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Erectile tissue that contains the urethra

Male reproductive organ is composed of the erectile tissue and contains the urethra. Another important element of the sex organ is the deep artery of the penis, which delivers blood to the erectile tissue.

The urethra consists of smooth muscles and essentially is a narrow tube. The main function of the urethra is the bladder emptying and the transfer of male germ cells outside during the ejaculation. The urinary tract in the female body does not have any direct reproductive functions.

Switching between the two functions of the male urethra goes automatically. During sexual arousal, blood flow increases, an erection occurs and the ejaculation takes place.

The main task that the erectile tissue performs is to ensure the erection process in the male sexual organ. This process enables the transfer of the genetic material from the male body into the female egg.

The male sex organ has three expandable erectile tissues of two different types. They are similar in function and structure, yet they do have some important differences. For example, one of them surrounds the urethra.

  • Erectile tissue that contains the urethra is called the corpus spongiosum.
  • Erectile tissue also forms two tubular structures, which are called corpora cavernosa.

Erectile tissue forms cylindrical bodies, which are located along the reproductive organ. The two corpora cavernosa are located on the sides and at the top of the penis. Corpus spongiosum is located below and between the corpora cavernosa.

The erectile tissue is composed of many small and interconnected cavities. In certain circumstances, such as in response to sexual stimulation, the erectile tissue cavities are engorged with blood.

Due to the sexual arousal and the increased blood flow, the primary sex organ increases in size, and becomes firm and erect. Man has the possibility to start and complete a sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that the erectile tissue contains major part of the blood in erection period. Urethra, skin, arteries, and other parts of the male reproductive organ are elastic and easily grow in size.

Achieving an erection that is sufficient for a having a sexual intercourse is the only basic function of corpora cavernosa. Therefore, most of blood (approximately 90%) is stored in the two cylindrical bodies.

Corpus spongiosum performs several functions. This tissue also accumulates blood cells, yet in smaller quantities, compared to the corpora cavernosa. Besides achieving an erection, another function of this cylindrical body is to prevent the compression of the urethra during an intercourse.

The tubular bodies contain blood throughout the entire sexual activity period. When the sexual act is completed, male body releases substances that help reduce the erectile process.

Reverse flow of blood from the cylindrical bodies is carried out via the venous plexus. It should be noted that the venous plexus are compressed during the sexual arousal and the increase of the tubular body size.

This delays the outflow of the blood from the erectile tissue. The urethra passes the male sex cells, immediately after which the process of blood flow starts.

Normal functioning of the tubular bodies has a direct impact on the sexual life of men. Poor blood flow, increased blood outflow from the corpus cavernosum or nerve tissue damages can cause sexual dysfunction.

Sexual function often worsens in older men. Low levels of physical activity, cardiovascular disease, smoking, and high intake of fatty foods increase the risk of sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is not a severe disease, yet it can significantly worsen the mental condition of men. Approximately 20% of US men aged 20 and more have regular problems with erection. More than half of men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The discovery of the PDE-5 inhibitors became a true revolution in the issue of the erectile dysfunction treatment. In 1998, Sildenafil (Viagra) hit the market. In subsequent years, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Avanafil went on sale.

Corpora cavernosa and the erectile tissue that contains the urethra quickly respond to the appearance the PDE-5 inhibitors in the blood. The erection occurs within 30-60 minutes after the oral administration of PDE-5 inhibitors.

Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Avanafil have the same mechanism of action. After the ingestion of the drug, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) accumulates in the erectile tissue. After the sexual excitement, blood flow increases and an erection can follow.

The duration of the PDE-5 inhibitors action differs significantly. Sildenafil can cause an erection within about 5 hours after administration. Tadalafil works for approximately 36 hours.

All PDE5 inhibitors are highly effective drugs. They have a good safety profile and rarely cause any side effects. Therefore, these drugs have found their wide application in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

If the erectile tissue that contains the urethra is not adequately responding to one of the drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment, man can be recommended another medication. The availability of several PDE-5 inhibitors allows choosing the one that best suits each individual patient.

Millions of PDE5 inhibitors doses are taken every year. Thanks to these drugs, millions of men regained sexual confidence and again became sexually active.

Erectile tissue in nose lying

When it comes to erectile tissue, people often think about the sexual arousal. However, the tissue can also be an indicator of whether you tell the truth. When a person is lying, the erectile tissue in his nose is actively supplied with blood. As a result, the liar’s nose becomes red.

Erectile tissue is a part of not only the genitals in both men and women. The tissue is also located deep in the mucosa of inferior turbinates that are located on the lower edge of the middle turbinate in the posterior areas of the middle and upper turbinates.

