To date, Nandrolone is one of the most popular anabolic steroids used to build muscle mass. Despite about 50-year history of use in bodybuilding, athletes still have the opportunity to buy Nandrolone and use it for increasing sports performance.

Like all anabolic steroids, Nandrolone is a derivative of testosterone. Its anabolic effect is much more pronounced than androgenic one. High anabolic potential of Nandrolone increases rate of muscle gain in minimal androgenic effect (masculinization, virilization).

During steroid use, a significant increase in weight occurs. However, under the influence of Nandrolone, muscle mass, rather than fatty deposits increases. Anabolic action is manifested by activation of regeneration process in the epithelium (integumentary and glandular) of muscle tissue as a result of stimulation of protein synthesis and structural components of cells.

Besides muscle mass building, one more advantage of Nandrolone is an increase in bone mineral density and lumbar vertebrae. Strong bones are important for strength training and reduction of loads on tissues and internal organs. Increased bone density achieved by means of Nandrolone helps reduce a risk of injury during training.

Besides increasing testosterone level, therapeutic effect of Nandrolone is associated with:

  • increased red blood cells;
  • improved blood supply to the muscles;
  • increased ability of muscles to digest protein.

Nandrolone is an injectable steroid, each ampule of which contains 25, 50, 100 and 250 mg of the active ingredient. To increase sports performance, it is sufficient to use 200 mg of Nandrolone twice a week, for example, on Tuesdays and Fridays for novice athletes. Gain in muscle mass and increase in physical strength occur both in regular and in intermittent workouts.

An experienced athlete, who has already achieved progress in fat burning and muscle building, can buy Nandrolone and take 600-800 mg per week. Doses over 1 g of Nandrolone do not lead to increase in anabolic activity of this steroid, but increase a risk of side effects.

Since this anabolic has long half-life, decay products of active metabolites can be detected in the blood plasma several months after the last use. Therefore, those athletes who buy Nandrolone should not use it directly before competitions, since chances to get a negative doping test result are sharply reduced.

Combined use with other steroids will minimize undesirable reactions that may occur when using Nandrolone. For example, use of Proviron or Dianabol helps to reduce effect of aromatization that may rarely occur during anabolic use.

Advantages of Nandrolone for increasing sports performance:

  • does not cause hyperarousal or delayed spermatogenesis;
  • is less hepatotoxic than other anabolic steroids;
  • removes excess water from the body and prevents formation of edema.

Nandrolone does not cause serious side effects when observing dosage and recommendations for use. In very rare cases, the athlete may experience heartburn, impaired appetite, vomiting, burning sensation on the tongue, or redness of the face. However, side effects occur only in men sensitive to anabolic effect, and quickly go away.

Women rarely use this steroid, fearing of androgenic side effects. However, when following the recommended doses, androgenic effect (e.g., virilization) is rarely observed. Therefore, women can safely buy Nandrolone and use it to build endurance and physical strength.

To reduce the risk of androgenic side effects, women should use no more than 200 mg of Nandrolone per week. If side effects (deepening of voice, body hair growth and others) occur, the steroid dose should be reduced up to 100-50 mg per week.

Since it is impossible to find this anabolic steroid in regular stores, an athlete can buy Nandrolone online. This building muscle drug is sold on many online pharmacies. The person has the opportunity to compare prices, order and submit a delivery issue notification of Nandrolone to home or office.

In addition, some online pharmacies provide the opportunity to receive trial steroid for free. That is, if an athlete doubts quality or effectiveness of Nandrolone, he can get an ampoule for free and check the anabolic effect.