Injection steroid Tritren is one of the most popular anabolics in bodybuilding for a long time already. Advanced bodybuilders and powerlifters buy Tritren, as the drug contributes to the development of a number of effects that are significant for the athletes:

  • facilitate optimal fat burning;
  • quick and pronounced muscle growth;
  • marked increase in strength and body weight;
  • increased libido throughout the course.

Tritren effectively inhibits catabolic processes and speeds up the anabolism processes at the same time. During the course, an athlete can gain more than 5 kg of lean muscle mass. Tritren reduces the level of cortisol in the blood and significantly increases the production of the growth hormone.

The composition of Tritren includes just three esters of the popular anabolic steroid Trenbolone:

  • Trenbolone Acetate (50 mg/ml).
  • Trenbolone Enanthate (50 mg/ml).
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (100 mg/ml).

A unique blend of Trenbolone esters exerts a powerful and long-lasting anabolic effect. Tritren has a high androgenic activity, as well.

This feature contributes to the wide use of Tritren in bodybuilders, as well as athletes who often use anabolic, but in slightly smaller doses.

Athletes, who are going to buy Tritren for the first time, should be aware of the fact that the duration of the steroid course may be up to 14 days or more. Therefore, the dose of Tritren should be selected carefully to avoid overdosing and side effects.

Risks of serious side effects exist during the course of this anabolic. For this reason, Tritren is recommended to be taken with caution by beginner athletes.

As a rule, Tritren is used in bodybuilding by experienced athletes, who already completed several courses of less severe steroid drugs. Since Tritren has a high risk of virilization effects, this drug is not recommended for women.

Tritren is supplied only in the injection form. You can buy Tritren in 10 ml vials that contain a mixture of Trenbolone esters in the form of injectable oil. Before the introduction of a steroid, it is recommended that you carefully examine the color and consistency of the oily solution.

Trenbolone esters can crystallize when stored for a long time. To redissolve the crystals, vial can be slightly heated or vigorously shaken several times.

The recommended dose of Tritren for men can range from 300 mg to 400 mg once a week. The dose is sometimes divided into two equal doses and administered on different days. The duration of the course should not exceed 6 weeks.

If you adhere to the recommended Tritren doses and the course duration, the effect of the steroid on liver function is very small. Hepatotoxicity increases simultaneously with an increase in Tritren dose used.

Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions for the product and elaborate the details on the dosage regimen before buying Tritren.

It is worth noting that Tritren is not often used as a solo course. To obtain an increase in the anabolic effect, the drug is mostly combined with other oral steroids.

There is no single answer which other steroids should be used to combine with Tritren. It depends on the individual steroid tolerability and experience of the athlete.

Often, during the bulking phase, bodybuilders combine Tritren with oral Oxandrolone or Stanozolol. This combination helps to quickly gain high-quality lean muscle mass and get rid of excess fluid in the body.

If you want to buy Tritren to combine with other steroids, you should be cautious. In a combined course, the effects of steroids can enhance and cause outbreaks of aggressiveness and increased nervous excitability.

Decreased libido and severe hair loss are also noted quite frequently. Tamoxifen or Clomiphene can be used to mitigate the side effects of Tritren and to go through a recovery course after discontinuing the steroids.

It is recommended to buy Tritren in specialized online stores. Find out which stores are most trusted by experienced bodybuilders. Go to the websites of several stores and get acquainted with the opinion of buyers about the quality of the products offered.

If most of the reviews are positive and the steroid manufacturer creates a feeling of confidence in you, it increases the chance to quickly and safely buy high-quality Tritren.