone symptoms in men manifest as: low muscle strength and stamina. These symptoms occur because Testosterone slows down the anabolic processes in the muscle tissue.


Testosterone levels in the body of a healthy woman are ten times lower than in the male body. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to determine the presence of absence of low testosterone symptoms in woman before doing the blood test.


As well as in men, the most common low Testosterone symptoms in women are the following: reduced physical activity (due to reduced muscle strength and stamina) and poor libido. Low testosterone symptoms in women are weakly pronounced. Therefore, they cause no serious psychological or physical discomfort.


The most severe low Testosterone symptoms occur in childhood. Because of violated production of Testosterone, the growth and development of a child slows down.


Early diagnosis of low Testosterone in childhood allows to start a hormonal replacement therapy timely and to normalize the physiological growth of a child.


Having noticed the first low Testosterone symptoms, man should consult a doctor. To increase Testosterone levels in the body, the doctor may prescribe the treatment course, consisting of hormonal replacing therapy and other measures.


To restore normal Testosterone levels in the body, doctor may recommend using a synthetic analogue of Testosterone or steroid hormones that are Testosterone derivatives (including Nandrolone Decanoate, Deca-Durabolin and Retabolil).


In childhood, such anabolic steroids are used with caution and under a doctor’s supervision only. Regardless of a patient’s age, the duration of anabolic therapy must never exceed two months.


Often, Testosterone-containing drugs and their generic versions are used even in the absence of low Testosterone symptoms. The risk group of abusing anabolic steroids includes men and women, who want to increase the muscles size and their muscle endurance by means of Testosterone.


People, who use injectable or peroral anabolic steroids without low Testosterone symptoms may develop some severe pathologies, many of which require a long-term treatment.


When the body synthesizes enough Testosterone, anabolic steroids may cause:


  • Premature sexual development – in boys and lads.
  • Oligospermia and spontaneous, painful erections in men.
  • Hair growth on the face and body, as well as clitoromegaly in women (large clitoris).


These are not all the side effects that may occur in athletes and bodybuilders, using anabolic steroids off-label. With low Testosterone symptoms, in order to increase the muscle sizes men should use only legal steroid supplements, stimulating production of Testosterone without side effects.


Please note that this review contains just a few symptoms that may occur due to low Testosterone levels in the male, female or a child’s body.


If you want to get more information on low Testosterone symptoms, please consult a professional medical worker.


If you were diagnosed low Testosterone symptoms and prescribed anabolic steroids, you may find cheap Testosterone-containing drugs on online pharmacies.


If you do not have low Testosterone symptoms and you are looking for some alternative to Testosterone-based medications, you may find legal steroid supplements on sports nutrition online store.



How to increase testosterone

Beginners and professional athletes know that to rapidly achieve the maximum athletic performance, it is necessary to maintain a high level of Testosterone in the body. However, not every athlete knows how to increase testosterone without harming to the health.

To understand how to increase testosterone, it is necessary to know what processes promote the regulation of Testosterone in the body. The main stimulator of Testosterone secretion is luteinizing hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland and regulated by the hypothalamus.

In the morning, the rate of luteinizing hormone secretion is higher than in the evening. Therefore, in the morning, Testosterone levels are increased to the maximum but in the evening – are reduced to the minimum. In any hypothalamus or pituitary dysfunction, the rate of luteinizing hormone secretion is significantly reduced, and Testosterone production slows down.

The reason for reducing Testosterone level can also be a decrease in the metabolic activity of enzymes stimulating the synthesis of androgen hormones in the testes. When reducing the activity of enzymes, Testosterone production is suppressed and its bioavailability is significantly reduced.

Reasons for reducing Testosterone level can be congenital and acquired. Regardless of the cause of Testosterone deficiency, it is possible to increase its levels in the body in several ways.

  • If the reduction of Testosterone level is caused by serious diseases or chronic pathology (such as obesity, metabolic syndrome), anabolic therapy will be required in order to increase Testosterone level.
  • If a gradual decrease in Testosterone level is caused by improper diet, excessive exercise or unhealthy lifestyle, Testosterone levels can be increased without hormone replacement therapy.

If you want to know how quickly to increase testosterone levels, find the reviews of Testosterone-containing drugs or reviews of drugs that affect Testosterone levels in the body.

Some of the most known anabolic steroids regulating Testosterone level are Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Trenbolone, Nandrolone, Methandrostenolone, Boldenone, Clenbuterol, and Oxymetholone. These anabolic drugs are available for sale under different trademarks.

Note that just some of the listed drugs can be prescribed to people. The vast majority of anabolic steroids are used only in veterinary and animal breeding.

  • How to increase Testosterone safely without anabolic steroids?

Synthetic analogues of steroid hormones may cause severe and irreversible side effects. The higher the androgenic activity level of anabolic steroid, the higher the risk of unwanted adverse reactions.

To increase Testosterone level without using Testosterone-containing drugs, dietary supplements available for sale no prescription can be used. Dietary supplements, promoting Testosterone increase, include only natural active ingredients. By their means, it is possible gradually to increase Testosterone level avoiding health risks.

