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Testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate is a substitute for natural hormone testosterone, which is produced by testes and adrenal glands. Testosterone propionate provides a quick androgenic effect and it is used to normalize hormone level in the body.

On the average 6.5 mg of testosterone is produced per day in healthy adult men. If level of this hormone is less than 4 mg per day, metabolic and androgenic disorders (hypogonadism) can start to develop in the body.

Testosterone propionate, androgen of fast acting is prescribed to manage the following states in men:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Delay in development of the male phenotype

Testosterone propionate is also prescribed to manage unilateral and bilateral breast cancer in women. Use of this medication helps to counteract androgenic pathologies in women.

How to take testosterone propionate?

The results of replacement therapy with testosterone propionate depend on the frequency of the medication use. To improve the hormonal balance in adult men, it is necessary to administer intramuscularly 50 mg of testosterone propionate 3-4 times in 10 days.

For development of androgen-dependent organs and systems of the body, it is necessary to administer intramuscularly 50 mg testosterone propionate at an interval of 7 days. During maintenance therapy, the dosage can be decreased.

The recommended dosing schedule for women with unilateral and bilateral breast cancer is 100 mg of testosterone propionate 3-4 times in 10 days. Depending on the therapeutic response, lengthening the dosing interval can be recommended.

Testosterone propionate: adverse reactions

Testosterone propionate is a non-toxic medication, which rarely causes adverse reactions and overdose, even when using high doses. However, excessive use of testosterone propionate increases the risk of masculine development in women.

Patients using testosterone propionate may experience such side effects as bad mood, a strong growth of body hair, loss of hair on the head, fluid accumulation in the body, weight gain, fatigue, abdominal pain and unwanted erection.

During using fast-acting androgen testosterone propionate, men can experience pain and other problems with the prostate gland (very rarely).

More information

Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting synthetic hormone derived from plant compounds. Addition of propionate improves time of androgen action and optimizes the half-life.

Testosterone propionate acts faster than testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. This medication is intramuscularly administered more often than other testosterone compounds that allows better to control androgen level in the blood.

How is testosterone propionate supplied?

Pale yellow testosterone propionate solution for intramuscular injections is available for sale in single-use vials (1 and 2 ml) and reusable glass bottles (10 mL).

Concentration of testosterone propionate solution makes 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml. Price of testosterone propionate depends on the solution concentration, package size and wholesale price of the androgen manufacturer.

If you want to buy testosterone propionate in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and India, pay attention that many androgens except propionate contain other forms of testosterone. Indications for such drugs are identical; however, pharmacokinetic properties may differ.

Testosterone gel

Modern and practical form of androgen therapy is use of testosterone gel. This is a relatively new opportunity of the treatment, which provides a stable hormone level.

Testosterone gel is used to manage delay of puberty and hypogonadism in men. The recommended schedule of gel use is once every 24 hours.

The gel application in the morning imitates the natural rhythm of testosterone secretion. Even if the body has completely lost the ability to produce testosterone, the gel is an effective substitute.

Testosterone gel penetrates the skin and increases testosterone level. Advantages of using testosterone gel are as follows:

  • Androgen level in the blood normalizes within 24 hours
  • A stable testosterone level is achieved and maintained in the second and subsequent days
  • Androgen therapy can be discontinued at any time
  • The gel can be applied at home, work or while traveling

At the beginning of androgen therapy, 5 gram of gel (1%) per day should be applied on the skin. This quantity of the gel contains 50 mg of testosterone. Typically, testosterone gel is sold in tubes containing one dose.

During hypogonadism treatment and delayed puberty, testosterone level has to be regularly checked, especially at the beginning of treatment. If the therapeutic effect is absent or is low, the daily dosage should be doubled.

Areas of skin to which the gel is applied should be closed from contact with other people. If sexual intercourse is planned or other possibility of contact with the skin areas, gel residues should be thoroughly washed.

Testosterone gel does not pose any serious health risks and does not cause addiction or overdose. In rare cases, testosterone gel causes adverse reactions that are mostly characterized by androgenic activity of the drug.

While using testosterone gel, side effects may include pain in the head and neck, facial flushing, rapid change in mood, violation of quality and duration of sleep, reduced ability to smell and frequent erections.