The erectile tissue in the nose acts as a kind of air conditioning unit:

  • it provides blood supply to the glomus vessels;
  • it allows you to feel a variety of scents and flavors;
  • it plays an important role in the regulation of air temperature and humidity, directed into the lungs.

Telling lies requires large amounts of mental effort. When a person tells a lie, he experiences psychological and emotional excitement. Stress creates additional burden for many systems of the body, including the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Lies in conjunction with emotional stress contribute to the heart rate increase. Enhanced heart function increases blood flow to all organs of the body. No other organ of the human body is supplied with blood in such abundance, as the nasal cavity.

The erectile tissue plays the main role in blood supply of the nasal cavity. Redness of the turbinates is a sign of excessive blood supply to the erectile tissue in the nose. You can identify a lying person by such features, as:

  • redness of the nose;
  • touching the nose, scratching;
  • shortness of breath, nasal congestion, sneezing.

Itchy nose, sneezing and shortness of the liar’s breath is explained by the release of histamine, which occurs due to the increased blood supply to the turbinates. Increased blood pressure leads to a release of adrenaline. External signs of elevated adrenaline levels are reddening of the face (especially the nose), anxiety, and stress.

Redness of the nose is not only a sign that a person tells a lie. Violation of the tone of blood vessels of the erectile tissue in the nose can cause a number of the upper respiratory tract diseases, the most serious of which is idiopathic rhinitis.

Vasospasm of the erectile tissue in the nose and the appearance of the idiopathic rhinitis occur under the influence of the sympathetic nervous system. The activity of the sympathetic nervous system increases during exercise, and leads to a contraction of the erectile tissue in the nose and an increase of airflow volume that passes through the nose. The influence of impulses from the parasympathetic nervous system leads to vessels dilation of the erectile tissue in the nose.

Causes and risk factors of idiopathic rhinitis include:

  • cold;
  • cold-related diseases;
  • deformation of the nasal septum;
  • excessive alcohol consumption;
  • antihypertensive drugs;
  • hormonal changes during pregnancy.

In concomitant risk factors, the vessels of the erectile tissue in the nose dilate, when the body is in a horizontal position. The overcharging of vessels with blood in a lying person leads to a sharp enlargement of the mucous membrane thickness and the size of the turbinates. At the same time, the permeability of the capillary walls increases and blood plasma penetrates into the space between the mucosal cells.

Troubled nasal breathing is associated with impaired blood supply to the erectile tissue in the nose. Lying person often gets nasal congestion of either one or another side of the nose. A s a rule, the congestion of one or the other nostril manifests when a person is lying on his side, or changes the body position.

Blood supply of the erectile tissue in the nose increases in a lying person, and the blood rushes to the nasal cavity. Vessels of the erectile tissue in the nose that are in a relaxed state, due to loss of tone, overflow with blood, which causes a nose congestion. When you change your body position, congestion switches to the other side.

In the supine position, the mucosa rapidly fills with fluid, which results into a swelling. As a result, the lying person can breathe only through his mouth. As soon as he takes the upright position, mucosal swelling subsides quickly and the nasal breathing restores.

An expressed enlargement of the nasal cavities, in which the difficulty of nasal breathing is already clearly noticeable, is a pathological condition, and namely, the neurovegetative form of the idiopathic rhinitis.

Violation of airflow in the upper respiratory tract is a major clinical problem. Violation of the blood supply to erectile tissue in the nose causes breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances, and reduced life quality.

Idiopathic rhinitis is very dangerous for infants. Since babies spend most of their lives in a lying position, the erectile tissue in their nose is often overloaded with blood.

Because of the narrowness and the small size of the nasal cavity, even a slight swelling of the mucosa in newborns causes disturbance or complete cessation of nasal breathing. The reduction of the nasal airflow results in a dramatically more difficult and impossibility of breastfeeding, disturbed sleep, weight loss and restlessness of the newborn.

To improve nasal breathing and treat the symptoms of the idiopathic rhinitis, doctors use drugs, called nasal decongestants. Medications provide a temporary improvement of the nasal patency and decrease the tone of the vessels of the erectile tissue in the nose. One to three drops of the drug should be instilled into each nostril of the lying person, at the intervals of 4-6 hours.

Erectile tissue expanding foods

Many men are concerned about size of their penis and wonder whether foods can help in erectile tissue expanding or not. This is not surprising, because the modern pace of life and quality of food adversely affect the body and erectile function.

Today, there are many different methods for penile erectile tissue expanding. Foods, special exercise, hormonal drugs can be included in these methods. How versatile and safe are these methods? Are they suitable for all men without exception?

Everyone knows that foods that we consume every day affect the body functioning, as well as potency. Recent scientists’ studies have shown that high-quality foods also affect erectile tissue and can contribute to their expansion in volume.

Primarily researchers note ripe fruits and vegetables as erectile tissue expanding foods. Consumption of watermelons helps to increase the penis size and duration of erection.

