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Birth Control Medications List: Hormonal Oral Contraceptives

The key priority of modern medicine during development of new birth control medication list is taking care of your women’s reproductive health, her protection and promotion of safe motherhood. It is not secret that USA takes one of the first places where women prefer to do abortion than give a birth. It’s used be that abortion was only a surgery that like any other surgery could be very dangerous for a woman. To prevent any harm to your body it is better to prevent abortion and unwanted pregnancy at all by using quality birth control medications.

Current medicine offers a variety of contraceptive methods, and a woman can always choose what methods and medications to use to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The decision on the choice of contraceptive methods or birth control medications preferably has to be proved by your doctor. Only a qualified professional can assess the health status of women, to determine the indications of a contraceptive method, offer the best birth control medication from the list of all existing birth control pills.

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Birth controls that make you lose weight

Birth controls that make you lose weight

Contraceptive tablets are the most demanded and reliable contraception means, providing almost 100% of birth control. In clinical practice contraceptives have been used for over 50 years. Large number of birth control pills are represented at the pharmaceutical market today. What kind of birth control pills to choose with minimal side effects and maximum efficiency?

Women, taking contraceptive tablets for birth control believe that hormonal contraceptives increase a risk of weight gain. However, specialists say that last generation of birth control pills contain a minimum amount of hormones and have a high degree of safety.

Moreover, modern contraceptive tablets provide birth control, stabilize menstrual cycle, reduce bleeding during heavy menstruation and degree of pain. In addition, use of modern oral contraceptives prevents some diseases. For example, contraceptive tablets reduce the frequency of pelvic organs inflammation and reduce the risk of endometrium and ovarian tumors. In clinical practice hormonal contraceptives are also prescribed for the prevention and treatment of benign tumors of the breast.

However, despite many advantages of modern contraceptives, it is not recommended to take birth control pills by yourself. When choosing oral contraceptive, individual features of female body are taken into account, including woman’s age, character of menstrual cycle and possible diseases of reproductive system of female body. Reaction of female body to contraceptive tablets is purely individual and the risk of side effects is also different. Therefore, contraceptive tablets without a risk for the body should be prescribed by a doctor, according to the results of diagnostic tests.

The most prescribed modern contraceptive drugs are: Ortho Tri-Cyclen; Estrostep; Yaz; Previfem; Yasmin; Loestrin 24 Fe; Microgestin Fe. All modern hormonal contraceptives contain analogs of estrogen and progesterone, produced by the female body. Birth control is provided due to the fact that estrogen and progesterone slow down the process of ovum maturation. Herewith, progesterone stimulates the release of viscous mucus, which prevents the sperm penetration into the egg.

Contraceptive tablets should be taken on a calendar type. Namely, starting from the first day of the menstrual cycle, a woman takes birth control tablets for 21 days. For the next 7 days the use of birth control pills is stopped. At this time, uterine mucosa abruption occurs and menstrual bleeding starts. After seven days, the use of birth control pills should be resumed. Use of hormonal pills is resumed even if menstrual bleeding has not been terminated.

Thus, birth control pills should be taken regularly for birth control. Contraceptive tablets should be taken strictly under the scheme. If a woman skips the pill for more than one day, pregnancy may occur. However, the rest contraceptive tablets should be taken not to disturb the existing menstrual cycle.

One of the contraceptives side effects is a change in body weight. Use of contraceptive tablets may provoke as reduction, so increase of body weight. All depends on individual features of the body. However it is recommended to control the amount of consumed food and salt to keep body weight in the initial position when taking birth control pills. Salt retains fluid in the the body that can cause a feeling of weight gain.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect contraceptive drug which can suit every women. However, the times when hormonal contraceptives caused a lot of side effects, including weight gain went away. Modern oral contraceptives have undergone major changes, now they contain a minimum amount of hormones. Therefore, a risk of weight gain is minimum.

In addition, modern contraceptive tablets not only exclude the risk of weight gain but on the contrary help to reduce body weight in some cases. Birth control pills also restore the balance of female and male hormones in the body. Correct hormonal balance in the female body reduces the abundant hair growth on a woman’s body, caused by increased level of male hormones (androgens). It should be noted that contraceptives regulate the function of sebaceous glands, so the face is cleared of acne when using them regularly.

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Birth control pills that help acne

Birth control pills that help acne

Acne is a disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, characterized by chronic inflammation. Acne makes the sebaceous glands to produce excessive amount of secretion, blocking the hair follicles of sebaceous ducts. As a result pathogenic flora is formed on the skin, creating favorable environment for multiplication of bacteria and developing local inflammatory process.