Testosterone patch is an alternative to the gel and is used to treat the same disorders. Patches are glued to the skin quickly, so their use is easier and more convenient than the conventional gel.

If you do not know what to buy testosterone patch or testosterone gel, pay attention to their prices. Androgen therapy can be prolonged, so the price of one dose of testosterone has a significant impact on the overall cost of the treatment. In general, the price of testosterone gel is lower than that of testosterone patches.

Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is a medication for intramuscular administration used for androgen therapy. Testosterone enanthate is designed to manage congenital or acquired conditions associated with deficiency of testosterone secretion (hypogonadism).

Low level of testosterone in the blood plasma may occur in patients of different ages. This pathology leads to unpleasant androgenic, metabolic and other consequences. Testosterone enanthate helps to get rid of various signs of hypogonadism, such as:

  • Infertility
  • Deterioration of libido
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Delayed puberty
  • Deterioration of bone mineralization

If hypogonadism is diagnosed before male puberty, treatment with testosterone enanthate is necessary for development of secondary sexual characteristics. In general, these patients have a family history of delay of appearance of male sexual characteristics.

Hypogonadism is often develops in elderly men, especially with abdominal obesity. Testosterone enanthate is prescribed to adult men to normalize hormone level, as well as to improve the quality of life, well-being and sexual function.

How to take Testosterone enanthate?

Testosterone enanthate is oily solution made from powder. The solution should be administered in the gluteal muscle immediately after filling the syringe. Slow administration of the solution prevents pain and discomfort.

The recommended dosage of testosterone enanthate is prescribed depending on the patient’s age, response to the treatment and severity of hypogonadism symptoms. During androgen therapy, testosterone level has to be periodically checked and depending on the results, the dosage should be adjusted.

To speed up the puberty, 50 to 250mg of testosterone enanthate should be administered once in 14 to 28 days. If testosterone enanthate is prescribed to stimulate development of androgen-dependent organs, the recommended duration of use makes up to six months.

During maintenance androgen therapy, the frequency of testosterone enanthate administration in the gluteal muscle can be reduced to once every 6 weeks according to individual requirements.

Intramuscular administration of testosterone enanthate more often than once in 14 days is rarely prescribed. Long-acting testosterone enanthate drug has a high half-life, so the total dose more than 400 mg within 30 days is not required.

Testosterone enanthate is important to take as often as required by androgen therapy. If a person forgets to take a regular dose of testosterone enanthate, the next dose should be taken as soon as possible. Do not take a double dose to make up the missed one.

Testosterone enanthate: adverse reactions

Side effects of testosterone enanthate include increased number of red blood cells, irritation at the injection site, weakness, temporary loss of consciousness, dizziness, abdominal pain, breast overdevelopment, increase or decrease in sexual desire, permanent erection and increase in blood lipid level.

Testosterone enanthate is a safe medication that does not cause toxicity after a single dose of high dose. Most side effects of testosterone enanthate are associated with androgenic activity of this medication and can appear after long-term treatment.

More information

Unlike other synthetic forms of testosterone, testosterone enanthate can also be prescribed to women. Testosterone enanthate is prescribed as a second line drug to counteract the estrogen activity, for example for breast cancer management.

It has long been proven that testosterone enanthate, as well as testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate cause nitrogen delay and increase protein anabolism. During testosterone enanthate use, anabolism will exceed catabolism only when necessary consumption of proteins and calories is provided.

Anabolic effect of testosterone enanthate is used by athletes to increase and maintain muscle mass. Herewith, they often use large doses of testosterone enanthate.

It should be noted that prolonged use of testosterone-containing drugs retains too much water and salt in soft tissues. This may cause swelling of the lower limbs.

How is testosterone enanthate supplied?

Normally, testosterone enanthate is supplied in the form of ready-made solution for injections in glass bottles of 10ml or vials of 1mg. Concentration of testosterone enanthate solution makes 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml.

People suffering from low level of hormones in the blood plasma or hypogonadism can buy testosterone enanthate in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, India and any other country of the world. Testosterone enanthate is a medicine, which has been used to manage low testosterone level more than 50 years and has proved its reliability.

Price of a single dose of testosterone enanthate is relatively low. In addition, androgens should not administered more than once in 14 days, so even long-term androgen therapy with testosterone enanthate does not cause significant costs.

Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic androgen, similar to natural testosterone. This drug is indicated for management of hypogonadism and other conditions associated with low testosterone level in men.

Testosterone is an essential hormone produced naturally in the body and plays a crucial role in development and maintenance of male sexual and reproductive functions. Symptoms of low testosterone may include:

  • Fatigue and indisposition
  • Decrease in the number of hair on the head and body
  • Loss of muscle strength and overall muscle mass
  • Gynecomastia – breast enlargement in men
  • Decrease in time of sexual intercourse

Testosterone cypionate has two different effects on the body. Androgenic effect of the drug develops secondary sexual characteristics and sexual organs. Anabolic effect of testosterone cypionate promotes formation and growth of muscle mass.

How to take Testosterone cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate is available for sale in the form of solution for injection. Solution of testosterone cypionate should be injected directly into muscle. During androgen therapy, testosterone level should be checked on a regular basis.

Testosterone cypionate drug is intended for treatment of low testosterone level in men older than 18 years. The initial recommended dosage is 50 to 200 mg of Testosterone cypionate once in 14 days. The maximum recommended dose is 400 mg of Testosterone cypionate every 2 weeks.

During androgen therapy, it is necessary to comply with the recommended dosing schedule. If intake of regular dose was missed, do not increase or take a double dose of testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone cypionate: adverse reactions

Side effects of testosterone cypionate are similar to side effects of other synthetic androgens (e.g., testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate). Side effects of Testosterone cypionate and other synthetic hormones usually result from their androgenic properties.

Adverse reactions of testosterone cypionate may include nausea, abdominal pain, prolonged erection, lack, decrease or increase of libido, deterioration of liver function, retention of water and salts in the body, increased appetite and insomnia.

Side effects may depend on the route of drug administration. Testosterone cypionate is intended for intramuscular injections, so pain and redness at the injection site may occur.

More information

Testosterone cypionate therapy is aimed at restoration of testosterone level in the blood plasma and reduction of symptoms of androgen deficiency. Purpose of using testosterone cypionate is to improve well-being, quality of life, muscle mass, bone strength and sexual function.

Hypogonadism is more common among elderly men with obesity or poor health. The advantages of using testosterone cypionate is normalization of body weight in people with underweight or overweight.

Despite the fact that testosterone cypionate is indicated for treatment of men with low testosterone level, many athletes use this drug to increase muscle mass. Testosterone cypionate is used in the sport for a long time, and not just by men.

Use of testosterone cypionate increases the body’s ability to retain nitrogen – material to build muscle. However, testosterone cypionate is a hormonal drug; therefore, its overuse or misuse may have a negative impact on human health.

How is testosterone cypionate supplied?

Commonly, testosterone cypionate is supplied in glass bottles containing up to 10 ml of solution. Concentration of testosterone cypionate solution is 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml.

Suppliers of testosterone cypionate in Canada are pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Sandoz and SteriMax. The US residents can buy testosterone cypionate by more than seven pharmaceutical companies.

Foods that increase testosterone

A healthy diet is the simplest and the most cost-effective way of natural testosterone increase. If food is well balanced by content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, it is possible not only to eliminate hormonal problems, but also to get ideal physique.

Food we eat is the main cause of decrease in testosterone level. If there is a need to increase natural production of testosterone, it is better to start with food, as the main factor of any person’s health.

Maintenance of healthy level of testosterone improves nitrogen balance, increases anabolism and decreases catabolism of proteins. If less than 3-4 mg of testosterone per day are produced in the body of a healthy man, the following risks are significantly increased:

  • Bad mood and depression
  • Delay in development of male phenotype
  • Infertility and libido deterioration
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Reduction of energy levels

Changes in the quality and quantity of consumed macro and micronutrients cause significant fluctuations in androgen level, including testosterone. Therefore, be careful when choosing any food source.

Foods rich in protein and with moderate amount of healthy fats will help to control testosterone level and to build muscles. Sugar and other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index produce the opposite effect on testosterone synthesis.

Cholesterol, proteins, testosterone

Foods that increase testosterone in men and women must contain cholesterol. Actually, testosterone production process cannot be completed without cholesterol participation. Therefore, organic eggs and other foods high in cholesterol are an obligatory element to maintain a normal level of testosterone.