Watermelon contains α-amino acid Citrulline, which is a precursor for arginine (an amino acid that promotes relaxation and elasticity of blood vessels).

Citrulline improves process of processing of ammonia and nitric oxide metabolism, opens the arteries increasing blood flow to the organs and systems.

The scientists concluded that watermelons belong to erectile tissue expanding foods and can be used to increase potency. In certain cases, watermelon can be an analog of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Vitamins positively affect men’s erectile function. Foods rich in vitamins promote blood flow to the erectile tissue and cause it expanding in volume.

Today, increase in erection is based on substantiated scientific evidences and studies. In particular, it comes to importance of vitamins B, A, and E for normal erection.

Foods containing these vitamins contribute also to enhanced transmission of nerve impulses that leads to increased sexual arousal.

Erectile tissue expanding foods containing vitamins include different types of leafy green vegetables, such as parsley, spinach, turnip, and Swiss chard.

If to regularly use these greens, whether in the form of a variety of juices, smoothies or in vegetable salads, your body will replenish with essential vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, the body detoxification can be carried out by means of leafy green vegetables that immediately have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Healthy and elastic vessels are a pledge of full and stable erection. They contribute to a better blood flow in the erectile tissue and rapid onset of erection.

Garlic and ginger belong to foods contributing to expanding of erectile tissue. Effect of garlic on potency is due to its ability to activate the blood stream due to improvement of circulatory systems: arterial and venous.

This provides blood flow to cavernous body of the penis. Garlic, which is rich in Allicin also improves blood circulation and increases energy.

Garlic effect on potency directly depends on method of its use. In improper use, you can get an opposite result.

A number of studies have shown that fresh chopped garlic is effective for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, but dried garlic – for potency increase.

Ginger is considered one of aphrodisiac foods. It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, promotes arteries expansion and erection improvement.

Chemical composition of ginger consists of many useful substances: vitamins (of B, A, C groups), micro- and macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and calcium), and antioxidants.

Nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, cashew, walnut occupy a special place among large number of erectile tissue expanding foods. Each of them is rich in vitamins E, B, zinc, magnesium, folic acid. Thanks to its rich composition, nuts have a positive effect on sexual function.

Amino acid arginine contained in nuts activates production of nitric oxide, relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow to erectile tissue.

Currently, almost all scientists agree with beneficial properties of Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Many experts believe that foods high in fatty acids contribute to erectile tissue expanding and beneficially affect men’s health in general.

The human body does not produce omega-3 and omega-6, so it is very important the availability of these acids in men’s diet. Fatty acids are better absorbed from natural foods, rather than from dietary supplements.

Consumption of foods, rich in fatty acids, increases level of the hormone testosterone, which in turn has a positive effect on male sexual function and increases libido.

Seafood (oysters, lobster, and shrimps) and such fish varieties as salmon, trout and tuna are recognized the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

The question regarding what erectile tissue expanding foods are the most useful and effective is still being studied by scientists. By including the above-mentioned foods in your diet, you will be able to achieve not only penis increase, but also to significantly improve erection.

The main thing in this case, follow the principle of the golden middle and not to abuse, otherwise the opposite effect can be obtained.

Erectile tissue definition

Erectile tissue plays an important role in the onset of sexual arousal in both men and women. To understand the process of sexual arousal, it is necessary to know the erectile tissue definition, as well as the characteristics and functions of the male and female reproductive system.

The medical dictionary can give you the anatomical definition of erectile tissue, which is as follows: vascular tissue, which becomes denser due to the dilation of numerous blood vessels.

Depending on gender, erectile tissue can perform a variety of functions:

  • in the male reproductive system – the blood flow to the penis and the onset of an erection;
  • in the female reproductive system – compression of the urethra and prevention of urination during intercourse.

Without the medical terminology, we can formulate the definition of erectile tissue in simple words: tissue that increases in volume in response to sexual stimulation.

The penis tissue is composed of three parts: the first two are pair of cavernous bodies, and the third part is the spongy body.

The process of erection involves all three of the penis bodies. The corpus cavernosa fill with blood, which makes the penis swell and become rigid. A large number of elastic fibers that the spongy tissue contains provide stretching and contraction of the urethra in urination and ejaculation.

Erectile tissue is an integral part of both male and female sexual organs. The main part of the clitoris consists of the double erectile tissue. It is located along the lower branches of the pubic bones. Just as it happens in the male penis, the clitoris tissue enlarges in volume during sexual arousal.

After the sexual excitement, the vagina is covered with erectile tissue on both sides. Along with the pubococcygeus muscle, this tissue compresses the urethra, thus preventing urination during sexual activity.