Acne can be of different severity and may cause not just physical but psychological discomfort. Appearance associated complexes hinder active social life and cause severe depression. Therefore acne is not just some sort of cosmetic drawback, but a complex problem, which requires medical intervention. Methods of acne treatment may vary, depending on gender of a patient. For instance, to improve state of skin in women, it is recommended to use birth control pills.

Birth control pills that help acne are the following: Ortho Tri-Cyclen; Estrostep and Yaz. Today these are the three drugs that are approved by the FDA not just as birth control pills, but also as pills for acne treatment. Different birth control pills contain derivatives of two female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. Herewith doses of estrogen and progesterone vary according to the type of birth control pills.

How exactly do birth control pills help to get rid of acne?

To understand how birth control pills help to get rid of acne, you should know that hormonal imbalance is one of the common causes of acne. The truth is that not only the male body can produce male hormones, but female body as well. In prepubertal period androgens are especially active, since it is natural change of hormonal balance, associated with puberty.

Male sexual hormones affect many processes in the body, as for example occurrence of acne. The thing is that androgens stimulate the growth of cells of the sebaceous glands, responsible for production of sebum. As a result, sebaceous glands produce larger amount of sebum with more dense and sticky texture. Therefore many people suffer from acne in adolescence. Little by little the hormonal level becomes normal and acne disappears. But in some cases, the skin inflammation doesn’t go away.

The reason why acne appear in women during postpubertal period is hormonal imbalance most of all, the state when the body produces more androgens than necessary. Birth control pills contain female sex hormones. Getting into the body, estrogen and progesterone both inhibit the release of androgens. Now, because the amount of male sexual hormones becomes lower, their stimulating effect on the production of sebum decreases too. Thus this helps to eliminate one cause of acne formation, providing healthy skin.

In addition, acne and pimples often occur in premenstrual cycle. It is caused by the fact that steroid hormone levels are increased at the last phase of menstrual cycle. Usually acne arises on the chin zone. In this zone sebaceous glands are especially sensitive to hormonal changes. Thus birth control pills help to reduce premenstrual activity of testosterone, thereby preventing inflammations on the skin during this period.

Birth control pills for acne treatment

Ortho Tri-Cyclen contains progestational compound Norgestimate and estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. Combination of ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate has inhibition effect on testosterone production and at the same time increases the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Depending on the dosage of birth control pills, Ortho Tri-Cyclen contains 0.180mg, 0.215mg or 0.250mg of norgestimate. While the dose of ethinyl estradiol in any Ortho Tri-Cyclen pill is 0.035mg.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen is prescribed for the treatment of moderate acne vulgaris in female patients of 15 years old and older, as well as for prevention of pregnancy. Unlike different birth control pills, (Estrostep and Yaz), Ortho Tri-Cyclen is used in pediatric patients for preservation of bone mineral density, associated with anorexia.

Other birth control pills are known as Estrostep, which active substances are called norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol. Unlike Ortho Tri-Cyclen, ethinyl estradiol dose can vary in Estrostep. It is 20mcg, 30mcg or 35mcg in each tablet. Dosage of norethindrone is stable – 1mg. Estrostep is recommended as birth control means and also as drug to cure acne in patients over 15 years old.

The active substance in Yaz drug is synthetic progestational compound drospirenone and estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. The dose of drospirenone in every tablet of Yaz is 3mg, but the dose of ethinyl estradiol is 0.030mg. Just as different birth control pills (Estrostep and Ortho Tri-Cyclen), Yaz increases the levels of female sex hormones and reduces the androgens activity in the body.
How do we choose birth control pills that help acne?

Doctor can help to choose appropriate birth control pills that help acne. In order to define the levels of testosterone in the body to adjust a proper treatment course, medical worker takes blood test. Also women should pass gynecological examination. After these procedures, doctor can surely determine what drug to choose.
So that birth control pills can help to get rid of acne, a long-term drug therapy (6 months and more) is required. As a rule, significant changes of the skin tone occur within 4 months of using the birth control pills.

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Birth controls that don’t cause weight gain

Birth controls that don’t cause weight gain

Birth control pills are designed for oral intake, being used to prevent unwanted pregnancy in women of reproductive age. Birth control pills contain synthetic analogues of natural hormones: progestational compound and estrogenic compound. Birth control pills block the maturation of oocyte that is ready for fertilization (ovulation). Although birth control pills provide good protection from pregnancy, some women avoid to take them, because they are afraid that birth control pills cause weight gain. But modern medications rarely cause this side effect.