Grass-fed beef is a testosterone-boosting super food. Organic beef contains a minimum amount of fats and has a high amount of zinc and protein. Zinc is an essential trace element necessary for successful synthesis of testosterone. Beef dishes should be consumed at least 2-3 times a week.

Chicken, turkey and other organic poultry are the main foods that increase the synthesis of testosterone. The ideal ratio of fats and proteins allows to consume poultry meat every day. The poultry skin contains harmful fats, so it is best to remove it.


Salmon, mackerel, perch, shrimp, tuna, crab, clams, anchovies, trout, oysters, herring and pollock are high in unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, vitamins A and E and a small amount of zinc. These trace elements play an important role in testosterone production.

Oysters are a leader among seafood that increase the level of testosterone. Consumption of a small portion of oysters ensures the daily intake of zinc.

Seafood steamed or baked at moderate heat treatment saves testosterone-boosting substances. Seafood cooked together with vegetables is a diet of full nutritional value.

Vegetables, fruits and berries

Substances contained in vegetables, fruits and berries neutralize action of many harmful substances. They contain iron, various vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that help to neutralize toxins.

Vegetables of the cruciferous family are superstar foods that increase testosterone. They contain natural indoles that inhibit activity of hormone estrogen. Synthesis of estrogen decreases testosterone level. A rich source of indoles are:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts

Cruciferous vegetables should be consumed as often as possible. Simple carbohydrates slow down testosterone synthesis, therefore fruits and berries should be chosen with a small content of sugar.

Fiber contained in vegetables, fruits and berries reduces the amount of sugar in the blood; hence, insulin level decreases. This, in its turn, increases effectiveness of testosterone.

Fresh vegetable food is more useful for testosterone increase than dried, frozen or canned. Grapefruits contain chemicals that reduce testosterone level, so its consumption should be limited.

When cooking food, which increases testosterone level, it is necessary to use a variety of herbs and spices. They neutralize effect of xenoestrogens that imitate effect of estrogens and decrease testosterone level.

The body’s ability to synthesize testosterone is a process inherent in human nature. The body will ensure a sufficient production of testosterone if the person provides his body with healthy and balanced nutrition.

Side effects of testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone (androgen), which plays important role in life of men and women. If testosterone is synthesized in the body in small amounts, it may cause different problems, for instance, in physical development of the body or in sexual function.

Medications, containing testosterone have been used in medical practice for years. Such drugs are considered effective and safe; therefore, they are approved by medical regulatory authorities of most countries of the world. In rare cases, testosterone-based drugs can cause side effects or other negative outcomes.

Often, side effects depend on the form of hormones in the particular drug. The U.S. FDA approved over 30 medications containing various forms of testosterone in different time; these are Cypionate, Undecanoate, Enanthate, and Propionate.

Side effects of testosterone in men

While using testosterone-containing drugs, men might have some side effects. Usually, frequency and severity of testosterone side effects depend on the age and overall health of male patients.

Testosterone affects all systems of the body and may cause some changes in their work. Sexual side effects of testosterone involve prolonged erections. Sometimes, men notice an increase in the tissue of the mammary gland.

Side effects of testosterone on skin are manifested as both excessive hairiness and hair loss. Often, redness of the skin and pimples occur. Testosterone retains salts and water in the body, which can increase the size of waist or other parts of the men’s body.

Gastrointestinal side effects of testosterone in men such as nausea occur rarely and usually liver dysfunction causes them. As for the CNS side effects of androgens, they show up as depression, changes in sexual drive and headache.

Side effects of testosterone in women

Typically, women use testosterone rarely than men, but sometimes they just have to. Women should be informed on possible side effects, like menstrual irregularities, deepening of the voice and excessive hairiness.

Side effects arise in women due to a long-term androgen therapy as a rule. Some negative reactions of testosterone are irreversible. Mainly, this fact is to be taken into account by women who use hormones to increase their athletic performance.

Testosterone is contraindicated for women, who can be or who are already pregnant. Using of steroids during pregnancy causes virilization of fetal genitals.

Pharmaceutical forms of testosterone

Side effects often depend on the pharmaceutical form of drugs. At the U.S. pharmacies, you can buy testosterone cream (gel), pills and injections. Pharmaceutical properties of testosterone for external use differ from injections properties; therefore, these forms might have different side effects as well.