The erectile tissue in both the penis and the clitoris is incapable of constricting, like the vessels. Therefore, any slight tissue damage creates a risk of excessive bleeding.

While defining the erectile tissue, the sexual arousal in men and women is not the only thing to be considered. Erectile tissue is not only part of the penis, but also of the nose and ears.

Blood flow to the erectile tissue can cause not only sexual arousal, but a nasal congestion, as well. Cavernous venous plexus are located under a layer of the nasal mucosa. Plexus is a tangle of dilated veins, the walls of which are rich in smooth muscle and contain elastic fibers.

In insufficient blood supply, the vessels of the turbinates cavernous tissue are relaxed. However, under the influence of a wide variety of physical, chemical, infectious or psychogenic factors, the erectile tissue fills with blood, which immediately leads to swelling of the mucous lining.

Inadequate constriction and dilation of erectile tissue in the nasal cavity is one of the mechanisms of vasomotor rhinitis development. When the cavernous venous plexus expand and fill with blood, the thickness of the mucous membrane increases sharp. Turbinates may swell so much that they close the nasal passages. This results into the obstruction of nasal breathing.

The American surgeon, John McKenzie, was the first to attempt formulating the erectile tissue definition in the context of the relationship between the nasal cavity and the genitals. While studying the neurological reflexes, McKenzie offered the term “nasogenital reflex” in 1883. According to the hypothesis of the medical professional, nasal congestion can cause problems with sexual health (such as pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, etc.) and vice versa.

The German otolaryngologist, Wilhelm Fleiss, expanded McKenzie’s theory. In 1893, the doctor suggested that the expansion of blood vessels in the nasal erectile tissue can cause not only sexual dysfunction, but also a variety of other disorders, like insomnia, migraine, asthma, stomach pain, etc.

The term “nasogenital reflex”, which was suggested by McKenzie to explain the relationship between sexual activity and nasal congestion, was not accepted by the official Otolaryngology. Hypotheses by McKenzie and Fleiss did not receive a sufficient amount of evidence, and remained just a theory.

The erectile tissue definition suggests that the tissue plays both a positive and a negative role in a person’s life:

  • blood flow and expansion of the tissue in the genital organs is necessary for a full sexual intercourse;
  • dilation of blood vessels in the nasal cavity often leads to congestion or complete obstruction of the nasal sinuses.

Sexual arousal and sexual intercourse are impossible without the involvement of the erectile tissue. Definition of sexual arousal is as follows: changes in the body that occur under the influence of sexual stimuli. Excitation precedes the moment of the very sexual intercourse beginning.

Occurrence of rhinitis and other upper respiratory tract disorders is a direct consequence of the erectile tissue activity in the nasal cavity. The tissue is a powerful vascular bed, which provides an abundant blood supply to the nasal area.

Erectile dysfunction pumps for sale

Erectile dysfunction pumps are some of the first means that have been used for treatment of erectile disorders. If you experience such disorders, try a vacuum therapy. Despite the apparent simplicity, this type of treatment is much more effective than some men expect.

Currently, there are hundreds of different erectile dysfunction pumps for sale. Today, you can find simple hand-held devices or motorized systems with electronic control.

Nevertheless, all vacuum constriction devices have three main components:

  • Cylinder, in which the penis is placed.
  • Pump – to create a low air pressure.
  • Tension band – to hold the blood in cavernous body.

These components are rarely the only things in a kit with erectile dysfunction pumps. Kits for sale may include DVD-video training, instruction manual, lubricant, battery pump, cylinders and tension bands of different sizes.

Different modifications of erectile dysfunction pumps have identical mechanism of action and sequence of using the device:

  • The penis is placed into the cylinder hole of the vacuum pump.
  • The air is removed from the cylinder until a needed pressure.
  • Low pressure is created and cavernous bodies are passively filled with the blood.
  • The penis increases in size, it becomes hard and erect.
  • Tension band is set at the penis base.
  • Cylinder pressure is equalized to atmospheric.
  • After sexual intercourse, tension band is removed.

Effectiveness of erectile dysfunction pumps is comparable to that of erectile dysfunction treatment pills (e.g., Viagra or Cialis). The vast majority of men (80%-90%) are satisfied with the results of using vacuum erection devices.

Vacuum therapy is not only effective, but also safe treatment method of erection problems. The doctor’s prescription is not required to buy such devices. Erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale at pharmacies and in usual stores.

However, erectile dysfunction pumps may cause side effects especially if they are misused. Prolonged exposure of excessively low air pressure on the penis tissues may cause small hematomas.

Most vacuum constriction devices have a valve, which automatically operates when a big difference between pressure inside the tube and atmospheric pressure is created. Use of such devices minimizes risk of hematomas and other side effects.

