Oxandrolone is included in a list of the mildest anabolic steroids. It helps to build muscles, so it enjoys great popularity among bodybuilders and athletes. Learn about influence of Oxandrolone on muscle tissue.

This steroid hormone for accelerating growth of muscle mass is sold in two oral dosage forms:

  • suspension: 30 mg;
  • tablets: 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg or 2.5 mg.

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Oxandrolone promotes muscle growth and gaining weight without getting fat. This steroid is widely used in sports and medicine to quickly obtain strong muscles or restore the original body weight.

Oxandrolone helps to compensate for protein breakdown and quickly gain muscle mass after treating severe conditions, including:

  • Turner syndrome;
  • chronic malnutrition;
  • growth of hormone deficiency;
  • liver failure;
  • acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Athletes and bodybuilders use Oxandrolone to rapidly increase muscle size, shape and definition. It has a mild anabolic effect and high safety profile. Therefore, female athletes or models often use this steroid to build a bikini figure.

To date, this anabolic hormone is sold by prescription only. However, if you have the Internet at your fingertips, you can buy Oxandrolone online without a prescription. On some online pharmacies, you can order free delivery of this steroid for muscle growth directly to your office or home.

Oxandrolone tablets or oral suspension helps to build an athletic body for about 6 weeks of regular use. Dosing schedules of this steroid for different sexes differ:

  • the minimal daily dose of Oxandrolone to create a bikini figure in women makes 10 mg;
  • to get beautiful strong muscles, men take more than 20 mg of this mild anabolic per day.

If necessary, titration of the daily dose of Oxandrolone should be done gradually so that the body can adapt to the change in hormones balance. The dose of this anabolic should be increased by no more than 5 mg once every two days.

If a course of Oxandrolone is not enough to increase muscle mass, it can be repeated. The minimal interval between two courses of this steroid hormone for muscle growth makes 3 weeks.

To maximize growth of muscle tissue, Oxandrolone can be taken together with other steroids, for example Metenolone, Drostanolone or Stanozolol.

This anabolic steroid can interact with anticoagulants, adrenocorticotropic hormones or hypoglycemic drugs. Therefore, during concomitant use of Oxandrolone with Corticotropin, Metformin, or Warfarin, a dose of one of these drugs may need to be adjusted.

Oxandrolone rarely causes adverse reactions when used in average effective doses. A list of common adverse reactions of this anabolic include:

  • insomnia
  • excitation
  • change in libido
  • decrease in glucose tolerance

In high doses, this steroid hormone may cause acne, alopecia, oligospermia, or menstrual irregularity. Oxandrolone causes mild side effects that quickly pass after completion of its use.

Oxandrolone is contraindicated in severe hepatic diseases, diabetes, breast or prostate tumors, kidney inflammation, and ischemic heart disease.

You can ask a pharmacist additional questions about use of this anabolic during purchase of Oxandrolone at your local pharmacy.

In addition to its high safety profile, Oxandrolone has also other advantages over most steroid hormones. For example, it promotes a rapid burning of belly and / or visceral fat.

Oxandrolone helps to quickly reduce body fat and get a beautiful athletic body. Therefore, many athletes, models, actors and bodybuilders take this mild steroid before competition or photo shoot.

Due to its high safety profile and efficiency when increasing muscle mass, today this anabolic is one of the most used and sold.

In different countries, you can buy Oxandrolone under various names, for example:

  • under the brand name Oxandrin – in the USA;
  • under the nonproprietary name Oxandrolone – in any country;
  • under the brand Anavar – in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and in EU countries.

The pharmaceutical companies Gemini Labs, Upsher Smith, Sandoz, Roxane, and Par Pharm own the rights to manufacture and / or distribute this anabolic steroid on the international market.

Price on Oxandrolone tablets can be high for athletes who need large doses of this steroid for muscle growth. To save money, buy this anabolic in the form of oral suspension.

Some online pharmacies offer discounts on Oxandrolone purchase. Discount coupons make this mild steroid more affordable for most athletes and bodybuilders.