How can birth control pills cause weight gain?

The first oral birth control pills appeared in the middle of the 20th century, called Enovid. These birth control pills were in great demand, very effective and convenient to use. However, Enovid have caused side effects: nausea, skin rash, change of biochemical indices of blood and weight gain. Since that time people started to think that hormonal contraceptives would necessarily provoke weight gain. Still, the reason of Enovid side effects was only the fact that this drug contained high amount of hormones, including estrogen and progestational hormones.

Estrogen stimulates work of adrenal glands, contributing to delay of fluid and accumulation of salts in the body, thereby increasing the body weight. Therefore birth control pills that contain high doses of estrogen, can cause the delay of water in the body and edemas. Weight gain is a dose-dependent factor. According to clinical trials, birth control pills containing up to 30mg of estrogen, have no impact on weight gain. Those pills that contain 50mg estrogen and more, may cause delay of liquid and weight gain, yet only 1 to 3 kg.

Birth control pills with high concentration of estrogen indirectly contribute to the increasing of appetite. Sometimes estrogens can increase the insulin levels, thereby forming resistance to its action. Symptoms of this state, are: increased appetite, strong thirst and weight gain. However, the insulin resistance arises mostly in those women, who have had high levels of blood glucose before the use of birth control pills. Therefore if woman is having weight gain of over 5% a year when taking birth control pills (despite the fact she is on diet), this might be the symptom of type 2 diabetes.

Types of birth control pills

Because estrogen levels influence on body mass, birth control pills that don’t cause weight gain are pills with minimal of estrogenic compound (ethinyl estradiol). For example, such pills as Microgynon, Yaz and Loestrin. All these three medications are produced in several dosages, containing ethinyl estradiol 20mcg or 30mcg, depending on the pharmaceutical form. Women, who are afraid to gain weight, should choose pills with minimal amount of ethinyl estradiol (20mcg). Birth control pills with low estrogenic compound are recommended for young women, who have never given birth before. It is also recommended for those women, who use hormonal birth control method for the first time.

Birth control pills with average amount of estrogenic compound rarely cause weight gain as a rule. For instance, Cilest and Ortho Tri-Cyclen (ethinyl estradiol dose is 35mcg). These tablets are often prescribed for women, who have already given birth.

Theoretically, high estrogen containing pills may cause weight gain. This kind of pills are mostly prescribed for treatment of hormonal diseases, yet can be used as birth control means. For example: Milvane, Non-Ovlon or Triquilar. Herewith Milvane and Triquilar contain 40mcg of ethinyl estradiol, while Non-Ovlon contains 50mcg.

How do we choose birth control pills that don’t cause weight gain?

Unlike Enovid, all the other birth control pills contain safe hormones, therefore they cause no serious side effects. As a matter of fact, it is not true that all the women always have weight gain when taking any modern birth control pills. In most cases it is not the hormone dosage that contributes to weight gain, but the body’s sensitivity to the effect of the drug.

Some women take birth control pills with small amount of hormones, but still have side effects: headache, rash, edema and weight gain. The others take tablets, containing larger dose of hormones, yet they feel no discomfort, on contrary their body weight even decreases. So, if birth control pills provoke unwanted side effects, it means that this drug just doesn’t suit the woman.

Doctor can help to choose birth control pills that don’t cause weight gain. Medical specialist should take blood test for hormones and distinguish if patient has any allergic reactions or chronic diseases, which make the use of birth control pills undesirable. These are for instance, cholecystitis, thromboembolism and malignant tumors (cancer). Thus, birth control pills are not recommended to women, who smoke during lactation. Usually, if birth control pills are properly chosen, they never cause weight gain, nor other adverse reactions.

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Emotional problems

Emotional problems, such as forgetfulness and inability to concentrate, worrying, irritability, depression, are definitely associated with significant decrease in estrogen level in the woman’s organism. Estrogens stimulate informative activity, adaptation to different conditions, in other words, interest to a life. And only you can decide your preferences: to take all available measures to prolong your youth or leave this process. It is evident that the positive relation to these changes in your organism is very important. An optimum method to get rid of your worrying is to understand the matter of physiological changes in you. Try to learn about all possible symptoms of menopause and all other questions worrying you.