Before to buy a favorite model of erectile dysfunction pumps, ensure that it is equipped with an automatic valve. These penis vacuum pumps can have manual and automatic valves.

Today, you can find a variety of erectile dysfunction pumps for sale. Price of vacuum constriction devices depends on model and place of purchase.

  • Price of the most simple hand pumps makes $ 15.
  • Price of automatic ED pumps varies from $ 80 to $ 500.

Price of one Viagra 100mg pill is several times higher than that of the most simple vacuum erection devices in the United States. Price of small packaging of Viagra is the same as that of the most expensive erectile dysfunction pumps.

One Viagra pill causes erection only once or several times within 4 hours after intake. Erectile dysfunction pumps work for many years. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their products.

Today, there are many places where erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale. However, the main sales of vacuum devices are carried out online. This is connected with the fact that:

  • Many men are shy to buy erectile dysfunction pumps personally.
  • Online pharmacies offer a wide range of vacuum constriction devices and low prices.

Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and other online stores offer the best prices on erectile dysfunction pumps. On web sites of online stores, you can also:

  • Read men’s reviews, who used ED pumps;
  • Find out what brands are leading;
  • Select the best-selling vacuum constriction devices;
  • Ask any questions by email.

Today it is very easy to choose ED pump that is best suitable for you. The best erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale on the first page of online store.

If you selected the pump model, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Add selected ED pump in the basket
  • Specify the country and delivery address
  • Choose a delivery method
  • Choose a payment method
  • Pay the order

Standard delivery of erectile dysfunction pumps in the USA makes 4-5 working days. If the order price will exceed $ 30-40, the delivery can be free.

If you choose fast shipping, additional fee is charged. You pay about $ 15-20 for shipping and get the chosen erectile dysfunction pump within one day.

Today, erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale for every taste. You can choose low-cost hand pumps or modern devices with a rechargeable battery.

Erectile dysfunction pump medicare

The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is increasing every year in the United States. Reduced sexual activity has a negative impact on the men’s quality of life and self-esteem.

Today, erectile dysfunction pump are used for treatment of patients with potency disorders. Medicare, a social health insurance program assumes a considerable part of costs for treatment of potency problems in patients aged 65 years and older.

Erectile dysfunction is quite common problem among men older than 65 years. Because of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or undergone surgical intervention, it becomes difficult to maintain a normal erection.

Medical treatment of erectile dysfunction (oral drugs, intracavernous injections) in this age often does not give the desired results or it is even not recommended for use in some cases.

Therefore, purchase of erectile dysfunction pump by means of Medicare is a good solution for many men over 65 years.

Penile pump – is a special device, which helps to achieve erection by natural physiological way, without invasive procedures, chemicals or drugs. Depending on the selected device, the erectile dysfunction pump kit can include the following components:

  • Vacuum chamber cylinder;
  • Loading cone;
  • Lubricant;
  • Negative pressure device or pump head;
  • Tension rings, fixed at the penis root.

If you have limited income and financial resources, you can get help for payment by Medicare health insurance. In this case, erectile dysfunction pump can be free for you.

External vacuum device helps to solve erectile dysfunction problem and to maintain erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. The purpose of the pump is to increase the blood pressure inside the penis.

Erectile dysfunction pump increases blood flow in the cavernous bodies that makes the penis erect. Herewith, besides the penis enlargement, increase in its sensitivity is also noted.

It should be noted that Medicare covers only payment for erectile dysfunction pumps that are certified by the FDA. Those men, whose health insurance does not cover costs of impotence treatment, should buy penile pump at their own expense.

When choosing an effective external vacuum device, its price plays an important role. Depending on the manufacturer and model, price of device ranges from $ 300 to $ 500.

However, today, you can buy a cheaper model of erectile dysfunction pump on the Internet, even cheaper than Medicare can cover. Herewith, cheap device will have the same efficiency as the one that was purchased by insurance.

Before to start using a pump, you should be aware that such device is intended for erectile dysfunction treatment caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Diabetes;
  • Poor blood flow to the penis
  • Surgery when treating prostatitis;
  • Psychological problems such as fear and depression.

Vacuum pump is contraindicated in men with pronounced coagulation failure or predisposition to a disorder called priapism.

Until recently, Medicare covered the cost of erectile dysfunction pump and other treatment methods of potency problems, such as penile prosthesis. However, since mid-2015, ED treatment is no longer included in a list of services covered by insurance.

If the patient needs any external vacuum device, he will have to pay out of his pocket. Currently, a lot of effective models are represented at the US market. Some of them can be purchased without a prescription.

Experts believe that due to use of erectile dysfunction pump; a man can get rid of stagnation of blood in the pelvis, as well as make a good massage of the penis that will help to improve potency.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Just as any other treatment method of erectile dysfunction, the effect exerted by penile pump can be reduced over time that leads to a decrease in satisfaction rates.

