If you are looking for a long-acting anabolic steroid, buy Methenole-E. Today Methenole-E is used by many athletes to become muscular and stronger.

Methenole-E is an injectable drug with moderate anabolic effect. After administration into the muscle, this anabolic very slowly enters the bloodstream. Due to slow absorption, a stable concentration of the anabolic in the blood plasma is provided.

The main advantages of prolonged anabolic action of Methenole-E are as follows:

  • increase in body size;
  • stable growth of muscle mass;
  • improved physical performance;
  • decreased subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Methenole-E is used as an effective tool to improve physique. However, this anabolic has a disadvantage because of which beginners do not like to use it.

The main disadvantage of Methenole-E is painful injections. Despite painful injections, more and more novice and professional athletes are seeking to buy Methenole-E.

Given that injectable anabolic Methenole-E is not often administered, painful injections are not very big disadvantage.

  • Methenole-E dose from 400 mg to 700 mg is usually administered once a week.
  • Higher doses can be divided into two intakes per week, at approximately the same intervals.

Methenole-E is not only effective, but also safe anabolic steroid. Unlike other injectable forms of anabolic steroids, Methenole-E is not toxic, and does not adversely affect the liver.

Methenole-E is usually used for up to 8 weeks. Longer use or excessive doses may increase risks of side effects, such as decrease in testosterone production, aggressiveness, irritability or sleep problems.

Given that Methenole-E has moderate anabolic effect, it is often used in combination with other bodybuilding drugs, for example with testosterone. During combined use, Methenole-E dose is usually reduced.

Methenole-E is one of the most popular injectable anabolic steroids, but it is hardly available in all countries of the world. If anabolics are not sold at your nearest pharmacies, you can buy Methenole-E online.

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