Testosterone gel, as well as pills, may cause redness of the skin and frequent erections. Gel is indicated for external use, meaning the risk of the CNS, gastrointestinal and other side effects of testosterone is minimal.

If you want to use testosterone gel or cream, look for such medications as AndroGel, Fortesta and Testim at local pharmacies. American consumers can buy such forms of testosterone, produced by Endo Pharms, AbbVie and Auxilium Pharms.

Despite the fact that testosterone injections or pills increase the risk of adverse reactions, sometimes people need to use namely these drugs to cure certain pathologies and diseases.

In the USA, Testosterone pills (pellets, capsules or tablets) are available under the brand names Striant, Testred and Vogelxo. The owners of marketing authorization are such pharmaceutical companies as Auxilium, Valeant and Upsher Smith.

The advantage of testosterone injections is that they are used in minimal doses, which in fact can lower the risk of side effects of testosterone in some categories of patients. In addition, you can buy injectable testosterone in the USA under the following names – Vogelxo, Delatestryl, Depo-Testadiol and Ditate-Ds.

How do we reduce the risk of side effects of testosterone?

A self-increase of the dosage may cause side effects of testosterone, as well as testosterone overdose. If you were prescribed the pills, then you should better take them at the fixed time every day.

If you use testosterone in form of gel or cream, you should follow standard precaution measures – apply the drug on clean, undamaged areas of skin, wash your hands and avoid taking the shower or a bathtub within a few hours after application.

A combined use can cause unusual reaction. While using testosterone please do not take anticoagulants, corticosteroids, oxyphenbutazone, triamcinolone and insulin.

In order to reduce the risk of androgen side effects, first of all you should follow the recommended dose regimen. Please take the drug as it is said in the leaflet instruction or as recommended by your physician.

Sex hormones

Everybody heard the expression “sex hormones”, but few people know what it means. Sex hormones or sex steroids are biologically active substances, produced in the body by special organs or cells (endocrine glands) that provide a targeted impact on the activity of other organs and tissues.

Sex hormones functions help to control the reproductive system and vital processes of the body at all stages of development. Sex hormones stimulate the activity of genes, controlling the formation of gender, metabolism, height and tissue differentiation, adaptation to the environment, behavior and many other processes.

Excess or shortage of sex hormones in the human body leads to various pathologies and endocrine diseases. In order to determine the level of sex hormones, man should do medical tests, get the results and consult endocrinologist.

General recommendations before sex hormones test: quit smoking or consuming alcohol for a while and avoid heavy physical loads. All the listed factors can affect the test results. Moreover, the use of certain medications (first of all sex hormones, their generic versions and derivatives) may cause deviation of the actual indices.

According to definition of sex hormones, they include hormones, affecting the physiological regulation of the reproductive system. Such hormones as melatonin, regulating some other functions of the body can be included in the list of sex hormones as well.

Sex hormones are synthesized in sexual glands from organic compound, called cholesterol. Many stages of sex hormones synthesis coincide; therefore, certain types of male and female sex hormones are synthesized in both men and women.

Sex hormones typical for one sex are usually formed in lesser quantities and are not accumulated in endocrine cells. Biological meaning of this phenomenon is unknown yet.

Female sex hormones

Female sex steroids are divided into estrogens (estradiol, its derivatives – estrone and estriol) and progestins (progesterone) by chemical structure and physiological effect.

Molecules of estrogens have the same circular system as progesterone has. Such slight differences in chemical structure of the female sex hormones make a global difference in physiological functions of these compounds.

Estrogens are sex hormones that give female characteristics, helping to form sexual characteristics of the body, as well as develop sexual instinct, mental status and reproductive function in women. Estrogen induces the synthesis of specific proteins, responsible for characteristic metabolic paths, changes in growth and differentiation of cells.

The effect of progesterone sex hormones usually occurs after the impact of estrogens on the tissues and provides an inhibitory effect on some physiological processes in the female body.

Male sex hormones

There are three kinds of male sex hormones – testosterone, 5-α-dihydrotestosterone and androsterone. Male sex hormones have aromatic ring and are similar to progesterone by their composition.

Androgens sex hormones have high and a specific impact on different systems and tissues of the human body. Androgens increase the synthesis of proteins, structural lipids, polysaccharides, nucleic acids and provoke anabolic effect (a positive nitric balance in the body).