Regardless of whether you have purchased erectile dysfunction pump with Medicare or paid your money for it, use of this device is associated with a specific physical discomfort.

Abuse of pumping power may cause microbleeds in the cavernous body and hematomas that will exacerbate erectile dysfunction.

Use of erectile dysfunction pump increases rigidity and swelling of the penis in men with erectile dysfunction. However, stagnation of lymph in the penis may provoke edema and severe inflammatory processes.

There may be hematomas and bruising on the penis. In general, they are not painful and disappear within a few days.

It is worth noting that the Americans consider sexual health as part of human general health. Despite the fact that Medicare stopped covering erectile dysfunction pumps, a number of private insurers still cover medication and pumps for ED.

Erectile dysfunction cures over the counter

Many men use prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Over the counter cures can be a natural alternative to synthetic drugs that are used for restoring sexual health.

The following natural ingredients can replace chemically-synthesized drugs for sexual health recovering:

  • Zinc – a microelement
  • Arginine – an amino acid
  • Yohimbine – a plant extract
  • DHEA – the multifunctional steroid hormone testosterone

Arginine is a nonessential amino acid that plays an important role in many biological processes in the body. Arginine is indispensable in restoring sexual function, since it is a substrate for the production of nitric oxide, which is an essential element for getting an erection.

The human body is able to produce the amount of Arginine, needed to achieve an erection. However, physical exhaustion, as well as anxiety and stress, result in reduced levels of Arginine and gradual development of erectile dysfunction. Over the counter cures that contain Arginine are the only option to make up for the deficit of amino acids.

One of the main reasons for the erectile dysfunction pathogenesis is the reduction of endothelial cells’ ability to produce nitric oxide. One of the ways to eliminate endothelial dysfunction is the use of dietary supplements with Arginine, which promote increased synthesis of nitric oxide.

The advantages of dietary supplements with Arginine:

  • increase sexual activity;
  • increase the level of satisfaction with sexual life;
  • positive impact on the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction.

Supplements with Yohimbine are the most popular over the counter cures for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The plant extract is an extract of the inner bark layer of Yohimbe tree that grows in Africa.

The action mechanism of Yohimbine derives from the effect of selective blockage of presynaptic alpha-adrenergic receptors in the penis. Oral administration of Yohimbine leads to an increase in blood inflow and a decrease in blood outflow from the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Another positive effect of Yohimbine is the activity stimulation of the nerve centers of the spinal cord that control erection process. The plant extract enhances the emotional and sexual experiences during a sexual intercourse and an orgasm.

The benefits of erectile dysfunction treatment with Yohimbine-containing over the counter cures include:

  • sexual desire increase;
  • ejaculatory threshold improvement;
  • erectile function normalization;
  • increase of erectile response to sexual visual stimulation.

Thus, the use of Yohimbine-containing dietary supplements allows correcting the erectile dysfunction of mild to moderate severity. The plant extract has a stimulating effect over the central nervous system, so Yohimbine is most effective in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a precursor of testosterone, which is the main hormone, required for normal functioning of the male reproductive system. The male body synthesizes it naturally, and DHEA production begins during puberty.

With age, the production of DHEA declines progressively. Hormone deficiency in most men over 40 years of age causes erectile dysfunction. Natural over the counter cures with DHEA can improve testosterone level and restore sexual function.

DHEA-containing supplements help increase testosterone levels naturally. The stimulation of the production of the main male sex hormone contributes to a gradual recovery of erectile function and improvement of sexual health.

Over the counter cures that contain Zinc can help men enhance the activity of testosterone production and get rid of erectile dysfunction. This natural microelement takes an active part in maintaining the level of testosterone, required for normal sexual life.

Zinc is found in many animal products. But to maintain the normal functioning of the male reproductive system, men need to consume 12-20 mg of Zinc daily. It is impossible to get such amount of this microelement only with food. So, the administration of Zinc-containing dietary supplements can help men maintain their testosterone at a normal level.

The benefits of dietary supplements with Zinc for male potency:

  • protect the prostate from the harmful effects of free radicals;
  • reduce the risk of idiopathic male infertility;
  • support the production of sperm and ensure a normal functioning of the sexual glands.

Any man who has problems with potency, is interested in using over the counter cures for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Men should remember that supplements do not cause side effects and are safer, than synthetic drugs.

Erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics

The number of diabetic patients is increasing every year. Recent studies show that more than a half of men with diabetes experience a variety of sexual dysfunction. The most common of them is erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is a typical complication of diabetes, which leads to a significant deterioration in the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, the modern medicine attaches a great importance to search of effective erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics.

Choice of means and methods for ED treatment in patients with diabetes mellitus depends on particular clinical situation. ED treatment should be comprehensive and pathogenetic (aimed at the root cause).