  • How do over-the-counter dietary supplements increase Testosterone levels?

OTC testosterone boosters include steroidal saponins that stimulate the production of androgenic hormones, Testosterone as well. By affecting physiological and biological functions regulating androgens secretion, steroidal saponins increase Testosterone levels without causing any side effects.

High concentrations of steroidal saponins are contained in extracts made from certain plant species. The concentration of steroidal saponins in dietary supplements may vary from 5 to 50%. The higher the concentration of steroidal saponins, the more intensive the process of Testosterone production in the body.

Testosterone is a natural anabolic increasing the muscle strength and endurance. Therefore, dietary supplements containing high concentrations of steroidal saponins are widely used to rapidly increase athletic performance.

Muscle size and muscular endurance are significantly increased only while using natural stimulants of Testosterone production within 2-3 months.

Herewith, the duration of using OTC bodybuilding supplements increasing Testosterone is unlimited. So, to achieve and to maintain the maximum athletic performance, natural stimulants of Testosterone production can be used within several years.

«How to increase testosterone»? It is one of the most popular questions asked by beginning athletes. If you want to get more information how to increase testosterone, please, ask all your questions by phone or email.

Before buying bodybuilding supplements online, you can find out not only how to increase testosterone in the body, but also what sport nutrition helps to maintain the achieved result.

Testosterone Pills for Men

All to Know About Testosterone Pills for Men

Testosterone pills for the treatment of different sexual disorders in males are commonly prescribed by healthcare providers in a case a person needs to fulfill the insufficient amount of the steroid hormone testosterone.  Let’s consider the main properties and advantages of using testosterone pills for men.

Basic information about testosterone pills for men

Testosterone is an androgen steroids synthesized in the body of men and women. In men, testosterone body performs multiple functions, one of those is to influence the sexual activity of men.

Testosterone deficiency in the male body causes low libido and erectile dysfunction leading to complete lack of sexual desire and impotence. Also low testosterone levels impact on But the first symptoms of testosterone deficiency is chronic fatigue and lack of physical activity.

Men with testosterone deficiency are prescribed with androgen replacement therapy, the daily intake of therapeutic doses of testosterone. To cure severe androgen insufficiency, doctors prescribe the injection-therapy in general. But if testosterone imbalance is minor or mild in the man’s body, in this case testosterone pills for men can be assigned.

Before using testosterone pills for men at first a person has to make sure that the androgen insufficiency symptoms were caused by the lack of testosterone. To confirm the presumptive diagnosis, one must pass laboratory and diagnostic tests. Only after determining the levels of testosterone, confirming the diagnosis of androgen insufficiency, a doctor may prescribe an optimal dose of testosterone pills for males.

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Basic information about Testosterone Pills

Testosterone pills are prescribed to treat diseases, arising due to the insufficient amount of steroid hormone testosterone in the body of adult men. Children and teenagers under 18 years old are allowed to take Testosterone pills in rare cases. Women are contraindicated to take Testosterone pills. As for the elderly men, they are prescribed with minimal daily doses of Testosterone pills.

Indications for use of Testosterone pills

Men over 18 years old should take Testosterone pills for the treatment of hypogonadism, consequences of which are:

*  endocrinal erectile dysfunction;

*  low libido and decreased sexual activity;

*  violation of spermatogenesis and male infertility.

Testosterone pills can be prescribed for the treatment of both primary and secondary hypogonadism. But in case the androgen insufficiency is among the causes of osteoporosis, Testosterone pills are included into combination therapy of this multifactor disease.

Contraindications for use of Testosterone pills

Suspected or confirmed breast and prostate carcinoma are among the few contraindications for Testosterone pills. Those men, who were diagnosed with hypersensitivity to the steroid hormone Testosterone, should never take Testosterone pills.

Side effects of oral Testosterone pills

If testosterone is taken in therapeutic doses, it rarely causes side effects. The most common Testosterone side effect is oily stool. However, this side effect occurs in less than 10% of men, taking Testosterone pills.

More rarely, Testosterone pills provoke nausea. But if patient does not respect the prescribed dose regime, Testosterone pills can cause vomiting. In case Testosterone pills caused vomiting, this states for an overdose, which requires an immediate gastric lavage.

Recommended dose regime for Testosterone pills

*  When Testosterone pills are taken with food, their androgenic effect increases. Therefore Testosterone pills are recommended to be taken with or soon after meals.

*  The first 14-21 days after the onset of androgenic therapy, the daily dose of Testosterone pills may vary from 120mg to 160mg.

*  In 2-3 weeks after patient started to take Testosterone pills, the daily dose of steroid hormone can be reduced up to 40-120mg.

*  In order to maintain the androgenic effect within 24 hours, Testosterone pills have to be taken 2 times a day, with 12 hours interval.

*  Man should not chew, crush or break the Testosterone pills. Damaged shell of Testosterone pills, worsens their pharmacodynamic and therapeutic properties.