It was proven that anabolic effect of androgens sex hormones is stronger than the effect of estrogens. Positive nitric balance increases the synthesis of muscle proteins, growth of the muscle mass and development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.

Anabolic effect of androgens is used for creation and usage of synthetic analogues of sex hormones – anabolic steroids. The most interesting compounds are those that provide a significant anabolic effect, which can be 5-10 times higher than that of testosterone.

In fact, anabolic steroids are very popular today, due to their properties. However, we must not forget that overuse of synthetic sex hormones may cause side effects (for instance, headache or hairiness) and some irreversible changes, especially in female body.

Production and usage of sex hormones

Up to date, scientists developed many different methods of chemical synthesis of sex hormones. Androgens are also synthesized by extraction from endocrine glands of cattle. The latest developments allow to synthesize some hormones by using gene engineering.

Sex hormones are widely used to cure states caused by endocrine disorders, as well as to strengthen or to inhibit the function of glands. Steroidal sex hormones or their generic versions are used in gynecology and obstetrics, for treatment of sexual disorders, for birth control or as supplements during pregnancy.

Many online pharmacies offer to buy sex hormones without prescription. Before you buy sex steroids online, you must be 100% sure that they are not contraindicated for you. A clever use of recommended doses of sex hormones allows to achieve the desired result without negative consequences for your health.

Low sex drive in men

Low sex drive (or low libido) is one of the common male sexual dysfunctions. Low sex drive in men can be due to different causes. To increase low sex drive, it is necessary to know the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Men should not forget about the fact that sex drive may decrease due to several causes at once. Thus, if one of the methods of libido increase failed to increase sexual activity, alternative methods of improving the quality of sexual life should be used.

Furthermore, it should be realized that the causes of low sex drive in men differ from the causes of low sex drive in women. Therefore, methods of rapid increase in sex drive in men can be ineffective in women.

One of the common causes of low sex drive in men is the lack of motivation and lack of interest in sexual arousal and sexual life. Such sexual disorder most often arises in long-term relationships with the same sexual partner.

Herewith, the lack of motivation to sex combined with the absence of other sexual stimuli may not only reduce sex drive in men, but also cause erectile dysfunction.

Lack of motivation is a psychological reason for low sex drive in men. In addition, psychogenic factors of decreased interest in sex can be caused by psychological trauma, anxiety, depression.

The main feature of psychogenic causes of low sex drive in men is that a man can cope with them by himself. One more feature of psychogenic risk factors of reduced sex drive is that they usually occur in young men, and rarely in mature men.

If low sex drive in men is caused by psycho-emotional disorders, they should try to improve their mental status, and then their sex life will gradually normalize.

If low sex drive is caused by severe depression or anxiety, antidepressant therapy will be needed to improve mental status. It should be noted that low sex drive is one of the reversible side effects of many modern antidepressants.

Therefore, men who started taking antidepressants should not expect instant increase in sex drive and sexual activity. A man will be able to normalize his sex life only if he improves his mental health and stops taking antidepressants.

Besides antidepressants, other medications can also reduce sex drive in men. For example, one of the side effects of Phentermine diet pills is a change in libido. Given this fact, weight gain is one of the risk factors of reduced sex drive, so obese men taking Phentermine diet pills are at higher risk of reduced sex drive than obese men using non-drug methods of weight loss.

Sex drive can be reduced in obese men not because of excess weight, but because of obesity complications. For instance, low sex drive in men with high blood pressure or type 1 diabetes, occurs much more frequently than in obese men without hypertension and diabetes.

The complexity of increase libido in obese men is that causes of low sex drive can be both psychogenic and organic. Because of excess weight gain, men may develop an inferiority complex, but because of diabetes or hypertension, they may have erection problems.

In such cases, a man should try to improve self-esteem in order to improve low sex drive and to improve erection – he should use dietary supplements or drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Many men with normal and excess weight hold the view that the cause of low sex drive is a low level of Testosterone in the body. Testosterone deficiency can really reduce sex drive in men.

However, if the cause of sexual dysfunction is the low level of Testosterone, men should have other signs of androgen deficiency besides low sex drive.