Effective methods of erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics may include:

  • Oral medicines (tablets, capsules)
  • Intraurethral therapy (liquid dosage forms)
  • Vacuum erection devices (not constriction)

Since the majority of diabetics suffer not only from ED, but also from other diseases (e.g., microangiopathy, diabetic neuropathy), oral forms of treatment are more often used. In particular, a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5).

Erectile dysfunction treatment drugs in diabetics include sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Avanafil (Stendra) and Vardenafil (Levitra). These drugs have a number of significant advantages:

  • Easy to use;
  • Convenient dosage;
  • Safe in all age groups of patients with diabetes;
  • Long-term use.

Effectiveness of oral erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics has been studied in numerous clinical studies. The results confirmed improvement of erectile function and positive effect of PDE5 inhibitors on spermatogenesis.

The mechanism of action of all PDE-5 inhibitors is the same; they enhance relaxing effect of the nitric oxide and increase blood flow to the penis in sufficient sexual stimulation. Herewith, PDE-5 inhibitors do not have a direct relaxing effect on the cavernous body.

The first representative of PDE5 inhibitors is Sildenafil. Studies have shown that Sildenafil may improve erections even in inadequate glycemic control and availability of several chronic complications of diabetes.

However, diabetics especially with severe form of ED can be not satisfied with this cure, since effect of Sildenafil largely depends on food and alcohol. This in turn creates certain difficulties with planning of sexual intercourse.

Such PDE-5 inhibitors as Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafil for ED treatment have become available later. Unlike Sildenafil, these drugs have a longer half-life (17.5 to 36h) and their pharmacokinetics does not depend on alcohol and food intake.

Since diabetics often suffer from cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension, coronary heart disease), these erectile dysfunction cures may not be appropriate.

In these cases, erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics can be carried out by dosage forms for intraurethral administration.  Alprostadil (Muse) drug is prescribed to patients with diabetes mellitus with extra caution.

Since, pain threshold is generally lowered in these patients; administration of this drug can lead to closed injuries and urethra lesions.

it is worth noting erectile dysfunction cure by means of vasoactive drugs for intracavernous therapy (Alprostadil – Caverject, Edex, Papaverine, and Phentolamine).

These erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics are not recommended, since frequency of microbleeds with further development of the penis fibrosis is high in such patients.

Non-drug methods of ED treatment include mechanical devices that help achieve an erection (venous constriction devices, vacuum constriction devices). These devices are used in the cases if diabetics cannot use drug treatment or it does not provide the desired effect.

The main advantage of vacuum systems lies in the lack of side effects even in their prolonged use. An erection created in this way is non-physiological, but efficiency of these devices can be up to 90%.

So, what erectile dysfunction cures for diabetics are the best? The answer is quite difficult, because it depends on many factors, including the patient’s state of health and his ability to tolerate the treatment.

Erection problems associated with diabetic pathology affect many men, but most patients return to a satisfying sex life when adhering to the medical recommendations.

Erectile dysfunction cures after prostate removal

Thanks to modern surgery methods, men who have their prostate removed, have a real chance to recover their erectile function. Robotic surgery allows removing the prostate and preserving the nerve tissue, thus preventing erectile dysfunction.

Cures after prostate removal are used to restore the erectile function as soon, as possible. A full recovery of erectile function may sometimes take a long time, up to 2 years.

It should be noted that the medication allows men have sex, yet it can not replace the function of the prostate gland. After the prostate removal, men can feel the pleasure that accompanies an orgasm, yet the sperm will not come out of the penis.

After the prostate removal, men will no longer ejaculate. Therefore, woman can not get pregnant after an intercourse with a man after such surgery. The need for barrier or other types of hormonal contraceptives disappears.

If a patient is willing to expand his family in the future, adoption is not the only solution. Freezing an amount of sperm is recommended before man goes through the surgery for the removal.

Sperm is stored for future use with IVF. Therefore, conceiving a child even after prostate removal is a real possibility nowadays.

Many men use cures for erectile dysfunction before they got their prostate surgery. This is due to the fact that the development and/or treatment of prostate cancer is often accompanied by a partial loss of erectile function.

After the prostate removal, men usually can use the same drugs for the ED treatment that they were taking before the surgery. The most popular of these are:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)

All these cures are known as the inhibitors of PDE 5. They have an identical mechanism of action and an approximately equal efficacy in erectile function improvement.

PDE 5 inhibitors relax smooth muscles of the penis, increase blood flow, promote blood accumulation in the corpora cavernosa and advance an erection in sexual stimulation. These cures work effectively even in severe erectile dysfunction.

Cures after prostate removal should be used the same way you used them before the intervention. For example, Viagra should be taken about 60 minutes, or more, before the anticipated sexual intercourse. Cialis is taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.