Urogenital symptoms are appeared in the bladder tissues, urethra, and genital muscles. Estrogens support sufficient blood flow into these organs, and are responsible for their normal function. Deficiency of estrogen leads to atrophy changes in tissues, and consequently, to the problems with urination, position and function of genitals.

Change of skin and hair state is caused by the same reason: decrease in estrogen level. It is not a secret that women at this age have the dry skin: after menopause collagen, the structural basis of the tissues providing the skin with elasticity, is exposed to age changes.

Diseases of heart and vessels are the most common diseases among both men, and women. However, it is interesting that a number of women under age of menopause suffering from cardiovascular diseases is lower than men. With coming menopause, decrease in estrogen level is experienced and this ratio is equal. It is evident that estrogens are characterized by the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease development.

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The reasons and menopause symptoms

A woman above 45-50 years goes into an autumn of her life. Problems with health appearing at this stage of the life are described by a known word: menopause. The most of women believe that menopause symptoms are the same for every woman. However, it is actually not like this. Every woman tolerates menopause in her own way. The main and most frequent symptoms of menopause are hot flushes, night hyperhidrosis, sleeplessness, palpitation, irritability, and depression, overfatigue, memory impairment, and changed sexual desire. These symptoms are experienced by 9 of 10 women. Other problems include urinary incontinence, heartache, and back pain, and women, as a rule, do not associate these symptoms with ovaries failure and estrogen deficiency as they are observed later in several years after the termination of menstruation.

It should be noted that all symptoms of these problems are caused by decrease in estrogen level.

Early symptoms are generally apparent and associated with coming menopause:

– hot flushes and hyperhidrosis
– headaches
– high arterial pressure
– palpitation
– irritability and anxiety
– depression
– forgetfulness and inattention
– change in sexual drive
– sleepiness
– decrease in work capacity
The most evident symptom of coming menopause is various menstrual cycle disorders, such as lengthening or shortening of interval between menstruations, or uterine bleedings, making the women seek medical assistance. However, about 5 % of women experience menstruation termination without any symptoms.

Vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flushes, dizziness, palpitation or hyperhidrosis are experienced by over half of women during this period. Feelings can be different in different women, quite often they may vary in the same woman. Hot flushes are observed as waves of heat accompanied by blush and rise in body temperature. If hot flushes are experienced in the night, interrupted sleep makes a woman feel tired.

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Definitions and terms

The period when the ovaries failure process is observed, menstruation stops, and the body experiences other stage, is named menopause. Conditionally, this period can be divided into the following stages: transition to menopause: premenopause, menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. To avoid any confusion, let’s specify these terms.


Premenopause is the period from the first menstruation to their termination. Duration of this period is several years, typically – 30-35 years. The menopause can be defined only when absent menstruation is observed for one year at least. Menopause is considered to be a kind of boundary between premenopause and postmenopause. The age of menopause depends on a number of follicles in the ovaries. Typically, women experience menopause between 50 and 55 years of age.


Perimenopause includes the period from the beginning of menstrual cycle disorder, menopause and 2 years after the last menstruation. During this period the health state is significantly changed, due to change in hormonal parameters. The most of women feel decrease in work capacity, mood swing, and hot flushes. Menstruations are getting irregular and stop. However, sometimes a regular menstruation cycle is observed after a long absence.


Postmenopause is the long period of the woman’s life from the termination of menstruation. However, the situations when the age of menopause significantly differs from an average are experienced very often. Early menopause means the termination of menstruation at age under 45 years that is caused by the hereditary factors or by certain health problems.

Late menopause is continuing menstruation at age above 55 years, it can be either a normal state, or a disease symptom. To examine this state, you have to consult the doctor is.

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Female reproductive system

Activity of female reproductive system is controlled by sex glands: ovaries produced the female sex hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. Influence of sex hormones is evident in the development of so-called secondary sexual character: constitution, breast, typical female hair pattern.

Hypothalamus and a hypophysis in the central nervous system of the brain serve as the centre regulating ovaries function. Ovaries are the main source of sex hormones in the woman’s body. Anatomically, in ovaries two layers can be defined: external with the follicles, and internal. Follicles contain ovocyte. A quantity of female sex cells starting from the teenage age of the girl is gradually decreased. Maturing of ovocyte is accompanied by significant growth of the sex hormones produced mainly in the active follicle. Such changes characterizing the process of preparation for pregnancy can be observed monthly. If the pregnancy does not happen, the menstruation starts, meaning the beginning of a new monthly cycle.