The most common symptoms of Testosterone deficiency in the male body are as follows:

  • anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, depression, sweating, decreased libido, decreased sexual activity, decreased muscle strength, decrease in bone density, decrease in hair growth.

Men diagnosed with androgen deficiency may require Testosterone-replacement therapy. For the treatment of androgen deficiency, oral, topical or injectable drugs containing Testosterone are used.

Low sex drive in men with normal testosterone level does not require Testosterone-replacement therapy. However, some men with low sex drive are convinced that Testosterone will help to improve their sex lives and use Testosterone-containing drugs off-label.

Healthy men with normal testosterone level and low sex drive should understand that synthetic analogs of Testosterone could cause serious side effects. Therefore, using Testosterone for another purpose than prescribed, they put their health at potential risks.

In order to quickly and safely increase the reduced sex drive, the man needs to know the cause of sexual dysfunction, and to choose the optimal method for increasing libido, which will not cause harm to his health.

How to naturally increase testosterone

Testosterone is the main and most active androgen produced by the Leydig cells in men. Modern lifestyle combined with progressive obesity epidemic causes different hormonal disorders in men, therefore more and more of them want to learn how to naturally increase testosterone.

Despite the fact that testosterone is considered male hormone, it is required for the normal functioning of the female body. In women, this androgen is produced by the adrenal cortex, the ovaries and in peripheral tissues (e.g., fat and muscle).

Men and women should have the optimum level of testosterone. Hormones play a very important role in the human body and are responsible for many functions and types of activities. Reduction in the testosterone level negatively affects the genital organs, metabolism, as well as other functions of the body. In this review, you will learn how to naturally increase testosterone.

The most common cause of reducing the testosterone level is age. Most patients with hormonal imbalances are over 40 years. Overweight, bad habits and lack of physical activity also affect the endocrine system.

Before taking steps to naturally increase testosterone, make sure that the problems with hormones do exist. Symptoms of reducing testosterone level are:

  • Decrease in sexual drive
  • Increase in body fat percentage
  • Decrease in the amount of muscle mass
  • Mood swings, fatigue, and sleep disturbance

Normal level of testosterone improves quality of life. Timely diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders reduce the risk of dangerous pathologies and diseases. How to naturally increase testosterone at home? It is very easy! Just follow some simple recommendations.

Use more zinc

Clinical studies have established the relationship between zinc deficiency and decrease in testosterone level. The trace element zinc is actively involved in the functioning of the sexual glands and prevents the transformation of testosterone into metabolites.

Consume natural products containing zinc; this will help to increase testosterone, as well as insulin and growth hormone. Zink also positive affects physical endurance and the brain function.

The daily requirement of zinc for men may vary depending on many factors. In zinc deficiency, consume more seafood (oysters, crabs). A lot of zinc is contained in various kinds of meats and liver. To prevent overweight, it is better to choose lean meat.

Eat properly

Balanced diet helps safely to increase testosterone level. If you are overweight or obese, reduce the food consumption containing a large amount of saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Fast food, sodas and fried fatty meat should be excluded from the diet.

If you have a normal weight, eat more variety of products. In order to eat properly, there is no need to spend a lot of money; regular alternation of simple foods provides the body with essential macro and micronutrients.

Avoid stress

One of the most rapid ways to naturally increase testosterone level is to reduce psychological stress. Even insignificant mental disorders stimulate the release of the stress hormone – cortisol, which reduces testosterone level.

Positive thinking, regular sex, walks in the park, and much more will help to prevent depression. Be more socially active, set new goals in the life, find a hobby and change the lifestyle.

Get rid of bad habits

How to naturally increase testosterone and herewith to improve health?  Get rid of bad habits!

Hormonal disorders are most often observed in people with bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine have a depressing effect on the central nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Getting rid of bad habits will positively affect emotional state, quality and duration of sleep, metabolic processes and testosterone balance.

Increase physical activity

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, sooner or later testosterone level will decrease. To avoid this, you should be physically active more than 20-30 minutes a day. Several times a week, you should do physical exercises of high intensity.

Many people know how to naturally increase testosterone by means of diet. However, few people know how to naturally increase testosterone by means of exercises and which ones are best for this.

Not all physical exercises promote rapid increase of testosterone level. You can consult your coach, if necessary. Avoid prolonged exercise; they increase the cortisol level and decrease the testosterone level.