If one of the cures to improve potency does not provide the desired effect or causes an adverse reaction, you can replace it with another drug. If PDE 5 inhibitors turn ineffective, discover natural cures for erectile dysfunction.

You can use a variety of natural cures for the treatment of sexual disorders after prostate removal. These treatments are usually considered less effective, than prescription drugs, yet this is not the case when you have your prostate removed.

Many natural remedies are taken every day at about the same time, and not just immediately before a sexual intercourse. These supplements improve blood circulation in the pelvic area during the day and help your body repair damaged tissue and nerves.

Prescription drugs are used only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Herbal cures restore erectile function and help to:

  • Improve your sexual stamina and performance in the bedroom.
  • Increase sexual desire and satisfaction from sexual intercourse
  • Increase the quality and frequency of sexual intercourse.

If your genitals respond to sexual stimulation inadequately, herbal cures can help improve sexual performance. Especially in patients with cardiovascular disease, physical inactivity, advanced age or other risk factors that contribute to the emergence and development of erectile dysfunction.

Patients with different levels of income use cures after prostate removal. Supplements are often cheaper, than prescription drugs. Given that a full recovery of erectile function may take a few years, the price of products for the treatment of sexual disorders is an important point.

If you are an Internet user, you do not need to go in person to the nearest pharmacy and buy the necessary product. Today, you can buy cheap ED cures online with home delivery.

Before you place an order for cures for ED treatment, correlate the value of the order to the delivery cost of the courier service. It can be too expensive at times. If you order an amount of cures that will be sufficient for a long-term treatment course, the delivery price will no longer seem so high.

Erectile dysfunction cure stories

Erectile dysfunction – is not a chronic, but treatable disease! Numerous erectile dysfunction cure stories indicate that complex of diagnostic and treatment measures helps to restore sexual health of almost every man.

Most men, who tell their erectile dysfunction cure stories, write that sexual function is restored slowly over time. A single dose of a medication or dietary supplement can provide a stable erection for one sexual intercourse. However, for a full restoration of sexual health, time is required.

Many men do not only share their real erectile dysfunction cure stories, but also give practical advice to solve sexual health problems. Men, who experience problems with sexual function, should not focus their attention on this issue.

Before choosing one or another way to increase potency, a man should first change his lifestyle. Recommendations for men, who want to restore sexual health:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • ensure yourself a good rest;
  • do not expose yourself to stressful situations;
  • avoid strenuous physical activity, especially in the evening;
  • limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages.

The vast majority of men, whose erectile dysfunction cure stories can be found in numerous blogs, left reviews on successful use of PDE5 inhibitors – Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

PDE5 inhibitors firmly hold the first place among drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Such drugs as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are widely used in the USA. Efficacy of PDE5 inhibitors in restoration of sexual function is confirmed by many clinical trials.

Not all erectile dysfunction cure stories indicated benefits of using PDE5 inhibitors. After using Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, some men were disappointed; these drugs did not help them in recovery of erectile function.

One of the reasons for ineffectiveness of PDE5 inhibitors is their misuse. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do not work without sexual stimulation. Therefore, inefficiency of PDE5 inhibitors in most men is caused by such factors as:

  • incorrectly selected dose;
  • improper use of sexual stimulation;
  • insufficient time interval between the drug intake and an attempt to have a sexual act.

Use of oral medications is not the only way to solve sexual problems. Besides drug therapy, there are also other methods for treating erectile dysfunction:

  • intracavernous injections;
  • intraurethral administration of drugs;
  • local decompression therapy;
  • surgical treatment.

Not so many erectile dysfunction cure stories can be found on forums that are reported that intracavernous injections helped men restore sexual function. This method of treatment is aimed at restoration of adequate blood supply in the blood vessels of the penis and is to increase blood flow in the cavernous bodies.

A thought of injection administration into the penis causes a persistent rejection in the majority of men. However, contrary to fears, injections are almost painless, since cavernous bodies of the penis are not sensitive. The only thing that a man can feel during the injection – the moment of penetration of a thin needle through the skin.

Efficiency of intraurethral pharmacotherapy in treating erectile dysfunction is lower than that of intracavernous injections. However, there are many erectile dysfunction cure stories by means of Muse drug for intraurethral administration.

Some erectile dysfunction cure stories are reported that a man manages to restore erectile function after surgery or after using local decompression therapy. Nevertheless, despite their effectiveness, non-pharmacological methods of potency recovery are not as popular as drug therapy.

Regardless of method to restore potency you choose, you should not rely solely on erectile dysfunction cure stories. Effectiveness of one or another treatment method of the disease varies from person to person. Therefore, before to start erectile dysfunction treatment, you should consult your doctor.