Every menstrual cycle begins from the development of 20-50 follicles containing ovocyte in the ovary. The largest, or dominant follicle can be defined among growing follicles by 8-9th day from the beginning of menstruation. A dominant follicle continues growing and thus depresses other follicles development. The ovocyte grows in a dominant follicle. In a growing follicle, estrogens, female sex hormones, such as estradiol (most active), estrone and estriol are produced. This stage of the cycle is called as follicular. Estradiol content is quickly increased at this stage, reaching the maximum a day before ovulation. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, the dominant follicle releases an ovocyte, this process is called ovulation.

Ovulation causes passing to the following stage of the menstrual cycle, lutein, or the yellow body phase. The yellow body produces other female sex hormone, progesterone.

The yellow body life is 12-14 days and if pregnancy does not happen, by the end of lutein stage, the yellow body stops to function.

Hormones of ovaries (estrogen and progesterone), penetrating into blood, affect the whole organism, providing correct development of genitals, increase in breast, female constitution, voice timbre, and other things.

When the most of follicles is spent, a woman loses ability to conception and menstruation stops. Accordingly, the cyclic fluctuations of sex hormones are stopped and, consequently, level is decreased.

A woman has been menstruating for 30-35 years during her life. The last menstruation, as a rule, is observed at 50-52 years of age. However, this stage may be experienced at 45 or even 35 years of age.

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Hormones are chemical agents, transmitters among different tissues of our organism. Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands. For example, sex hormones are produced mainly by ovaries and in insignificant quantity by adrenal glands. Hormones penetrate in the blood and make a targeted organ start its function activity or stop its work. The blood contains a large quantity of various biologically active agents at the same time, however, different hormones find their targeted organs. How it is going on?

There is a unique mode of action for all hormones, allowing them to know the targeted organs: hormones communicate with the specific albuminous molecules in the tissues, then penetrate into cells, and that means the process is started. It is interesting that each hormone has own specific protein-receptor.

So, this system works on the lock-and-key principle where the hormones are keys, and the receptors are locks. It is evident that if any hormones are not produced in an organism, corresponding “locks” could not be opened anymore and activity of this hormone-dependable organ will be decreased. For example, the estrogen receptors (female sex hormones) are situated practically in all tissues and organs, including the skin and the brain, thence, when sufficient quantity of estrogens is not synthesized not only genitals organs are changed, but other bodies. Ovaries are responsible for normal function of the female reproductive system.

However, ovaries activity is subordinated to the influence of hypophysis hormones, follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones. The coordinated work of hypophysis and ovaries is fulfilled on the principle of negative feedback, that means the low sex hormones level leads to making ovaries to produce more hypophyseal hormones (follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones level is increased). Consequently, the sufficient estrogen level is accompanied by decrease in follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones.

As we have already known that ovarian failure leads to deficiency of estrogens, we can assume that in menopause level of these hypophyseal hormones will be significantly increased. This fact for the doctors is important since it allows to find out that menstruation stops because of lack of follicles indicating at menopause, or certain diseases. We stop our explanation at this point because we do not study diseases here.

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Coming menopause period

Coming menopause period is a qualitatively new stage of every woman’s life. The slow decrease in ovaries function is experienced after 35 years of age, a number of anovulatory cycles is increased, but till about 45 years of age all these changes remain invisible for women. The further decrease in level of female sex hormones produced by the ovaries leads to abnormal menstrual cycle, changing in duration. Delays of menstruation are getting more often and at last, they stop, and this means menopause.

Besides an evident affecting menstrual function, sex hormones affect practically all other tissues. Deficiency of the sex hormones produced by the ovaries leads to appearance of typical symptoms. Nine of ten women during this period observe changes in health state. It is not only hot flushes known to most of people. Typical symptoms of the menopause period are psychological discomfort, irritability, sleep disorders, changed sexual inclination, autonomic neuropathy symptoms: night hyperhidrosis, palpitation, high arterial pressure; changes, typical for atrophic processes: skin flabbiness, dry vagina, urinary incontinence, and fat tissues redistribution. Many women feel confused by coming changes.

At the first sight, the following late symptoms of menopause, such as coronary disease, osteoporosis, and degenerative changes of the central nervous system, are not so evident effect of deficiency of hormones, and observed in 10-15 years. So, to find out the reason of variety and diversity of menopause symptoms, we have to learn about endocrine system and hormones and reproductive system function.

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