Testosterone pills on regional pharmaceutical markets

* The USA pharmaceutical market offers buccal Testosterone pills (manufacturer Columbia Laboratories, Inc.) that are available under the trade name Striant (the FDA approved in June, 2003).

*  The manufacturer (supplier) of oral pills Testosterone on Canadian pharmaceutical market, is Merck Canada, Inc. In Canada, Testosterone pills are available under the trade name Andriol (approved by the Health Canada in December, 1992).

*  Producers (suppliers) of Testosterone pills in NZ are two pharmaceutical companies: Arrow Pharmaceuticals and Merck Sharp & Dohme. In NZ, Testosterone pills are available under the trade names Arrow – Testosterone, Andriol Testocaps and Panteston Testocaps. The first Testosterone pills were approved by Medsafe in July, 1981.

Recommendations for use of Testosterone pills

Androgenic hormone testosterone affects the activity of some drugs. So and other drugs can increase or decrease the androgenic effect of testosterone.

That is why one should carefully learn the information on drug interactions, before adding Testosterone pills into the combination therapy. Particular attention must be paid to those men, who are taking:

*  immunosuppressants (like Cyclosporine) ;

*  antidiabetic drugs (like insulin).

About Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is an androgen steroid, synthesized in the body of men and women. In men’s body testosterone performs multiple functions, one of them is to affect the men’s sexual activity. Testosterone deficiency in the male body may cause low libido and erectile dysfunction. But the first symptoms of testosterone deficiency becomes chronic fatigue and lack of physical activity.

Men with the lack of testosterone are prescribed with androgen replacement therapy, involving daily intake of therapeutic doses of testosterone. To cure severe androgen insufficiency, doctors prescribe the injection therapy as a rule. But if testosterone imbalance is minor or mild in the man’s body, he might be prescribed with oral pills Testosterone.

Before starting to take Testosterone pills, man must make sure the androgen insufficiency symptoms were caused by the lack of testosterone. So, to confirm the presumptive diagnosis, man might need to pass laboratory and diagnostic tests. Only after determining testosterone levels, confirming the diagnosis of androgen insufficiency, doctor can prescribe an optimal dose of Testosterone.

Regardless of the prescribed dose, Testosterone pills must be taken twice daily. Time interval between two doses of Testosterone pill, must be 12 hours minimum. Men should never chew or crush oral and buccal Testosterone pills before taking them.

*  Given that food increases testosterone bioavailability, one should better take Testosterone oral pills with food.

* Buccal pills Testosterone melt in the mouth bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, thus time of use does not depend on time of meals.

Side effects of Testosterone pills

*  The most common side effect of buccal Testosterone pills, is irritation of the mouth mucosa. Rarely buccal Testosterone pills cause bitter taste in the mouth, gum pain or tenderness and headache.

*  The most common side effect of oral Testosterone pills, is greasy stool. Rarely men, taking Testosterone pills, feel nauseous.

However, Testosterone pills side effects are slightly pronounced in men, who take them. It means that man doesn’t have to stop the androgen therapy once he noticed these side effects. With overdose, Testosterone side effects may intensify, so in order to lessen them, doctors prescribe a symptomatic treatment.

Recommendations for use of Testosterone pills

Before taking buccal Testosterone pills, it is recommended to wash the mouth cavity and brush teeth, if it’s possible. Man should place the buccal Testosterone pills just above the incisor tooth.

Androgen hormones (including Testosterone) can stimulate the growth of cancer tumor in the prostate gland. The risk of prostate cancer increases with men’s age. Thus elderly men should be careful with Testosterone pills.

Despite the fact that alcohol have no effect on the concentration of androgenic hormones in the male body, it is better to refuse from alcohol beverages, while taking Testosterone pills. Alcohol can increase the dissolving rate of Testosterone pill cover and thereby increase the probability of side effects.

Testosterone anabolic steroid is contraindicated for women. Therefore Testosterone pills cannot be prescribed for women with confirmed androgenic insufficiency, caused by the lack of testosterone.

Testosterone recommendations for use.

*  Patients, taking Testosterone pills, may suffer from swelling. Therefore men, who have water retention in the body before they start to take Testosterone pills, might need individual adjustment of Testosterone daily dose for androgenic therapy.

*  If Testosterone pills are prescribed for pediatric patients or adolescents in pubertal period, their use must be carried out under permanent control of the physician.

*  Long-term use of Testosterone pills involves regular control of the size and consistency of the prostate gland in adult men.

*  Barbiturates (Butabarbital, Pentobarbital, Secobarbital) can change the concentration of Testosterone in the blood. Hence before starting the treatment with Testosterone pills along with barbiturates, one should consult a health professional.

*  Testosterone pills can can negative effect on kidneys. Therefore the risk of renal failure increases, if Testosterone pills are taken with other drugs that affect renal function (for example, Cyclosporine immunosuppressant).

*  During the period patient is taking Testosterone pills, peripheral tissues may develop tolerance to glucose. So if Testosterone pills are prescribed for men with diabetes, they might need to reduce the daily dose of antidiabetic drugs and (or) insulin.