Use supplements

Now, you know how to naturally increase testosterone by changing the lifestyle. If these measures did not help or they are not so effective, try to use Supplements. In rare cases, medical treatment can be required.

Supplements from known manufacturers combine the ingredients that are not enough for the body to naturally increase testosterone. There are different types of supplements, and you can choose that one, which is suitable for your purposes the best.

You can buy testosterone boosters and testosterone supplements online for home delivery. Many online stores work directly with the manufacturers and offer testosterone boosters at the best price. Before you order supplements online, familiarize yourself with payment and delivery ways.

Many people do not know how to naturally increase testosterone and are looking for this information on the Internet, television and in Mass media.


High testosterone in women

Despite the fact that Testosterone is a male sex hormone, it is synthesized in the body of both men and women. Actually, Testosterone is as important for women’s health as other hormones.

For adult women, a normal level of Testosterone is important for the development of the follicle in ovaries. In adolescence, Testosterone levels influence on the development of mammary glands.

Testosterone levels change in the body throughout our lives. In overwhelming majority of women, Testosterone remains within normal limits. However, some diseases and pathological states can greatly increase the concentration of Testosterone in the female body.

High Testosterone in women indicates tumors of ovaries or endometrium, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, adrenal hyperplasia (Cushing’s syndrome), polycystic ovarian syndrome or hirsutism. In addition, Testosterone levels can increase due to a regular use of glucocorticoid drugs.

Symptoms of each disease, listed above can sign that Testosterone levels are gradually increasing. In severe diseases, you can hardly reduce Testosterone levels quickly. The thing is that Testosterone levels remain high until the cause of hyperandrogenism is eliminated.

To diagnose high Testosterone in women, medical examination and laboratory tests are needed. Doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis to a woman on the first examination.

The most common symptoms of high Testosterone in women are signs of masculinization, such as:

  • Irreversible deepening of the voice
  • Irreversible facial hairiness
  • Abnormal loss of hair on the head
  • Severe acne and loss of skin elasticity
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Clitoris enlargement

Such symptoms as high Testosterone in women are observed in those, who use androgen hormones for treatment of aplastic anemia, inoperable mammary carcinoma, postmenopausal osteoporosis and other serious diseases.

Besides, the signs of high Testosterone are observed in female athletes, using androgen hormones other than it is intended. Synthetic analogues of Testosterone and androgen hormones, increasing Testosterone levels, can enhance physical strength and stamina.

Almost every female athlete and bodybuilder is aware of Testosterone effects and that this androgen can give you extra advantages over your opponents. Still, few female athletes know about potential risks high Testosterone poses for their health.

The greatest danger of high testosterone in women lies in that it causes irreversible side effects. A long-term impact of high Testosterone on the female body causes some changes that can provoke severe disorders and pathological conditions.

When synthetic Testosterone analogs are used as intended, the benefits of high Testosterone for women’s health exceed the potential risks.

However, if women use Testosterone for purposes other than intended, to stimulate the muscle growth and to increase physical stamina, they put their health at unreasonable risk.

High Testosterone is good for women only when it is impossible to improve and maintain health without increasing Testosterone levels. Considering all risks high Testosterone poses for the female body, women should take an androgen replacement therapy under the supervision of a physician.

It should be noted that androgen hormones inhibit the production of Testosterone in the female body. Therefore, once the goal of androgen therapy has been achieved and Testosterone level is high, the therapy with androgen hormones should be terminated gradually.

Please note that an abrupt termination of hormones can suddenly reduce Testosterone levels. Thus, to restore normal levels of Testosterone, women will have to start androgen therapy over again.

Young, mature and elderly women must understand that high Testosterone is a pathology only if hormonal imbalance causes negative effects.

If high Testosterone in women is not a risk factor and does not cause any adverse reactions or diseases, then women do not have to do anything to reduce its levels.

When the doctor prescribes a woman some drugs to increase her Testosterone, he must warn her about potential side effects of androgen therapy.

If during androgen therapy high Testosterone causes severe side effects and discomfort in women, then the dose reduction of Testosterone-containing drugs or cancellation of androgen therapy might be required.

To control Testosterone levels during androgen therapy, regular blood tests are needed. These tests will help to diagnose high Testosterone in women timely, and if you need, to change the dose regimen of drugs used.